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Kayak Trailer Build Modification Upgrade Custom DIY PVC bunks hauling Kayaks

Kayak Trailer Build Modification Upgrade Custom DIY PVC bunks hauling Kayaks

Hey there. This is Brother Mo from The Yakin’ and Trappin’ Outdoor Channel Today we’re gonna take an old boat trailer that I picked up, and modify it to fit our Kayaks. The trailers 19 feet long from nose to tail So stay with me, and I’ll take you through the process Grady, come here boy….Good boy. I Picked up this old boat trailer For a few bucks. It was completely disassembled the axle was laying on top of it when I brought it home I I took a wire brush grinder and wire brushed the entire frame. I went through two wire brushes in fact, on my little four inch grinder It turned out to be just a little bigger project than what I originally anticipated After I got the frame as clean as I could with the wire brush grinder. I cleaned the frame off and painted it with Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Primer and Rust-oleum Painters touch Ultra Cover Gloss Real Orange I Cleaned up the Springs and the axle and painted them all black Which proved to be in vain which I will share with you a little bit later I picked up some unistrut from the electrical supply store that I would mount my PVC pipe Runners on for my Kayaks I told you cleaning the axle and the springs would turn out to be in vain and it was The axle that came with the trailer was four lug on four and a quarter inch centers You can’t find wheels for a four lug on four and a quarter inch centers Nor, could I find bearings to fit the axle… So I wound up having to buy a new axle It came fully equipped with the springs, the plates, and everything I needed to mount it So I just had to pull this axle off and put the new one on I built my tree to add two more Kayaks Now I am mounting those two the two center struts of the trailer I mounted the tree with bolts so that I could take it off if I ever wanted to I had to put a final coat on my trailer because I still had some primer showing through This is some aluminum tread plate that I got from my brother. I cut it using a skill saw very slowly of course I riveted it to the top steps This is three inch schedule 40 PVC pipe that I use for the runners to set on top of the Unistrut I mounted them down using bolts and the nuts that are made for Unistrut I set my kayak on top of the PVC pipes to adjust the inner PVC pipe. So that I would make sure to get the right distance My wife has a Jackson Tripper 12, which is exactly the same hull as my Kilroy so therefore I’m making both sides exactly the same I’m using the same tread plate that I used to make the steps on the trailer to make fenders (new ones are terribly expensive) I ripped the tread plate with the skill saw Then smoothed the edges down with a tiger disc on my 4″ grinder I added LED Brake lights to the trailer (purchased at Tractor Supply) Then I added a trailer dolly to the tongue (purchased at Rural King) Well the only thing left to do is take them to the water. Don’t forget click on the like and subscibe button up here in the left hand corner… Thanks for watching!!!

21 thoughts on “Kayak Trailer Build Modification Upgrade Custom DIY PVC bunks hauling Kayaks

  1. In my opinion, this is THE best kayak trailer build video I've seen on Youtube. I've watched a hundred of 'em and definitely go the most information out of this one. I liked the use of unistrut, the description as you went, the speed of everything. Super helpful. Thank you!

  2. Love the Jackson Kilroy too. Trailering is the best option for me as my truck is real tall and in winter for duck hunting a trailer is easy to load. Well done on the how too video.

  3. Since you had to put on a new axle, you should of matched the bolt pattern from your jeep. Then gone to junk yard and bought 2 matching jeep rims. It would of tied the two projects together. Nice job on the trailer, now get out there are stock the freezer. Enjoy the fishing & time with your wife! "w.w."

  4. Awesome job on the trailer. Just goes to show you, that country boys can do anything. Country boys can survive.

  5. Hey guys Safety Scott here, think about using a full face shield when using wire brushes of any kind. My older brother lost an eye using only safety glasses…Use both.

    Good job on the trailer, I am doing the same thing. Like the color Got a Sea Ghost 130 in orange camo, I think I'll use the same color as you.

  6. Remove the center supports for the PVC and they'll do a better job of conforming to your kayak hulls. That was my intent when pioneering the use of PVC for kayak bunks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPd5n83lY5k

  7. Man thank you for this video! I got more from this than any other videos out there!! Much appreciated sir!!

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