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How to catch big catfish in French lakes: Rig setup, tackle, bait and landing a 77lb specimen!

How to catch big catfish in French lakes: Rig setup, tackle, bait and landing a 77lb specimen!

How to catch big catfish in lakes: Rig, tackle, bait and tactics. In this video, I’m going to be looking at rigs, tackle to catch big catfish in French estate lakes We’ll also look at baiting strategy We’ll show you a big catfish landed and gloved out And we’ll look at rig tubing and why it’s important to use it when fishing for catfish. Hi, Matt Collins from Beausoleil, I’m here for the week at the lake targeting catfish. I caught one last night at 87lb which is a new personal best for me. Let me show you all about catching them. The first thing I’m going to show you is the hair rig I’m using. Catfish rigs can be complicated, I like to keep my catfish rig simple. This is the rig, there are 3 blue oyster baits, mounted on a long hair, I use Kryston Supernova in 45lbs, the hook is Owner 2.0. The rig is about 15 inches long, a big rig for our large catfish up to 105 pounds. You need a long rig. I also have a 3.5 ounce lead. Here is a close up of the lead set up for the catfish rig. There’s a silicon sleeve that pops over the loop and the quick change clip, to keep it all secure, Then, I’ve taken the insert out of this Avid groove lead, and I’ve mounted on the end of the rig tube a silicon sleeve. I’ve left the tail end of the line long which helps me tell the difference between a liner and a dropped take. One of the most important things when fishing for catfish is to protect the mainline. I use one meter of Rig Marole rig tubing. It’s a great product, it’s very easy to thread, it lays nicely on the bottom of the lake, and it hangs beautifully straight. It’s heavy and very tough. I use a length of 1 meter because the catfish have very sharp pectoral fins , and these sharp edges can cut your mainline when the catfish rubs against your mainline. You also must stop the tubing from sliding up. With very little pressure, the tubing can slide up and expose your line. It’s that piece of line that can get cut. To stop your tubing sliding up, you need to take a few inches of line and tie a two turn water stop knot and then you can slide that knot up and down and it will stop the tubing from moving during fishing. Another vital aspect of this setup is the quality of the knot that you tie for your line . I use the Palomar knot, very strong, and it’s the best knot to tie your mainline. The line I’m using for this session is P-Line CXX X-tra strong, this is rated at 30 pound. It’s 0.42 in diameter. It is a great line for a big pit reel, it is extremely strong. The reel I am using is the Shimano C14 10000, a fantastic reel, good amount of torque, the right gear ratio, great clutch. For my rod, I use the Daiwa Infinity Magnum taper 3.25 pound. It’s a heavy carp rod. You can also use a spod rod, or any rod with good strength. I want to show you my baiting strategy. Catfish can be caught on any bait, I like to use the Blue Oyster bait that I roll, the catfish love the bait. For catfish, I fish a bed of Blue Oyster baits, over a bed of 10mm pellets. So, we’ve got the rig, the baiting plan, now, it’s all about where to cast the rig. I have a marker rod here, and what I like to do here is to find a hard open water feature and put a bed of bait over it. So that cast was good, the float has popped up right on the spot I chose. I can feel the hard gravel there. Now, let’s give it some bait. I’m going to put a good quantity of Blue Oyster boilies first. I want to create a nice big spread of boilies. Now, I’m going to add some pellets. So there we go, I’ve put about a kilo of boilies and 3 kilos of pellets. I’m going to leave that to settle and put a rod on it later. So, there we go. I hope you found those tips useful, that’s how I fish for catfish here at the lake and it’s a setup that you can use on any estate lake where you have carp and catfish . Here we are at the end of the session, I’ve got one last night to do but it’s been a great week for catfish fishing. I caught two catfish at 87 pounds and 76 pounds, using the tools and tactics that I explained in this video. My friend Ritch has been fishing in exactly the same way and he’s also caught a nice specimen of 77lb and hope you enjoy the footage now. I just want to show you now what the rig tubing looks like after a battle with a big catfish. So this is the lead and the tubing, around this point here, there are some large cuts in the rig tubing. If I slowly rotate the tubing, you should be able to see the cuts. Hope you found these tips useful and all the best with your fishing. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Hi, I really enjoy all  of your videos Do you catch many carp on the rig?  And is the armour protection expensive. Next year I will be carp fishing  a French  lake with cats too about 60 lbs in.  Would I need to use some of it to save brake offs           Cheers Mark

  2. Thank you to share with us your knowledge! Please tell me it is any difference between p-line cxx x-tra strong clear and moss green ? Kind regards!

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