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Hi. I’m Jim Hackenberg,PGA professional, developer
of the Orange Whip, and I’ve got a lesson for you. Prior to playing golf, we need to
loosen up and get our muscles ready for that game that day. Also, a lot of us golfers are
stuck in snow country, and we don’t get to play for 5, 6, months, but there’s a few drills
I have today that I can show you with the Orange Whip that will keep your muscles ready
for golf, be it in season or in the off-season. I want to start with what I call the “torso
twist.” I get into an athletic stance. I actually extend my arms in this position, with my palms
facing the sky, and I hold the Orange Whip. I’m gonna rotate my torso, but watch my feet.
The feet are the crucial element. I’m gonna push with my left foot and then my right.
Left…right. The purpose of this is so that I can loosen up my feet, my ankles, my knees,
my hips, and my back, and I’m also using the ground as the force to make this rotation.
I recommend doing that drill about 10 to 15 swings to get loose and find that rhythm.
Secondly, we’re gonna work on the hinging forearm rotation. I’m gonna take the Orange
Whip. I’m gonna slide my hand down to the bottom of the grip, placing just one hand
and the fingers of one hand with the thumb on top. I will tilt into my golf stance and
let my arms hang freely. I will start by pushing the Orange Whip forward and allowing it to
swing back and forth. Notice how my forearm is slightly rotating and notice how my wrist
is hinging and unhinging naturally. This is a training motion to develop that proper hinging
and unhinging of the wrist. If you look closely, this really looks like a forehand in tennis
and a backhand. So, I make it very much like that. t’s a tennis motion. So, with these
first two drills, I’ve loosened up my lower body and I’ve loosened up my wrist, my forearm,
and my shoulder. Well, let’s put it all together into what is our actual full golf swing. So,
I’ll get into my address position, hover the Orange Whip, start very slowly back and forth.
Allow my wrist to hinge to support the whip here… and here. Once I get it moving, I
can power it up to create speed that’s in balance. Now, we’ve been warming up with the
Orange Whip, training these muscles, but let’s transfer over to a golf club, ’cause that’s
where we’re going with this. We want to improve our golf game. I will take this driver. I
will get into my address position. And, as you can tell, it’s a different object than
the Orange Whip. It’s not as flexible and it’s quite a bit lighter. So, for me to recalibrate
this motion, I’ve got to start slow and build it up. So, now I’ve got the same feeling I
had with the Orange Whip, but let’s put a couple of individual swings in here. ‘Cause
this is what it’s gonna feel like when I’m on the golf course. We’ll do one more. All
right, my golf swing’s now recalibrated. Everything’s in balance. I’ve got a nice rhythm. I’m ready
to go play golf. But if you’re in cold country, you want to be doing this to get ready for
the spring. If you do these drills every day, springtime will be a breeze when you get on
that golf course. It’ll be like you’re in midseason form. So, get yourself to OrangeWhipTrainer.com
for more information and to get an Orange Whip and have a great summer.


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