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How I made $20,000 in 1 month from breeding aquarium Discus fish

How I made $20,000 in 1 month from breeding aquarium Discus fish

100 thoughts on “How I made $20,000 in 1 month from breeding aquarium Discus fish

  1. hello mr. joey can you please help about discus because my discus has already spawn egg but they going white all and they eating what will i do about that .

  2. Did something similar to this in the past, more of a hobby though rather than for financial gains. In the end, though, I felt it was similar to a puppy mill but maybe not to that extreme. I had about 5-6 tanks breeding various fish but they were in simple tanks similar to the ones in the video. Guess it was a reality check for me, I still enjoy the beauty of fish but maybe more in their natural environment.

  3. If my parents can pay for 4 years of college, I can make $240,000 a year and more if I breed guppies, koi angelfish, Betas, chiclids and more!!! My first breeding project is guppies that I can sell at my garage sale

  4. Can't you use the cost of inventory and cost of maintenance as a tax deductible since it directly corresponds to your income? Like how you can use your mileage to and from work as a tax deductible.

  5. Wow Joey. I'm a recent subscriber rewatching some of your old content and dam… You were so scrawny. Like a toothpick person! Good choice adding some extra muscle

  6. thanks for sharing that. I can understand what you mean about taking the fun out of it. I have had two people with in the last few years that wanted to set me up with a bakery or start a coffee house with me as a baker and i turned them down because it would take the fun out of baking, learning and sharing the results. On the other hand, congratulations on the learning experience.

  7. Please please please, make a video on how to make a diy video on how to make a 10-20 gallon tank
    Thank you!😀🐟🐠🐡

  8. I have no real interest in fish, but am fascinated by this show and the guys knowledge and honesty love for his fish and the
    enthusiasm he projects.. Mr Presenter , you come over a great guy thanks for this interesting content…l think l will explore marine fish keeping next…. God please no mistakes there.

  9. Nice story. It says a lot about you. Thanks, for sharing. I am in the process of setting up my discus fish aquarium for hobby. A lot to learn, but a lot of fun too.

  10. Hey u should show how to set up the water for starter like what’s the easy and safes way for product that is safe to use

  11. Sorry people took advantage of your generosity man. People can be dicks. Thanks for the videos and knowledge! I hope you know it is appreciated!

  12. I really admire your videos Joey, you haven't posted new ones so I'm looking at your older ones. You deserve your success 👌

  13. Man, very sincere, honest an detailed video. I do not have discus (im more a goldfish person) but i enjoyed your video a lot. 🙂

  14. Not that I think ur lying or anything like that, I'm only curious as to how u know that the majority of the time people were taking advantage by selling ur fish for more. I know how easy it would be to find them in a fish store where u spoke to owner about where they got them or even to see them on craigslist with the contact info of the person u just sold them to, but I was just curious as to how exact those situations are cuz how can u go to every pet store in ur area or find every craigslist ad to know that they did this? I believe u, I'm only curious is all, also I think u should give a couple of story times on stuff like this too, goof for video content. 🙂

  15. Would you say breeding fish would be a nice source of income of a kid? I'm 14 and I have some pretty expensive hobbies (cars and fish particularly). Not even a big fancy set up with a billion tanks, just letting the fish in my community tank breed and taking the fry out and putting them into a plastic box with a sponge filter.

  16. Around 12:00….that broke my heart. Good for you, having that mindset. You were taken advantage of! Still, I admire you for living your life….

  17. Hey King, I’m a father of 2 toddlers and my wife loves working, so I’m going to school now and watching the kids. I’m a fish fanatic since a kid, and I’d love to get some advice on raising Fish. Discus is my main goal or gourami. If you could reply would be awesome, thank you. I live in Toronto just so you know, so Fido free Canada wide calling. Lol

  18. Sad that you sold the fish so that others could experience your joy at raising them, and they turn around and sell them for profit. The world is full of such scumbags, I mean schemers.

  19. Holy carp (haha get it) you were so skinny back then compared to how you are now dude. Keep up the amazing content and best of luck with the storm you're having. <3

  20. You have given me a lot of love and respect for flower horns and/also/mostly discus. ❤️ ( we all will always miss frank🙏🏻❤️)

  21. I had a beautiful pair of blue discus,we had no plans to breed,well they did anyway,it was the well water,it was perfect!

  22. I need my fish with immense dedication and invested a lot of time on them but the stores I sold them to kept them in tiny cups!!! I regret selling them to this day, eating them up was better. I'll stick to that for now!!!!

  23. would love to be able to share my fish life like you but im no way in your league yet im only 4 months into this amazing fish life

  24. the information is really, really great but pleeeeeeeease wear an appropriate fitting shirt as that art smock you are wearing gave me serious anxiety lol

  25. Hey Joey not even sure you will see this but gotta say thank you for all your videos you have been a huge help and inspiration ive always loved fish and until I started watching your videos had no clue it was a hobbie needless to say I hope to not only enjoy my hobbie but turn it a job long story short have had a crazy life which had makes working the "traditional" way difficult so i would like to ask you for help any tips, tricks advice you have would truly appreciate it could use a fellow hobbiest and Canadian help on this topic

  26. Thanks for pointing out that you include the sale tax in your price so many people don’t understand that.

  27. Thanks for sharing your experience breeding. The part that I really hated to hear was that "friends" took advantage of you. Total BS on their part

  28. You should license the fish with an upfront fee. The "buyer" can do with the fish he wishes (as has happened), but you continue receiving a percentage of the revenue the buyer generates with the fish ;-).
    Anyway, great story.

  29. I would think that the subsequent batches would be more profitable as your infrastructure is already in place … would it not?

  30. Can't play the victim if you're only asking $20 per discus. Trust me, if people can take advantage of a person, they will.

  31. i am breeding african cichlids and gyppies at the moment! i am not sure where i will sell them but i absolutely love doing it! aquarium hobby is a part of my life now! your videos inspires me a lots! thankyou

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