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How to Drop Shot (Everything You Need to Know)

How to Drop Shot (Everything You Need to Know)

Ok, I’ve got my drop shot rig here I just
tied up a little while ago. One of my favorite worms to throw on a drop shot; you can throw
just about anything on a drop shot, creature baits, tubes, Basstrix, whatever, swim baits.
But my one favorite bait if I had to choose one overall, would be a 6 inch ST Roboworm.
This is my color, Aaronís magic. I’ve got my 1/0 Gamakatsu drop shot hook. There’s 3 basic ways of rigging this on a
nose hook. You have the Texas Rig style with the O’Shaugnessy that I use with the rebarb,
itís really good. The Texas Rig is basic; most of us know how to do that. The Nose Hook; you can wacky rig it. There
are certain situation where this is the way to go. There are a lot of times when this
over the traditional way, this will out fish the traditional way like unbelievable. There ís
also times when it is too slow and it takes longer to get to the bottom and when it does
fall, the ends of the worm will actually kind of like a senko will actually move on the
way down. But it does sort of fall down like 50% so instead of going right to the bottom,
itís going to take awhile. So in certain situations, experiment with it and try it
that way. There is also the traditional Nose Hook, and when I Nose Hook, I barely, I barely
get any plastic. You can see that I want the worm to move really freely. I want it to be
right at the tip of the worm, not too much worm. It kind of messes the action up when
you go through too much worm, it makes it kind of funny and you get line twists easier
too, it actually keeps the line twists down when you do it that way. The way that I prefer is to go back about
a quarter
inch in the salt of the belly of the worm, go straight into the worm about half way and
then bring it out toward the nose, this is by far the best way. I come out just to the
point of the hook is right just under the surface of the worm, this actually makes the
worm in one with the hook so the worm is not moving like it would on nose hooks and normally
it kind of moves around and swivels around, this is actually connected to that hook so
whatever that hook does, that worm is going to follow behind it. It increases the action
unbelievable, it’s not as much as when itís on a nose hook, it kind of moves, this is
like the right action like a fish or something actually coming up that actually lifts and
the whole worm kind of looks more natural and it works better to me. For me, I prefer
over the traditional. A lot of drop shotting, itís an incredible
rig for catching fish, vertical or straight down. I do that probably 30%-40% of the time.
The other 70%-80% of the time, I am casting it. Like with a Texas Rig, a Carolina Rig,
Iím actually taking my rig and casting it. Whatever distance, if you have a brush pile
or rock pile or whatever you are casting to, cast to it. You donít need to get right on
top of it and drop it straight down, this rig is actually more effective casting. Leader lengths vary; in the spring I tend
to use the shortest leaders I do through the whole year. In January and February I use
like a 1 inch to 3-4 inch leader. As you get into the post spawn, summerÖ.. I tend to
go to the length of the worm or double length of the worm so anywhere from a 4-5 inch leader
to a 12-14 or 15 inch leader depending on where you are fishing. It may be 20 inches
where you are at, it may be 6 inches. As again to the fall and the winter, thatís when I
use my longest leaders. And I vary, sometimes in the summer and spring I use long leaders.
Sometimes in the summer I use a 2 foot leader but the fall and the winter time I use the
longest leaders, usually and I go up to a 30 inch leader sometimes depending where you
are at. Normally on the lakes that we fish most of the time, ya know like a 16 inch leader
is plenty or a 12 inch but I am talking about some of the lakes in California that we use
to fish with 25 feet visibility, go like a 25-30 inch leader. The drop shot weights is very critical, the
size and weight you fish. 1/8 oz. is what I use the most, down about 30 feet of water.
Itís just the rate of fall, the bait falls more natural, it doesnít just go out there
and plummet to the bottom. There are situations, say for instance, Buffalo, Lake Erie, ChamplainÖÖ
Ω oz, 3/8 oz is barely enough. You want it to get out there as fast as possible and get
to those fish as fast as possible and they just destroy it. I have seen bites at Guntersville
and Wheeler where I want it to get down there quick and as fast as I could because if they
saw it, they ate it so there are situations like that. So in those situations, ya know
º or 3/8, go at it, experiment with it. But most of the fishing when I am doing a drop
shot, Iím throwing an 1/8 oz, 3/16thÖÖif one day Iím throwing an 1/8 oz than the next
