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Intense Fish: Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout with Streamers on the Big Hole River

Intense Fish: Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout with Streamers on the Big Hole River

Got one on! Oh yeah! Dude (Laughing). Hey
guys today I’m coming to you from Five Rivers Fly Fishing Lodge in Dillon Southwest Montana.
Today we’re going to be fishing the Big Hole River while we’re down here for three days.
So, lets go catch some fish. The big hole river is located in beaverhead county. It
is now considered a legendary destination for fly fisherman, with 153 miles of fishable
river, formidable trout hatcheries and abundant native arctic grayling, it is one of the premiere
fly fishing destinations in Montana. With advice form local fly shops we decided to
fish the Melrose section of the river. The water hear Maiden Rock is cold deep and slow,
perfect for a warmer summer day when the water levels are low. Leaving Dillon Montana, the
IntenseFish crew headed 33 miles north to Melrose, tied on weighted streamers and gave
the waters a shot. I haven’t seen any top feeding yet, so I’m
going to start with a conehead autumn splendor size 12. It’s a fast sinking fly with rubber
legs so a lot of action. Oh yeah… awwww. Did it come free? Well the
fish isn’t over here. So what I’m doing here is I’m sending the
fly out as far as I can to a spot that looks promising. Still water, near a rock or in
the shade. Anywhere a trout my lay. I’m giving it a second or two to sink then I’m doing
a pretty slow strip to have it come back in while it stays really deep. I’m using floating
line today so every time I strip the fly bobs up and down like it’s swimming. So hopefully
it works and we catch some fish. Got one on! Oh no! Well they’re here. Oh yeah! Got somethin on! That was a good net too. We’ve got a little rainbow. (Laughing) Cool. We haven’t had a hit in a little while in
this area, so we think it’s time to move on. Upstream I see some deeper shaded water with
some large rocks on the shore, so it looks promising. So I think we’re gonna head up
that way. So since we’re using these heavy streamers
today. They’re size 12 cone heads, we changed over to ultra fast reddington six weight rods.
They aren’t the best for moving these heavy streamers, but they definitely do better than
my ultra slow dry fly rod. They can still be a chore to cast, but they’re kinda doing
the job as you can see. aww. (zips up bag) I don’t want to loose my stuff,
I’m getting so excited. I hope you’re getting this dude. Oh he put on a show. About a nine inch rainbow. Goodbye buddy. Lets get another one. It’s weird. The water is cold right here,
and warm right there. So either theres a ghost around or we’re about to catch a fish. Oh yeah! This ones a little bigger. A nice little nine inch rainbow. He’s squirming,
he’s ready to go. He’s a little beauty. So the fish may have no been monsters today,
but we had a blast catching them. I love streamer fishing and these guys seem
to like them too, so I’ll definitely be coming back. Nice shot dude.

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  1. Love the fact that you get excited over smaller fish. They don`t have to be big fish to have big fun. lol…Ya might wanna practice the double haul. ty for the vid and tight lines

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