35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Lakselva 2018

Lakselva 2018

How many hours have we been driving? Are your eyes crossed? No, 17 hours. -Can’t feel a thing? -No Easy as pie? -But, we’re not going fishing… Arrival day cultural experience complete In a place like this.
German army camp (WW2 era) Now back to the flyfishing mobile. Allright, first day at Lakselva 13th of June. 22 cubic meters of water flow, cloudy, gear ready Fishing starts in a moment. Fish on! Good size? *loud yelling* Feels good man!! ok. Camera is on, action is on! Allright! How does it feel? -*BLEEP* good! What an opening to this trip! Feels good, man. Feels good to be alive. -Congratulations! Damn, nice one. Preparations are under way. Back to the river soon. Yesterday we got a 1m fish, today…? How many 1m fish today? We are going to take 2, 2.. We’re gonna get 2! Fish on! Yesss! Perfect release.. Fish on again! I’ll put the camera under water, let’s see if we get some nice footage. How do you feel? – Good. Salmoncatchers… *chuckle* Second day over.. How many fish did we catch? 3..? 4 alltogether.. This morning we have some tired men… This morning we have some very tired men.. I just told Jukka that.. Aah, now I’m gonna tell the whole *bleep* world we have slept a bit poorly.. *chuckle* This will probably get better once I put my shades on.. Looks good! Thanks! Could have slept more.. 🙂 Snooze masters, snooze phone Has been snoozing for about an hour.. We have got the man to get up, but… The *bleeping* snoozing continues.. Could you wake up.. -Snoozemaster! Could you boys please wake up. Speaking of the devil.. Zzzzzz…. Last day of fishing.. The gang is looking fresh… Allright, morning of departure… We have been sleeping here… 5-6 nights? Good trip! 5 salmons, 5 fishing days.. 4 guys.. Everyone got one.. One lucky guy got 2! The other way around next time.. The fox – Out. Thank you!

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