35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019


Do you think we could fix the sonar there ? Maybe I don’t know.. Let’s go home !? Oh, antoher ten minutes.. FISH ! ……. ….. Should I shut the GoPro off ? No ! Huh I mean…rotated it ? That’s a big one It’s jumping right there ! x2 That’s a chunky ! That’s a chunky ! Keep the line on your side What a take he made.. He made a cosmic take I couldn’t take the rod off the rod holder ! Tight line ! That’s him ? No that’s you ! No ! Now it’s me. Do you take the GoPro ? Wait, the net first ! Honestly, I could’t tell you how big is it right now. IT PAYS OFF He’s coming, get ready ! He went straight on the other line. Yes, it’s knotted on the other line How heavy he is… M****R F***R ! Wait… that’s not possible dude ! I gonna pass under the other line. I’m stuck mate.. take it off ! …………. That’s the daddy right here ! It’s big for sure.. He made one hell of a take mate.. I couldn’t take the rod off… Are we all ready ? How much line did he just took me dude !? F**K.. Be careful with the line behind you. He just smashed the lure. He’s still far.. How far ? He’s right here That’s a beast ! That’s a beast ! H**Y S**T Should I put the camera in the water ? Do it ! He’s 125cm.. 130cm F***K ! 130cm ! Or 125cm maybe Tight line ! Oh my god I’m so scared brother. Get it ! Get it ! Get it ! Get it ! No no no, head first ! H**Y S**T that’s a giant dude ! Lift the net up Can you take me this ? Do you go it ? That’s a giant dude.. S***T he is so massive mate… What a head dude ! H***Y S***T, that’s a beast ! Hell yes, look at that head.. From the other side Take the phone maybe or wait I gonna show it to the GoPro first. Are you ready ? Yes ! Take a step back ! It’s ok, I have the net. You got your foot on it. I can’t lift him… I can’t lift him ! What’s that ? Do you have the net ? Yes ! Sure ? Yes ! ……………. !

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