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Light-painting whip scary gorilla! – Tube Stories 67

Light-painting whip scary gorilla! – Tube Stories 67

April 2nd 2018, we’re testing today “the whip” and I have a new black kit. [Music] [Music] Yeah, that’s it ! Do you wanna see ?
-Yeah ! Ooooh ! I’m done with this…
-ahahahaha ! Oh ! We’re two. Yeah I’m visible with you in them. That thing is called “a whip”. Made by my friend Jason at lightpaintingbrushes.com So like all of his tools, you need the universal connector. You put a flashlight inside of it. Connect to the tube, and then you turn it on. And for all the pictures that I did today, I was on strobe mode. So I’m blinking the light. And your out of the frame :p

7 thoughts on “Light-painting whip scary gorilla! – Tube Stories 67

  1. Awesome! The whip was definitely an interesting tool to work with, the fact that it's not rigid makes for a lot of new possibilities for shapes 🙂

  2. That kitten effect is so cute and the cat is really cool too! Just kidding. I remain dazzled by the creativity oozing from your tube stories series. Your soundtracks always fit so well and the gimmicky twists at the end are like dessert and the end of fine meal.

  3. Les photos sur les pages de droite et des illustrations écrites sur les pages de gauche! Reliure a spirale pour bien mettre les photos a plat . un régal!!

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