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JDM Heaven Daikouku and Shuto Expressway

JDM Heaven Daikouku and Shuto Expressway

Yo Everyone It’s LaidbackMarco I’m about to go to Daikoku Er like that that one Japanese parking lot I always forget what it’s called It’s pretty hard for foreigners to pronounce but we’re going to the parking lot right now So we’re about to take off, it’s my first time going there We should get there at about 10 Might be a little late, but we’ll see what we can do So I took to the road the only thing that lay in front of me were lights and roadways It was two hours to Tokyo But college had prepared me for long drives I thought of all the long trips I took in college but, it was never alone The five-hour drives were usually with friends This time it was just me It suprised me that I had met these friends last year but, we were such good friends already There was something about our love for cars that brought us together. Yo, everyone, it’s Laidbackmarco It’s my first time at Daikoku Right and uh This is Crazy, like I’ve never seen so many tuner cars in one place and it’s not like. . . I went to Tokyo Auto Salon and I actually hated it. Cause I felt it was this like an uppity thing I dunno it felt so gross being there. . .but now now we’re at a place with like homegrown boys and uh this is cool so I’m gonna like. . . show you around I just shadowed myself. . . I set up this lite and made myself look all scary Driving round this loop 180sx Daikoku I be smooth with the pedals downshift, heel-toe trying to find the flow of this beat and this road Never driving slow, huh, gas down acceleration we be mobbing yea we be always racing Hit the course c1. . .and everybody know that I’m the top gun This is what it’s like to live your dream I Think??? Can’t be 100% Sure did he just photobomb me. . . during an interview TWICE! the thing is I never ever thought that this was possible for me Now I’m living proof Like I’m sure you are So Cliche time. . .don’t give up on your dream actually, no . . . really what I want to say is Do what you like, do what you want, At the end of the day someone else is gonna do it And you’re just gonna wish that you did it. And uh, Dave you brought up a really good point Sometimes you know in the day to day grind of life I forget that when I was a kid I really wanted to be here Now that I’m here like Now you’re on that road now you’re on the road and it’s like wow. . .we did it So it’s easy to forget it You drove those roads so many times on a video game When you see those signs for yourself and yo that’s what I was thinking it’s weird to drive in Gran Turismo and the arrows are actually there in real life and then the signs are all present and correct you know like all the road signs. . .like if you go and watch wangon midnight all those signs are perfect. Now I want to go to the Initial D roads and fact check So this is somethign cool, we don’t see this is Nagano There’s hot food out of vending machines I don’t see this in Nagano Us country bumpkins you know Alright this is the familymart one there’s ice cream Did you see the picture of the black thunder That sounds like a prn video name Your’e telling me you’ve never eaten black thunder Ah no I’ve had it. . . I had it in a McFlurry But it does sound like something you find in the X-Rated section online Ah these are my favorite The familymart chocolate dipped doughnut Those are my weakness Ah you skipped it it’s there This isn’t just only ice cream though I was hoping for like those cone things They’re shaped like a werid waffle cone Oh I see it here yeah Junbo. . .that’s what I like This is the stuff that people wanna see Dave uhh, can’t read it because Kanji Exists but, number 20 er. . . number 19 why don’t we just ask the locals what it says Uhh. . . let me buy it then I’ll try to read it oh it’s one of those ones It doesn’t just drop it Nah that’s too advanced for you Tokyo people. . . er that’s too simple for you Tokyo people That’s something you see in Nagano This is a That’s cherry Cherry. . .. Cherry Something Bannirra What’s that? That’s uhh. . . Cherry-oh Ch cherry oh? vanilla okay good sounds good that’s cherry- oh right? Cherry something. . .oh Cherry-oh-banirra Kanji ha nan desu ka. . . sono kani? Ita Choco Like Painful chocolate? Is there any other kind? Life is pain Are you in pain? That was a really bad Idea. . . Does it actually hurt? It’s really ita choco I just had to prove a point you know? I have sensitive teeth people. . . please don’t try this ita choco. . nuts in choco? So the painful chocolate is this one So I’m just a pssay then try the painful chocolate oh look that looks a lot more painful Oh my god I’m really happy about this Because it’s exactly what they advertised, it’s painful I can’t complain, but I’m actually crying. . . look at this . . . . tears Normally ice cream brings people joy but so far I’m having more fun watching you eat it It’s brining us joy. . .but not him Maybe that’s how that works? Thanks for taking one for the team So we’re about to go out on the loop With a driver that’s not me because I have no idea what I’m doing This is outside of my domain Oh there’s the tokyo tower Filming the filmer It’s like filmception This is actually like mini dv. . .like cassettes So were here with eric. . . and yuyin And we just had a fun time on the expressway The STI did about 140 crazy I love the car culture here man it’s so wide so much variety the cars the people everything Like every night of driving with the guys. . . never wanted it to end I had a blast I found myself leaving tokyo at three in the morning I had been driving so long that the sun began to rise over the mountains It was a majestic sight watching the sunrise as I cruised along I thought about all the fun times I had with my friends and all the fun times we would have in the future Driving into the light was a good theme I had met people who were not only exporting cars for a living, but making youtube videos too It was something I could see myself doing in the future. and i knew it was possible

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