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Intense Fish: Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling in a High Altitude Montana Mountain Lake

Intense Fish: Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling in a High Altitude Montana Mountain Lake

Oh yeah! There we go! Got one! On a rainy
september 4th the IntenseFish Crew set out to catch arctic grayling a species neither
of us had caught before. At a remote mountain lake near Bozeman Montana. Emerald Lake is
located behind hyalite canyon and is roughly a five mile hike in with 2000 feet of elevation
gain. Most people claim that emerald lake is the best place in montana to catch arctic
grayling and since there are only two states you can catch them in, it may be the best
place in the lower 48 to pull them out with a fly rod in. We’re about two miles in so
far we’re doing pretty good. It’s a nice day, its nice and overcast which should make it
pretty good for fishing, hopefully. So lets keep doing it. There it is! Emerald Lake!
It’s definitly a hike! Oh yeah! Please be a Grayling! Please be a Grayling! Come on
baby. Yeah, we still got him on. Trout. It’s a cutthroat. It is. Good Catch. Got one. Ooh,
he a good one. Come on Grayling! Oh, we wiggled off. Go almost gotta let em take it for a
minute, for like a point second. Don’t rip it as they go for it. Got one. Oh yeah. Yup,
fish on. What do we got here, I think we got a grayling. Grayling! Grayling fish. Oh thats
so cool. Arctic Grayling. It’s a rainbow color and look at the eyes on that, the eyes are
just beautiful. Golden eyes. Got one. Brown trout. There he goes. There, finally. Got
one? Yeah. There you go buddy. They’re light on the take dude. You gotta be careful with
them. That is a little grayling, finally. Got one! Hahaha, yanked him out of the water!
Is he even on? Ooh, it’s another grayling! Baby Grayling. How many have we caught now?
Seven. It sure is wierd how they take the flies. There we go. You gotta be gentle! GENTLE!
Here we go we got a fish on! Oh he’s not a bad size. It’s our biggest one yet. Got one!
Oh my gosh, what is going on. It is fish after fish. Woo! Ooh, he’s a fighter. What do we
got here. Looks like we’re about ready to land another grayling! Oh my gosh, wow. Beautiful.
There you go. Look at that. That is a beauty. Got one! Holy Cow, this is incredible. This
is the best fly fishing I’ve ever had in Montana.

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