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How to Remove the Skin from Salmon | Fish Filleting

How to Remove the Skin from Salmon | Fish Filleting

62 thoughts on “How to Remove the Skin from Salmon | Fish Filleting

  1. Watching this I was thinking what if a greater species treated humans the same way :/ not anti animal abuse, just a thought 🙂

  2. you just taught me a technique that I've been wanting for years. my wife hates the skin, and u destroy salmon, trying to do this. just watched the vid, and pulled it off pretty much perfect. thanks.

  3. Perfect. I'd have taken a bit less off at the start of the cut because I hate any waste. Moving the skin rather than the knife is key as you showed. Skinned many a fillet doing almost exactly what you did. Tip: I found that too sharp a knife can be an issue as you can cut through the skin instead of sliding along it. Keeping the knife at just the right angle is important. Also having your wife keep the mosquitoes away from you while trying to get supper ready helps.

  4. Very similar to how i do it but you should not have to cut any meat from the tail. when you have a sharp knife you can start a section and then start pulling once your a few inches in.

  5. I work in a kitchen and our grill guy just made a grip at the end like you did, but his hand under the fish meat between the skin where you kife is and pulled, he stripped the skin off in a heartbeat. It was badass, and there was barely any skin on the meat after. Practically no waste at all.

  6. you can cook the skin in your microwave (paper towel over it to avoid a mess or lingering smell) then feed to your pups! (the skin must be cooked first)

  7. This chef just dropped the best part of the fish on the floor! OMG! Ever had salmon skin hand rolls? One of my go-to's when I'm in in a sushi restaurant!

  8. So can you eat that raw as is after taking the skin off? I see many Asian YouTubers eating raw salmon and was just wondering

  9. There are two kinds of youtube videos showing how to skin salmon, chefs like this one that don't skin salmon regularly, and people that do it regularly as part of their job. Yes, the above technique works, but it is slow and messy. A much faster and better technique is to make an incision from the tail end towards the front and get maybe 2 inches of meat free from the skin, then put your hand under the meat you just separated, hold it at a slight angle and just slide it along the skin. It literally just slides right off, doesn't leave skin on the meat, and takes about 5-10 seconds.

    That said, this technique might be better for other fish, but not salmon.

  10. You said to put the knife at "15 to 20 degree angle" I cant really see but at 15 or 20 degrees should the blade face up towards the fish or down towards the skin.

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