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Ice Fishing Equipment: Maintenance & Adjustment : “Tip Up” Adjustment in Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Equipment: Maintenance & Adjustment : “Tip Up” Adjustment in Ice Fishing

Let’s talk now about some modifications
that you can make for traditional tip ups. Sometimes they’re necessary, other times they’re
not. One of the things that you can do on many of these, this particular one doesn’t
have it, but some of the tip ups for especially fishing for bigger fish come with a screw
on this outer edge that’s essentially drag, and that determines how fast the fish is able
to take out line. One of the other things that happen to tip ups over the years is you
use them and they get banged around, and some of these pieces get bent. Now a lot of these
are common pieces that you can find at a hardware store, maybe on the Internet, but every once
in a while some of these might need to be stapled back on, this might need to be bent
back out. There’s always adjustment that you can do with the screws, you want these cross
pieces nice and tight, you still move them but not super, super loose, because then this
is just going to swing back and forth. One of the parts that I find that I need to adjust
the most on these, is this little tab right here, and that’s where the flag hooks into.
So if this tag is bent way out like that, you put your flag on it, it’s not going to
stay, try as you might; so you want to keep those bent in nice and firm. And occasionally
you’re going to have to adjust your flag a little bit, maybe bend, bend the metal so
it’s a little straighter. But those are all some tips that you can use to make adjustments
on your traditional tip ups.

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