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Homemade fish cakes (Eomuk: 어묵)

Homemade fish cakes (Eomuk: 어묵)

(upbeat music) Hi everybody! Today we are going to learn how to make eomuk. Homemade eomuk. Korean style fish cake. Are you excited? Many many people requested this recipe. With eomuk, you can make soups, stews, and also stir-fried together and it make a good sidedish. We are going to use best of best ingredients. You can’t find this kind of eomuk in anywhere else. I’ll show you, what I use. This morning I bought this, from my fish market. Three types of seafood I’m using. Cod and shrimp. Shrimp makes it very special, very chewy. This guy is squid. Ooh, large. Very fresh. This one is, I froze. You can use frozen seafood too. Half a pound cod, so you need to follow my measurements very exactly. Chop this into small pieces. Chunk. So that we can use this food processor later, very easily we can cut it. This is shrimp. Last night I transferred this from the freezer to my refrigerator, so now really nice. Easily, you can peel off the shell like this or you can buy just already shelled. Shelled and cleaned shrimp. Cut the back part, like this. You see inside clean, but sometimes you will see the line, so take off this Let’s take care of my squid. Small squid. So cut it. And. So, remove this way. Intestine. Lift this. So we are going to make really white color. Nice beautiful white color eomuk. Add this and then, you see this part? So simply, remove this. So let’s chop it up, this squid and then put it here. And shrimp. Just around one pound. Let’s process this! We need garlic so two cloves garlic and also onion. Onion is for one pound, around quarter cup. So this is quarter cup This is my quarter cup. So around there. Salt. One teaspoon. And sugar. One or two teaspoons. I’ll use one teaspoon, and then we need some pepper. This is white pepper, so because I like to make the white flesh, so I don’t want to mix with other colors, so I’m using just white pepper but you can also use ground black pepper. Quarter teaspoon. Some vegetable cooking oil. I’ll use grape seed oil. One tablespoon We need some glue. All this fish is really make it stick together, flour and starch. So all purpose flour Quarter cup. And this is potato starch powder. You can use corn starch too. So potato starch, quarter cup. So total, dried flour, so half cup together, so quarter cup, quarter cup. So we use this and then one more! One more item is the egg white. Egg yolk, don’t throw away. You can use for your massage. Almost two minutes, I just grind this. It was to be really really soft, like creamy Transfer this to the bowl. Really pretty color, white. But if you like to add some like more colorful stuff here, and I suggested some green chili pepper, really chopped finely spicy one, it’ll give you good flavor. This thing is not just a flour dough, expensive fish. So I’m going to use this all my scraper. Let’s cook! Three cups of vegetable oil. Today we make this way, and then my next video, I’m going to make side dish with this. You can use this in any dishes. Stir-fried, stewed, and kimchi jjigae . Kimchi stew you can add this. You can make kimbap with this even. First, just put some oil here. Not sticky. Prevent from sticking. Spread. Okay, then roll. And then, So, again. Turn it over, this. Really low heat, we have to cook. Dry, and wipe off excess oil. So inside, it’s like this. Can you see how elastic it is? Oh my god, it looks good. You can eat it, just as a snack, but if you use skewer, it’ll look better. Like this. Right here. Ketchup. Serve this to your family or friends or for yourself. And if you don’t like ketchup, forget about ketchup, just eat it! Mmm Mmmm Really delicious. This really good snack. And also it can be a really good appetizer, if you have a big party, just, you know, small size make it smaller. Chewy and sweet and a little salty, awesome! Mmm Today, we made eomuk, Korean fish cake. I cannot find this top quality in anywhere. Homemade food is the best. It’s microphone. I can sing. (laughs) Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Byeee~!

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  1. Turkish caption was submitted by HelinSj (YouTube)! Thank you so much! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?bl=watch&v=zJzgZGGF4PU

  2. OH my how amazing! Another great receipe, thank you! In your other video you had these frozen. Did you freeze before or after frying? How did you wrap for the freezer or just in a baggie? How long will they keep frozen? If you made with frozen fish can you then refreeze after they are cooked?

  3. they do look incredible, my only question is, is there a version without the shrimp and the squid? i really want to make some for my friends, but some of them have alergy to shrimp and squid.

  4. That seems healthy option for my kids snack which they are usually craving for chicken nugget or schnitzel.
    I'll make it this weekend..
    Thanks maangchi

  5. There are so many people from Korea who are sharing their fish cake videos only for likes and subscribe, but they never shared ingredients and secrets, honestly you r the person who shared everything, stay blessed mangchi

  6. Great instructions as always! Thank you! Should these fish cakes be served and eaten hot/warm or would room temperature be suitable?

  7. I always watch your video and now i notice that your english is more better and better like your recipe😍😍😍😍more recipe pls…i love to watch and learn😘no need to go to school to learn cooking,at home can make it because you have your right measurements…thank you for sharing your recipe😍😍😍

  8. Maangchi! Thank you very much for that one! I did some of your recipes including kimchi, but this one rocks! I did it a little bit differently(squid tentacles, salmon, shrimp) but it is soooooooo amazingly tasty! I and my husband are new fans of fish cake! Thank you once again.

  9. You are sooooooooo adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing all these recipes! I am of Korean heritage, but never learned how to cook many of these dishes, so you have been such a HUGE blessing!! I never made kimchi before I learned from you! Now, I make it continually!!

  10. Now I'm pressurred to buy the same fish as yours for I am sure it wont be the same if I buy different food. The worst is it became trash bin's food. Though it was just me being not good in cooking.😅😅😅

  11. Maangchi is it possible to make fish cakes with only 1 type of fish? The only fish available where I live is rohu (a type of carp).

  12. I always wanted to try fish cake but is the shrimp will be replaceable with any other fish because I am allergic to it.I love watching your videos,infact tried some of your dishes whatever available in my country.💕🥰

    Thank you❤️

  13. Its BETTER to drop them as SHEET rather than rolled
    it gets cooked GREAT in sheet n easily with cryspy

  14. Those fish cakes look awesome. I'm going to try this! The one time I tried buying frozen fish cakes they were verrrryyy salty! Wish me luck, my kids are picky eaters, hope they'll like this!

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