day itís blowing 20 miles an hour, Iíll go to a 3/16th. You might need to go to a
º oz. Normally in a tough bite, where you are doing a drop shot, you get bites and itís
tough, I go light as possible. After I throw it out and cast, you want to
let it sink to the bottom, most of the time you could work a drop shot from surface to
the bottom, itís all workable with the drop shot. Drop shot is excellent for catching
suspended fish; itís not just a bottom bait, a bottom rig. What I do is cast it out, letís
cast it out one more time, if you are watching the background that is actually the good way
to work it, just kind of let it sit, kind of hop it a little bit. When you cast it out,
let it sink. Once the weight hits the bottom, keep the rod loose in your hand, you donít
want to grip it tight, I tend to hold the rod in front of the reel which gives you more
leverage and more control, balances the rod and reel a lot nicer. You can put a finger
behind but I do not like holding it like that, I think you lose a lot of leverage so I tend
to hold it in front of the reel. With all rods you canít really do that. This is a
Megabass Signature Rod and I kind of did some work to it so I could hold it like this but
to hold it in front like that is just that you have so much more leverage and I put a
finger on the blank and a lot of people think that is for feeling the blank or feeling the
bite, itís not true. What I do is keep that for leverage so I can kind of keep that rod
balanced and I keep it loose. Itís a big issue in Spain rods, they will hurt your back,
they will hurt your elbow, and they can cause a lot of pain just because of the way that
you hold it. Oh look at that! We got one just sitting there.
But ya the leverageÖ..(let me get this fish in here) the leverage, it helps when you get
a bite you can kind of push down and pull, and what it does is it locks that rod in your
hand. You would break this rod trying to pull on my hand; for sure you can not get this
rod out of my hand even if my 8 year old could probably hold it and if you pulled it by the
tip, you would probably break the rod. It gives you so much leverage. Again, I hold the rod loose in my hand to
keep tendons and stuff at bay and not to stress anything out. I fish a lot and it might help
you if you donít fish a lot and you might go out there and fish once a week and strain
your muscles especially when you catch a lot of fish, itís better to hold the rods, even
baitcasters, kind of loose. Letís see how he ate it, oh yaÖ..itís a little smallmouthÖ..
they like that Robo, he’s micro. But again with the drop shot cast it out, let it hit
the bottom, kind of shake it, kind of hold the rod lose in your hand, it will help. Holding
it tight all day, it doesnít feel good and the drop shot, most of the time Iím kind
of swimming it, kind of hopping the bait up, let it fall back to the bottom, hop it upÖ..all
I want to do is let the fish see the bait and most of the time they will bite it. A
lot of the time you do not need to have that pause, once that bait gets down to the bottom,
the weight hits the bottom, you want that bait to pause maybe fall a little bit, almost
like a free fall. A lot of the time Iíll let it fall all the way to the bottom like
so, hop it back up again, shake it and there is a lot of times when you might have to slow
down and I deadstick it, thereís a bit right there, right under the boat in 6 feet of water.
So there are a lot of times when you barely need to shake it and I call that shaking the
worm not the weight and that comes to bait like Texas Rig and a lot of the times you
want to shake the weight, not the worm. Thereís a drop shot when the fish are really tough
to catch and shaking the worm and not the weight makes all the difference in the world
and that may happen sometimes and thatís totally normal and it makes the manufacturers
make more money and thatís what you want to see. So, experimentÖ..ya know, there are times
when my weight is on the bottom 20% of the time and there are times when my weight is
on the bottom 100% of the time. So, drop shottingÖ..if you learn how to do it, and you become a master
at it, it will change your life of bass fishing. It is the most effective one rig that there
is. I mean, honest to God, everywhere you go, and overall, youíre not going to beat
a drop shot. And I know there are guys out there who will never drop shot and Kevin VanDam
made fun of me in the past and called this a sissy rig and VanDam also has a drop shot
rigged up all the time so even he has changed. So, donít be afraid to experiment, fish the
banks, swim it down the bank not touching the bottom very much, put swim bait on there,
a worm, whatever you want to do, it works. All it does is suspend your bait off the bottom
where fish feed most of the time so it makes perfectly good sense that it is a killer way
to catch them. Good luck fishing to you, I hope this helps

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