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How to tie Doc Hall’s Tailing Shrimp – Fly tying made easy

How to tie Doc Hall’s Tailing Shrimp – Fly tying made easy

Today we are going to be tying the “doc halls
tailing shrimp” Daniel hall is well known for fishing bonefish,
and also for tying really great bonefish flies. We are going to start this fly by wrapping
your thread half way back to the bend of the hook
Then we will wrap back to a quarter of the way down the hook shank. You can snip your thread now
We will now split the wraps once again. We are doing this to form a base for our beadchain
eye to sit on We will now want to tie in our bead chain
eye with a few x wraps, then make sure and under-wrap as well
As always, make sure and add a drop of super glue to keep that eye from spinning. Rotate your fly upside down. Now we will cut our fiber. I am going to use
a tan color, but you can use pink, brown, or any color
to match your local shrimp We want to measure our fiber to about double
the length of the hook. I then double up the fiber and cut at double
that length. We then tie in our fiber right at the center.
Then we can double it up on itself and tie that side in as well. Now we want to take a single strand of krystal
flash We will want to cut this strand in half as
well. Then we can tie on the krystal flash in the
same mannor as the fiber Now we will take a grizzly hackle feather
and measure the length to just past the fiber strands
Mark that measurement with your fingers and pull back the fibers at that mark.
Now snip off the rest of the feather at that mark,
and strip a few of the fibers away at the base. Now you can tie the feather in so its on one
side of the fly, but above the fibers and flash We will prepair another hackle feather in
the same matter And tie it in on the other side of the fly,
at the same angle, and above the fibers as well Now build a smooth head on the fly, and whip
finish. To finish this fly, I like to add a bit of
UV curing epoxy. Make sure and spread the epoxy smoothly over
the head and cure. If you want you can just super glue the head,
add head cement, or 5 minute epoxy. I just like the look and ease of using UV
curing epoxy. So that is the finished fly.
Just like any crazy charlie varient its a really simple fly to tie
and is extremely effective for bonefishing the flats. Thanks for watching!
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2 thoughts on “How to tie Doc Hall’s Tailing Shrimp – Fly tying made easy

  1. Nice fly, I don't fish salt water but that is a good variant of the crazy Charlie. Great tying and instruction. I am a trout and steelhead tier. Not fishing right now. All the best, Sean

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