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How to use a Fishhook Remover Tool – Catch and Release Fishing

How to use a Fishhook Remover Tool – Catch and Release Fishing

We’re out here cisco fishing. Ciscos are an absolute riot to catch – they’re
so much fun, especially on light tackle. We use spinning gear as well as bait-casting
gear. We’re using blade baits today. One thing that ciscos are known for is flopping. They don’t ever quit. That’s what makes them so fun, but also, it’s
kind of a little bit of a dangerous thing when you get them into the boat. So, if we want to keep some, we can just
unhook them right in the cooler or put them in the live well – either way. But when we’re doing catch and release, like
we’re doing today, I want to use something like a dehooker. That’s a dehooking tool, and it’s just like
this, there’s a variety of them on the market. The simplest way to use this without even
having to bring the fish into the boat is when you get it to the boat side, grab the
line and you put this tool into the line, and you run it all the way down, like this,
until you grab the hooks that are in the fish’s mouth. Then you reverse the angle, just like this. So, grab the line, run the dehooker down to
the hooks, switch places with the line so that the fish is up, like this, give it a
couple shakes – fish falls right off – boom. Perfect! Time to get another one. If you’re looking for a Captain or a Guide
in the State of Michigan, please give Sport Fish Michigan a call, or check us out on the
web at www.SportFishMichigan.com.

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