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Hometown Downtown featuring Living Waters Fly Fishing

Hometown Downtown featuring Living Waters Fly Fishing

We’ve been a fly shop for 10 years and we
started west of the highway in kind of a little, hard to find little bitty tiny strip center. It was really great beginnings for the fly
shop, but then the dream goal, like literally when i opened the business, I drove downtown
I was like eventually I want a standalone fly shop in Downtown Round Rock, this is just
the heart of the city. So I really wanted to be here. So I’ve loved to fish ever since I was a kid. I grew up fishing, you know, dad, granddad,
everybody took me out fly fishing, so it was really cool, for me I got to grow up that
way but then when we moved to Round Rock when I was a little kid, I wanted to learn how
to fly fish. I had read it in books, and I watched a video,
oddly enough, from the Round Rock Library. It is no longer there anymore because it was
definitely VHS. I watched a video on it and I was like, I
can do that, and I just fell head over heels in love with it. I just became so passionate about the sport,
and it’s always been what I wanted to do, so for me I knew from an early age that I
wanted to fish, and fly fishing always just captured my heart, and now I get to do it
for a living. My absolute favorite thing about Downtown
Round Rock, is that Brushy Creek runs right through the middle of it. It is our home water. I’ve lived here well
over 20 years and I just grew up here, so for me that’s home water and the fact that I have
a fly shop that’s literally across the street from it, is awesome. That’s my favorite thing about Downtown. Some of our rods I’m really partial to, but
then on the fly tying side, we actually have the largest selection of fly tying materials
in all of Texas. The thing that’s really exciting about that
is for me, we have some natural materials that you can’t get anywhere else, where they’re
one of a kind, where that’s the sort of stuff that I like the most because you may never
see its equal again, so that’s the stuff for me as a shop owner when that box comes through
the door, I get really excited. We wanted to have a place where, we really
were able to do classes, and free seminars, and things of that sort. We wanted to have this as an education center. Where you can come feel like family. You know,
learn the sport, and be passionate about it. All of our Saturday events are completely
free of charge and open to the public, and then Wednesday night, every single Wednesday
night, we have a fly tying night up here where we actually have anywhere from like you have
never tied a fly and you’re just a beginner and you want to start. We have 3 instructors that are dedicated just
to that. All of that’s completely free of charge all
materials and tools and things like that are provided.

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