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Kayak Fishing in Sweden – Seatrout fishing on Tjörn (English sub)

Kayak Fishing in Sweden – Seatrout fishing on Tjörn (English sub)

For the first time in my life I´ll try sea trout fishing on the west coast My sharpest weapon is not the spoon or worm imitation, -No it´s the fishing kayak I load my car full with gear and start my trip from Dala-Floda drive and the 7 hours drive to the west coast and Tjörn There I´ll fish with my friends Patrik Forsling and Henric Appelgren I´m stand here at Kajaktiv, Tjörn with Patrik Forsling It´s the first of april and we´re going sea trout fishing What do you think about our chanses today? It looks really okay! I cant complain it´s a clear blue sky, it´s calm on the sea and the premiere day looks great You dont think the weather is to fine today? I could be so but if the trout bite´s it bite´s I´ll think it will bite today! Let´s go! The cliiff fishermen who climbs like the ram´s on the cliffs to find a good fishing spot All of these silver hunters are throwing glances of envy towards our fishing kayaks When we stop for a coffe on shore When I, Patrik or Henric talk with them we notice how they drool when we explain how we can reach all the spots This year it was really low water levels at the premiere Wich gave many boaters a lot of trouble The low levels where no problem for us It was easy for us to go out or get to the shore for a coffe break We drift from a edge of 5-6 meter to moore shallow waters When we reach the edge ot 2-3 meter it happens I catch my first west coast trout We dont find any moore fish on this spot so we decide to move to the other side to get away from the chilly wind Me and Patrik throw the kayaks to the car top and drive to the leeward side of Tjörn We paddle out between islands and rocks, serching and looking During a short period of 45 minutes the trouts start to rise in a bay and I succed to catch one 50 cm and one moore of 52 cm, so I´m really happy! It´s brilliant with such company as Tommy Lönnebacke We had good conditions, shining sun, wind was 5-6 mps A bit chilly in the wind but we could not been a better premiere For the sea trout fishing on the west coast my obvious choice of kayak was the Kraken We fished from a 13,5 footer like this and a 15,5 footer The Kraken modell are designed among others by the kayak fishing legend Jim Sammons They are created to fish open waters and marlin you should be able to paddle a full day with out getting weary The thing saparates the Kraken from standard modells of fishing kayaks it´s the steep cut in the front and the moore arrow like shape this makes the tracking exellent and it makes the kayak to cut the water easier than a flat bottom kayak another difference is that the Kraken is laying deeper in the water and this makes it harder for the wind to grip the kayak The Kraken is desigen for big waters and for you who wants to paddle distance during a long fishing day and maby troll for fish I´m here on Tjörn to hunt sea trout with Tommy Lönnebacke for a couple of days I think this will be awesome. It will be windy today and better tomorrow I hope at least for one, two or three trouts and maby some other fun cathes. Let´s see how it goes! When you are fishing big water like the sea, the mountains ore alone, saftey is important a small saftey help is the Spot This tingest is connected to a satelite i can send a message to my close ones and tell them I´m dry and safe I can have some emergency contacts, everything is done by one ore two button clicks I gets in contact with sos and the sea rescue if I fall in the water or get lost in the mountains, I just click one button and thru satelite conection the rescue people can find me this is a really clever gadget you can find at kajaktiv.se And today it was way better, with no wind in the start of the day. It was fabulously it was warm and there was no need for a thick jacket we got fish, it came pretty quick we only fished for about 2-3 hours it was a surprise and really fun we took a lunch break and then we hit a new spot where fish where rising everywhere but the trout was really, really picky fishing was slow and then the wind picked up and it got cloudy, it started to rain and getting real bad so we decided to give up but it still was a awesome day out on the sea For the sea trout fishing on the west coast i choosed a kit from IFish and the Viper series it´s a four piece rod 8 with a lovely soft blank to tire the strong sea trout the reel is from the Viper series with 6 ball bearings, with a aluminum frame you can find out moore about this kit on www.bios.se The Stagger from IFsh is my absolute favourite bait for sea trout it´s availble in several diffren sizes and catchable colours and it´s lead free wich is good for the enviroment When the alarm sounded in dawn and I lookt out to see a absolute calm sea there was a hurry to get out Fishing big waters you need to use a anchor or a drift anchor and to be able to set your kayak right in the wind you need a anchor trolley Yakattack has a real nice one I have mounted one my regular kayak but i have lots of guest and often change kayak I also made a removable modell what the trolley does is abeling the anchor line to move along the side of your kayak, forward and backwards and this makes it able for you to choose angle for your kayak in the wind so you can cast in desired direction and dont need to throw a backhand cast over your shoulder this is a provisory solution wich I made with a pully in the front and back handle a floating rope everything is conected with a carabiner I also have a carabiner to the anchor line to connect to the trolley a super simple solution this is a tip I got from the late beloved friend Jan Liska this is a really smart and simple solution for you havent found a anchor trolley and wants to make it your self do you know what it is? -No a flounder cool! one month later I return to Tjörn the trout are now in way better condition and super strong my reel is howling and get fantastic fights in the morning light and can return to the brekfast table with a big smile on my face my first sea trout season can be summarized in one word SUCCESS! and are allready yearn for next seassons premiere

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