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Lews TP1 Fishing Rod | Bass Fishing

Lews TP1 Fishing Rod | Bass Fishing

Glenn May: Hey folks. Glenn May here with
BassResource.com, and I’m here with my good friend, Hank Parker, at the Lew’s Booth. We’re
looking at brand new products coming out later on this year. Hank, tell me what you got here. Hank Parker: Lew’s is on fire. They’re at
the top of the game on developing reels and rods. This is a new rod. That’s a brand new
rod that’s at a $100 price point. These rods are awesome. This is a new grip. This is called
Winn Grip. The golfers for years, and years, and years used cork handles. The problem with
cork, you can’t compress it. When you get a little perspiration or a little misty rain,
you can’t compress cork so you don’t have a real good grip. Rod companies have been
using cork for years, and years and years. How do you improve? Well, this Winn Grip,
wet or dry it’s still tacky. You’ll be able to grip the rod no matter how much rain or
how much perspiration you may create out there fishing on a hot day. Then we have a MicroWave guide. This is a
pretty incredible guide. It takes all the twist out. Spinning reel has a coil and when
it comes off, it will have a coil all the way usually through the third guide. Well,
with this MicroWave guide, it’s a guide inside of a guide. It takes all that coil out, and
by the time it hits the second guide, it’s smooth and straight so you get more distance,
more control, better feel. All of this rod is put together for about $100. Glenn: Not bad, not bad. Hank: It’s awesome. It’s so cool to be able
to see something new, but to have something new and innovative that’s affordable is pretty
cool. Glenn: When is this going to hit the market? Hank: It’s going to be available in September,
so look for it. It’s the new Lew’s and it’s called . . . it’s so new, I don’t even know
what it’s called. It’s called the TP1 Speed Stick. TP1. The Speed Sticks are awesome.
They’ve been around for 100 years, but this is the TP1. Glenn: Awesome rod. Check it out guys. Look
for it in September.

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