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How to Choose Mono Vs. Braid for Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Gear Guide

– On today’s Gear Guide,
I want to talk about the equipment you need to be successful targeting early season Smallmouth. Now when I think
early-season for Smallmouth, I’m thinking immediately
before and after the spawn. Water temperature is 50 to 60 degrees. And oh, the rods and reels
we use, are very basic. You probably already own them. Its how we set them up that’s important. So first we’re gonna talk about the actions and lengths on the rods. Both of these are identical. They’re medium light
power, extra fast action. These are not whipping noodle rods. I want a rod that if I get bite, I can set the hook and drive the hook home right away. We have a Okuma Helios
reel on the rod to the rear and we have an Epixor Okuma
on the rod to the front. And the way we have them
spooled up is different. That reel at the back, we
have some fine diameter Sufix 832 braid on that reel. And what I love about that line is very minimal stretch, very fine diameter. Some of the early season Smallmouth trips that I’ve taken recently,
we’ve been fishing small rivers with lots of current. That fine diameter is great for fishing really light baits like 1/16 or 1/8 ounce Marabou jigs. That’s a situation where you don’t want the monofilament. The monofilament is gonna
have that extra lift in the line because of the larger diameter and its actually hard to get that light jig down near the bottom. So that’s a braid application all day long in my book. The rod and reel closest to me here, that is on the Epixor. We’re fishing Sufix Advance Monofilament. What I really like about that line is it’s got some extra diameter to it but with very limited stretch. That’s what really sets that line apart. And why I use that line is if I’m fishing in an area where I want to keep that bait up and out of some heavy cover. Say there’s a fallen
tree and I want to get that lure down in the water but not down into the structure, that’s the line I’m gonna choose. That extra diameter in current really slows down the fall rate and allows me to control that bait in a situation where I’m not looking to get it down near the bottom. And then combine that Sufix Advance with its very limited stretch, you still get really good hook sets. It is a really different monofilament in that when you go to set the hook it doesn’t feel like you’re connected through a rubber band. Very quick, precise
and powerful hook sets. So those are the two rod and reel set ups that I think you really need when you’re out there fishing early season Smallmouth. One braid, fine diameter, and spool the other one up with a
low-stretch monofilament like Sufix Advance, you
got your bases covered for any scenario you’re
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