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GEN-PEP – Pep Talk by Stephen Hawking

GEN-PEP – Pep Talk by Stephen Hawking

At the moment,
humanity faces a major challenge and millions of lives are in danger. As a cosmologist I see the world
as a whole and I’m here to address one of the most
serious public health problems of the 21st century. Today, too many people
die from complications related to overweight and obesity. We eat too much and move too little. Fortunately, the solution is simple. More physical activity
and change in diet. It’s not rocket science. And for what it’s worth, how being sedentary has become
a major health problem, is beyond my understanding.

35 thoughts on “GEN-PEP – Pep Talk by Stephen Hawking

  1. Feminazis and love "curvy" people will be triggered by this. I love this message. You Mr. Hawking are right and are one of the most brilliant human beings in our brief history. I support this message.

  2. When you are trapped within your own body like that, seeing fully able people literally sit themselves to death most likely seems quite perplexing indeed. I bet Stephen would love to run a marathon or two were he only able. Powerful message.

  3. He's so right. Inactivity is killing people and it's an easy thing for many of us, who are able bodied, to change. Those watching this video should talk about it as well as act on it! Take the action and change the planet.

  4. Well thats because a lot to food companies replacing natural cane sugar with high fructose corn syrup shit in foodstuffs. Put some sugar on the ground, and a blob of high fructose corn syrup and some ants, they would eat the sugar, leave the poison

  5. I am, at this moment, considered to be obese. I weigh 237lbs. and am 6' tall. But that 237lbs. is down from 297lbs. I am not bragging here, I have a long way yet to go. But for anyone out there that thinks putting on a few extra pounds is OK, please do not. At 297, I became diabetic. Now, because both by the diabetic neuropathy and old sports injuries, I have to use a walker to get around, and I am in pain 24/7. Just saying…

  6. except that it isn't always so easy. physical fitness and a change in diet can help to a certain degree but it isn't everything, not to mention that even that isn't that easy for all people as well. what about people like me who are physically impaired and simply can't do much fitness due to sickness? will just "being more active and changing my diet" change the fact that my body is defect? what about people who are too poor to afford a proper diet? will just "being more active and changing their diet" change the fact that they don't have money? what about the fact that it was proven that current foodprocessing has a negativ impact on peoples weight? will just "being more active and changing our diets" change that?
    you know spouting stuff like that is easy but try applying them to real life. you'll find that there are many hurdles, some of them internal some of them external, that will make it much more difficult than you pretend it to be up from your high horse.

    again not saying that it can't help to a certain degree but claiming that that's all there is to it is just dumb.

  7. He should lead by example and get out of his chair and do 30 minutes of exercise a day. Oh wait sometimes people have health problems.

  8. Why don't we just let the obese die? i am in fact overweight but i can do all things that a regular man does on a daily basis.
    also i can work just as hard as a normal man could. the only downside to this is that i am going to die on a shorter notice.
    so what if i die on my 60's or my 100's. if they wish to shorter there life, then that's there problem.
    also i don't understand how we are facing overpopulation on earth and still do our best to save people who are (in a way of speaking) killing themselfs.

  9. He's right and as a matter of fact he's living proof that diet control alone can lead to a body which sustains itself.

  10. I own a gym and workout a lot so I'm sitting in a restaurant with a friend and I notice a nicely dressed guy sitting at a table with a beautiful woman staring at my arms , I had on a french cut polo , and then I take a closer look at the guy he has little flipper arms . You always want what you can't have .

  11. I think it's a result of the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions. With our innovation in technology we are reducing physical labor. Now many workers sit at desks staring at screens. How are we to stay healthy when we are expected to sit on our asses for 7 hours a day 5 days a week?
    Not to say that physical labor jobs are much better. They are often low-paying and become difficult as we age.

    Improving diet is important and perhaps in some ways easier to change than our occupation. Keep spreading awareness.

  12. You people in the comments section are so stupid that it makes my head want to explode, Stephen Hawking is saying what my uncle who was dying of cystic fibrosis said: "Why do people with perfectly healthy lungs smoke? I always wished I had perfect lungs." It makes me sick when people are so ignorant and they don't realize that Hawking is unable to move due to a disability!!!

  13. How people can miss the message of a 7-sentence, 60-second PSA is beyond my understanding. Does it need to be cut down more? The point is right at the end: How are perfectly able people killing themselves through overeating and inactivity, when people like Hawking would give anything to be able to move around freely? Have some appreciation for your life. Get off the couch.

  14. A dude who had his body taken away from him is telling you to love and take care of your body…stop being a fat greedy piece of shit, treat your body with the respect it deserves.

  15. From the comments I've been reading, a famous quote crossed my mind.
    "Only two things are infinite, the Universe and Human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
    Albert Einstein

  16. Stephen Hawking can not know that there is atrophy (myasthenia gravis) of obesity
    (fatty degeneration).
    It is also ugly to change the social problems of the issues will.

  17. Could you give me permission to use this video in a school project? My professor is super strict with permission and rights.

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