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Green Drake Mayfly Dry Fly | Fly tying for trout

Green Drake Mayfly Dry Fly | Fly tying for trout

hey how’s it goin it’s Kevin here’s a
semi-realistic green Drake pattern that’s proven fish catcher and looks
just like the real thing so start off I’m gonna be using a grub and buzzer
size 10 it’s the Patriot barbless from Partridge and I’m also gonna be using
one of these tube fly bodies but these are the two Mayflower bodies from frosty
fly so actually what these things are is they’re a hollow pre-made body you just
go ahead and run the hook down inside it Lag Orton
it’s a 75 denier super strong really strong thin thread that lays out nice
and flat never start the thread raper here behind the eye so these may fly to
bodies they’re from Hemmingway’s so there’s a link down below in the
description but really really neat little product if you don’t want to go
through the trouble of building out a full extended body now that the body’s
on there I also have from Hemingway’s their pre-built wings so these are
plastic wings that have little notches that you can use to make the real thing
and so I’m just gonna fix this right on here I’m gonna trim off you can see
these little tabs that go there I’m gonna cut this little bit short this is
a smaller fly so I’ve done some videos before if these wings people have asked
how do they impact your leader they will spin in the air so you need to be pretty
careful whenever you fish these just to be conscious that you’re casting not a
lot of false casts and just be kind of delivered with what you’re doing and
just kind of watching to make sure you’re not taking a leader into a big
knot and a big twisty and then I’m gonna take a nice green grizzly hackle I’m
actually gonna tie this in on by the butt which is not typical for dry flies
but with this that I already have the profile there in the wings and I just
want something’s gonna give you some extra float to having a hack a little
bit longer it’s okay with me there’s a real effective Green Drake
pattern to look at any of these materials there’s links down below in
the description but if you like this video please give it a like subscribe to
my channel or check out some of these other videos I’ve done thanks

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