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Learn the Mending Technique in Fly Fishing

Learn the Mending Technique in Fly Fishing

hey its Jim Mueller with the american outdoors man report fly fishing with the dry fly is definitely an acquired skill you need to make that fly look natural so the fish don’t reject it master fly fishermen Kevin kurtz shows us how to keep that
fly lookin natural pitch it out there like you did go ahead now watch the line here that’s pretty good but see the lure is going faster than this line got technique called mending what i mean by mending is when you throw the line upstream or across two current speeds like out here we have
fast water where were at slow water here your going to get drag in the fly line you won’t have control over the
drift to the fly so you want to always men the line into the
slower sections like down here you’ve got the indicator going fast water but your
line is in the slow water your gonna get taunt line and drag so what you want to do is with the rod tip you hold it up a little
bit and you make a bump in the fly line yet this time we wanna mend downstream so the faster water indicator will catch
up life and catch up with the fly line but if we are in fast water throwing to slow water you would wan to mend up stream you want slack in your line to keep the fly from coming up from the bottom you want that one inch of slack the rest of it is under control when you’re uhh you can identify if you have drag in your line because if you see the fly line lifting or angling off the tip of your rod you got drag and its going to lift the fly off the bottom or its going to ski the fly and its going to look different to the fish than a natural food item then they will refuse it in contrast if your fishing with the wet
fly you need to focus on getting that fly submerged at the proper depth put your rule of thumb on using weight seems like there has been times when that’s been real important if you have like a general rule of thumb that you follow as far as when to and how much you don’t want to be dredging the bottom but once in a while if your not getting a false strike by hitting the bottom that’s a indication you need more weight if in doubt add weight whether using a wet fly or dry fly fly fishing is just a great excuse to
get outdoors im Jim Mueller that’s your american outdoors man report and remember you are the american outdoorsman

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