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How To Inflate & Assemble The Scout 430 Watercraft

How To Inflate & Assemble The Scout 430 Watercraft

Hi my name is Derek, I’m gonna show you
how to inflate a Scout 430 inflatable. Inside of its bag you can store the Scout
inside of a trunk, overhead compartments, in your yacht, or your RV. Having
your floor already in the base of the boat when you’ve unwrapped it makes it
pretty easy to just inflate your side chambers and then the floor. I’m gonna
inflate one side and then the other. I’m starting with the Port chamber first.
The Scout series of inflatables only weigh about 50 pounds without your seat and your
other accessories. It’s got a PSI gauge here on my hand pump, when I get to seven
pounds I know I’m there. And now I’m gonna pump up the starboard
side. Probably like two three minutes per side. And now I’m going to inflate the floor. Now that I’ve got the floor at about 70 psi
you can start putting on your accessories like your seats and your
stabilizer bar. There’s a lot more goes into the
stabilizer bars. You’ve got your buckle strap, four of them to hold this stabilizer bar to
the boat through your d-rings located on the side of the boat here. A simple
around and over method. The oars are just a simple snap together
setup here. Then installing is simple. One, one nut oarlock setup. Now that you got your Scout out of its
bag, inflated both the chambers, and the floor, and installed your accessories
like your seats, your stabilizer bar, your backrest seat, you’re all good to go.
You come see us Scappoose Bay if you have any questions about yours or how to inflate
it when it lands on your doorstep. Or come try it out here at the bay. 10:00 in
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