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How a Whip Works

How a Whip Works

Why hello there YouTube! Randy of all Trades back again This week’s video How a Whip Works I’ve been using a whip for almost ten years now Many people have probably seen me whipping at the New York Renaissance Faire Just one quick word of advice Use this video as an informational only, if you pick up a whip and try to use it, you’re probably going to get hurt. Oh! And one more thing Stylish safety goggle are a must! A whip is designed be firmer and thicker at the handle And then, towards the body, also called the thong, it gets thinner, it gets more flexible, and then, at it’s thinest most flexible part, it gives way to a piece of rope, sometimes a thin piece of leather, called the fall And at the end of the fall is the business end, the cracker (or popper) And this gets super thin, and gives way to individual strands, the thinest part And the way a whip actually works, is with a simple change in momentum the rest of the whip will continue on in that first direction, and it creates a loop, and this loop, as it gets more flexible and thinner, will go faster and tighter all the way down to the fall, and the fall will give way to the popper, which then spins around this curve at the speed of sound, and this creates a sonic boom Thats the crack you hear So, when people whip, all they have to do is make the whip go one way, an then change the direction There is a lot of elastic energy in this, so you can’t just start chopping wildly You’re going to have this end come back and smack you The best thing to do is to just keep the whip moving on one flat plane keep the whip long and straight and then just change directions suddenly 180° That’s all done with the handle You’re just flicking the handle the other direction Now, the other important thing to remmber Is, the coil itself has to be really flat If it’s a wide coil, you’re not really going to be controlled, and you’re not guaranteed to go quick enough to break the sound barrier So, you want to keep it as flat as possible And that’s why that one planes very important You can change that plane to be any way It could be forward It could be side-ways It could be over head Hell, it could be backwards It doesn’t really matter as long as you keep going in one direction, and change 180, and keep it tight So, how about we have some fun?

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