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Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

100 thoughts on “Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

  1. I love your response @ 10:22 Sea urchin tastes like sea snot 😛 I'd have to agree haha that made me laugh.. Thank you for the video !

  2. It's crazy how little crime there is there. I mean c'mon, let's be real, what are those elderly people going to do when some robber pulls up and steals a random pack of fish? Nothing. But, no one does it anyways. That's really impressive

  3. Mike can you please teach me how to speak Japanese so I can learn it and know it so I can go to Japan and impress my mom and talk to the people there

  4. I love the sea shells on all your video. I wish I could buy them from you! Abalone shell is my favorite and the spiny sea urching casing. 🌹💞💖

  5. isnt that my problem? i really dont like people handling cash and food at the same time. The man stuffed the strawberry inside the mochi and received your cash both by using his left bare hand. Kind of dirty in my opinion, but this happened so often around the world, and it seems some customers even dont care a bit of it.

  6. The tamago is supposed to be sweet. It’s almost like a dessert when you get a sushi platter.

    Also whenever you eat it takes me a second to know if you like it cause you look like you hate it be then you’re like “ohh yea that’s beautiful” especially during the tamago part. I was like “is this a trap??”

  7. It’s ok mike. Sea urchin is a strongly acquired taste. I like it but I can understand the displeasure. It’s a mushy texture and can taste briny and kinda like mucus. For me I find it creamy and sweet but I can see why someone wouldn’t like it.

  8. Can't wait to have a Nice job and travel where ever we want with my Woman not just a Girl, Especially in Japan.

  9. Sea urchin only taste good on a nigiri with the rice and the seaweed, try it, you might change your mind about it taste 😊

  10. Thank you for saying that about the crab. My whole family thinks I'm crazy for not dipping my crab in butter. Crab taste wonderful on it's own.

  11. 気持ち良いくらい沢山食べるね。海鮮とスイーツが大好きな様で、もし今度、日本に来られることがあれば是非福岡に行ってみてください。日本で1番、2番を争うほど美味しいものがいっぱいですよ。

  12. Blow torches consist of LPG which stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas….I dunno know about you but that doesn't sound healthy.

  13. No one.
    Absolutly no one.
    Me: shits in a crab shell
    Mike: its brown its gooey and in a crab shell……Aight I'll try it

  14. I just went to Japan 2 weeks ago for the first time ever and I got to say, I loved the fish market. It was sooo yummy. Plus I got some amazing tips and advice from watching your channel. Such a blessing and also keep up the amazing/awesome job. I would like to inspire and teach others like how you teach me and millions of viewers about food. Much love from Fresno.

  15. this video appear in my suggestion just above jackie chan video , i take a screenshot then 1 question jump in my mind ,

    Are u his stunt double ?

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