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Korean fish-shaped bread with red bean filling (Bungeoppang: 붕어빵)

Korean fish-shaped bread with red bean filling (Bungeoppang: 붕어빵)

(upbeat music) -Hi everybody! Today,I’m going to show you how to make Korean street snack Bungeoppang! Bungeoppang is a fish-shape bread filled with sweet red bean Does it sounds delicious? When i was in Korea, I used to love this snack It’s a popular popular street snack,especially in winter times. Bungeoppang vendor was baking,dozen of bungeoppang in front of the customers and then,i was standing,watching her cooking, pouring batter,and then put some sweet red bean, that was really exciting. Right after it’s made,It’s plump,hot hot hot,like a volcano I used to blown like a (blowing) And then eating. it was so delicious! The ingredient is to simple! Baisically,batter made with flour,and little baking soda,and sugar. That it’s! But,to make this one,you need like a special mold, A while ago,i visited Los Angeles,Korean Town and there is a kitchenwear,Korean kitchenwear store I found this bungeoppang mold! When I found this,you couldn’t imagine how much i was exciting. My heart was beating because i really was looking for this mold. And also i was really excited to make video with this! I did some experiment and eventually I found the perfect taste bungeoppang! (laughing) So did I bungeoppang? So bungeoppang! Let’s start! We need this sweet red bean,from korean grocery store there are a few different brand Any of them,it’s good. so one can,I paid for 3.99 actually cheap,so with one can,you can make fifteen bungeoppang but,just in case,you can’t find this product in your area,check out my website recipes,you need only azuki bean, red bean. So all-purpose flour,one cup. (tapping) And then,this salt,half teaspoon. Baking soda,this half teaspoon. And one tablespoon brown or white sugar. And then just mix with water! 2 tablespoon,just measure first,and then 1cup And then mix. (mixing) So I made this nice,so well mixed this now and then but still,we need to sieve (strain) this. (pouring) So this is going to be our batter for bungeoppang so let’s pour this Let’s start cooking! Now is very heated,and then i’m going to turn down the heat over low heat. And then open this, vegetable oil (oiling) (pouring) Just a little bit first and then we need to put sweet red bean. And then,fill it up. The mold. (pouring) Okay and then let’s close this. So around three minutes,I’m going to cook over really low heat. And then after that I will checked and how it look like and then it’s really light golden brown and then i’m going to turn it over and then cook again another three minutes. I’m checking my email. You guys also can check email and then come back quickly,okay? (chuckles) Three minutes after, let’s turn it over. Look at that,it awesome,isn’t it? i’m going to make little more like a thirty seconds more so make it more crispy outside. I’m so tempted to turn it up the heat but it may burn so I’m going to wait very patiently. That’s great! So both side are really light golden brown. Now I’m made two bungeoppang and then i still have this amount, so you can make four bungeoppang with the leftover. Which means that one cup of flour,the batter you can make six, but as i told you,i’m going to taste when this warm. People are have several types of personality, the people who eat this head part first, really lot of leadership and want to be become a leader. And people eat this just arround the stomach area and this people are very active and then lot of athlete they are doing this. And some people eat just the tail part and then very thoughtful People eat this fin part,it’s not sociable but really like sensitive so emotional easily. Do you belive that? I don’t believe! People said that; “Hey Maangchi,what’s going on?” “I like to eat the tail first but i want to be a leader!” (laughing) See while i’m talking,already this guy are really like a soggy so right after making this is going to be crunchy crispy and hot hot! So let’s taste! (crunching) So sweet red bean. (pouring) (closing) (turning) Yay! (scraping bread with knife) Hot hot! (upbeat music) (chewing) (upbeat music) Very very easy! Enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Korean fish-shaped bread with red bean filling (Bungeoppang: 붕어빵)

  1. First I didn't know which area to eat mean something. But if I ever have the first bite it will be the top. And I'm not a social person, but I am thoughtful, emotional person like u just say. Seems pretty right to me

