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How to Make Whipped Cream at Home – Perfect Whipping Cream Recipe (Hindi)

How to Make Whipped Cream at Home – Perfect Whipping Cream Recipe (Hindi)

Hello everyone! This is Aarti Madan. Welcome to my channel. Today, we’ll learn how you can easily make Whipping Cream at home. Whipping Cream is used in making Cakes, Cupcakes, Ice Creams and many other desserts. Many a time, when you whip your cream, you don’t get a perfect consistency. So do watch my video till then end as I’ll share tips on how to get whipping cream of perfect consistency. We’ll first need a chilled bowl and chilled beater blades. I had kept them in refrigerator for 25-30 minutes. This is a very important step to follow. I’m using hand beater but if you don’t have it, you can use a whisk instead. Although it will take more time, you can still whip the cream with it. Next, the whipping cream you use must be chilled too. Never use a cream which is at room temperature. Now we’ll start whipping the cream with a slow speed. Gradually, we’ll increase the speed. We use a chilled bowl and chilled whipping cream as it aids in generating air pockets while beating. This keeps the cream fluffy for a long time and doubles up its volume. So if you don’t use chilled cream, you won’t be able to generate the air pockets easily, and it’ll quickly deflate. So always remember to use a chilled bowl and chilled whipping cream. Now you can see that the cream has thickened. There are 3 steps in total and this was the first step. Now I will increase the speed and beat it for a minute till we get soft peaks. We can now see the soft peaks. Soft peaks is the 2nd step where if you try to lift your cream, it just drops down. We generally use this for making ice creams & puddings Next, add Vanilla Extract for a nice flavor. Now we’ll add powdered or icing sugar. This is an important step to note. Sieving powdered sugar is a must. Otherwise, the coarse granules of sugar will not give your whipping cream a soft consistency. So this is the 3rd step where you can see stiff peaks. Let me bring it closer to the camera to show you the stiff peaks. This is perfect for icing cakes, cupcakes etc. Even if I tilt the bowl, the cream won’t fall down. This is the perfect consistency we need. You must also note to not overbeat the whipping cream. Otherwise, it will release a buttery texture. You can see our whipping cream is silky smooth in texture. Especially because we sieved the powdered sugar. It’s not falling at all! Now I will show you how to pipe the whipping cream. I have taken a disposable piping bag and I will insert a nozzle into it. You’ll see that even after piping, it remains stiff and firm. This looks so smooth! Do make it at home and use for your cakes and cupcakes. If you make this at home, then do share with me on Instagram using #AartiMadan. Do follow me on @AartiMadan as I keep sharing food related tips, tricks and behind the scenes. We’ve filled the piping bag with the whipping cream. It’s ready to use now. You can see that it’s coming out smoothly. The texture is absolutely perfect and so is the stiffness. So you saw how easy it was make whipping cream? Now let’s go over some tips for the perfect whipping cream. If you like this video, then hit the like button and comment below if you want me to make more such videos on the basics of baking. And do subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon to get notified whenever I upload a video. So until next time, this is Aarti Madan. Keep enjoying good food.

68 thoughts on “How to Make Whipped Cream at Home – Perfect Whipping Cream Recipe (Hindi)

  1. hey hey cool….simple and superb….tips Nd tricks are lovely aarthi….looking forward for much more from ur menu…..breakfast dishes will be good if u could post it some …

  2. I really appreciate ur video n ur tips its really helpful but wanted clarification whipped cream to b kept in freezer but while bitting it can v directly remove frm freezer and use it kya??

  3. You said how to make whipped cream..but you are already using cream.. main funda is how to make cream mam

  4. aap ne crem me shugar aur dusri kya chiz add ki he.. kya me milk powder use kar sakta jisse jyada wipe ho cream

  5. Perfect tips…I checked so many vedios for whipped cream..Ur tips were very useful… awesome…thx u

  6. Thats great can u plz tell me that is their already sugar in whipping cream in powder or liquid😳

  7. What's the total time we have to use the hand mixer? And after getting soft peacks how much time it requires to become stiff peacks? Ma'am Please reply because it's urgent.

  8. If we use small hand electric beater or coffee mixe for beating the whipping cream rather than this bigger one. Would that also give the good result?

  9. Thank you aap bhot achge se samjhate ho meri cream aaj se pehle nhi bni thi or aaj bn gai cheeni ki vjah se thank you soo much

  10. Aarti mam i am from pakistan mjhe ap ki recipe sikhane ka tariqa bhut acha lga but mam ap ne jo cream use ki h plz bta skti h k ghr me kese bna skte h plz plz plz…..

  11. I am your new subscriber I luv the way you describe everything .I am also YouTuber plz subscribe to my channel too lots of love

  12. Not being rasist or anything like that I actually love this 😌 I'm just saying your language changed like every 2 seconds

  13. teach to people how to make a whipping cream but you are using market whipping cream and making a video. first, learn how to make a recipe and instruct to people.poor lady I hit thumbs down

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