  2. In Egypt, when we fry fish, the trail is crispy and tastes amazing, so we eat that first. I've never tried Bungeoppang but I'm sure I'll eat the tail first all the time 😂 😂 😂

  3. ทำขนมปลาขอชับไทยด้ยวนะค่ะขอบคุญค่ะ

  4. I get ice cream sandwiches like this st this Japanese market. It has sweet red bean paste and vanilla ice cream in the middle so so good

  5. 어렸을 땐 가시도 많고, 비린내도 나서 싫어했었는데……
    다 늙어선 붕어빵이 땡기네요….

  6. I only discovered this video today😢. Can the batter be kept in the refrigerator and use it the next day? Will the texture be crispy and crunchy the next day?

  7. One of my favorite snacks! <3 I always go for the head first, and had never heard that stereotype before, but it's funny to me because that really is the kind of person I am LOL

  8. We have this in Japan. It's called taiyaki. Very delicious. I get mine with matcha (powdered green tea) ice cream.

  9. I eat the tail first because it is the most crispy of all. and I tend to eat the filling part in the end for all kind of food, so the flavor last longer in my mouth.

  10. Omg this looks so good!

    The whole time I was watching all I could think of was RM telling i-ARMYs "its a fish bread but not fish bread. aint no fish inside" XD

  11. Maangchi, I cooked bungeoppang with your recipe. Is in Korea the dough salty? It's taste salty for me, I'm Javanese. I try to put more sugar but it's taste like corobikan, Javanese cake. How's bungeoppang taste in Korea? I really want to know but I don't know where I can get it, so I asked you. Sorry and thank you, Maangchi 💞

  12. Hello! I'm from Korea. Thank you for your love of korean snack and fish bread. fish bread is delicious Street food.٩(๑∂▿∂๑)۶♡

  13. Hi Manngchi, Thank you for sharing the Korean fish-shaped bread recipe with us. Just wondering if you know the recipe for the fish bread but with vegetables instead of red bean? I tried once at the Korean store in Vancouver, Canada. I love it but can't find it sale anywhere else. Hope you can show me how to make them. Thank you so much.

  14. Sometimes I eat the head first, sometimes the tail, sometimes I split it in half and eat from the middle, what does that make me? A psychopath?

  15. Lol. Maangchi, where did you hear this fish pastry personality test. You always tell us some funny stories. I’ve noticed you eat from the head first. That’s right. You are a leader… with this many followers! Xoxo

  16. Can you make video recipes how to make red sweets beans? Thank you so much for nice recipes that you make evry time.

  17. I have always wondered about this treat. Looks yummy. I definitely will try making it sometime! Had no idea it was so simple ^^

  18. I'm new to Korean foods. After a friend took me for a birthday dinner to a Korean restaurant, I totally fell in love with this country's foods! YUM!!! Kimchee, stone pot Bibimbap, Korean fish stew, and the wonderful fish-shaped bread! I'm going to get a fish-shaped waffle pan so I can make them at home 🙂

  19. 안녕하세요 망치님 전 52살의 아짐인데요 ~저도 이 빵을 자주 사먹엇는데 반죽에 마가린 넣는것을 보고 좀 꺼려지네요~ 꼭 트렌스지방을 넣어야하는지 ~ 버터를 넣으면 안되는지 궁금합니다

  20. I want to try making these – can you use the pan on an electric (non-coil) stove? Some people say you can, others say you can't. I kinda don't wanna invest in one of these unless I'm sure… XD

  21. hi maangchi or anyone else! is that sea/kosher salt or table salt? I'm always unsure of which salts to use when a recipe calls for just salt 😂

  22. the email part 😂😂 also the fish necklace! completely adorable 🥰 i dont have the fish mold but definitely tempted into looking for one :'D till then i may try experimenting with other machinery haha

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