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Making the Bulletproof Frying Pan from PUBG!

Making the Bulletproof Frying Pan from PUBG!

Hey guys so you might remember a while
ago we teased a potential project that we might do Mail’s here! Its ar500
we’re making the frying pan from PUBG The bulletproof frying pan from PUBG
Mobile which is why I’m super excited to tell you that PUBG Mobile reached out
and offered to sponsor this project which means we’re making the bulletproof
frying pan from PUBG mobile use my link in the description below to download the
official PUBG on mobile game and if you add my gamertag ZeHackSmith you
have a chance to play with me when I’m not working on projects. There’s even a
new mode called arcade mode which features only 28 players and one of six
variations: shotguns only, sniper rifles only, all weapons, melee only, pistols only
and finally item heaven. For a mobile game the graphics are incredible
utilizing the Unreal Engine plus you can use voice chat to talk with your team
during play and we’re actually doing a giveaway this video but more info on
that later now the real question is is a regular old american-made frying pan
bulletproof as is we’re going to go to the range and find out blasted holes right through it look at
this is crazy so yeah regular cast-iron frying pans
not bulletproof at all the 9 mil just shredded this after shooting it a few
times that’s because cast iron’s super hard but
it’s also super brittle which means it’s really gonna explode now for us to make
an actual bulletproof frying pan we’re gonna have to use a bit of a better
material so let’s head back to the shop and see what we can come up with Well that was easy now it should be
bulletproof but let’s make some more we’re using our maverick CNC plasma
cutter that we got from Elite Metal Tools and we’ll be using it to cut out some
more armor plates to make a few more pans let’s get started hmm these turned out a bit smaller than
expected but you know what that means we’re gonna give them away for your
chance to win a mini PUBG frying pan all you have to do is download the game
using my links in the description below once you download the game add my
gamertag ZeHacksmith so maybe we can play together and then take a screenshot
you playing the game tweet or Instagram post the screen shot @PUBGmobile and
#hacksmithPUBG to enter the contest will be giving away three of
these pans for full contest details check out the description below. Alright, who hasn’t hit ready? Riley, get off your phone But in the meantime let’s see if this
thing’s pellet proof Not bad, but this is just a toy let’s go
to the range and actually test the real pan with real guns! what… you thought we
were done? all right we’re back at the range and
we’ve got our … how am I supposed to take this off? hopefully bullet proof frying pan now with an AR 500 1/2 inch steel plate on
the back let’s see what guns do to this let’s get shooting
we’re gonna be using the same 9 mil to see if our bulletproof pan is in fact
bulletproof let’s see if that did anything, NOPE well
you can almost feel something right there but in general still pretty smooth you
know this means we’re going to need a bigger gun alright so before we get the
rifles out let’s try a 357 Magnum no it’s not through it’s just shiny
alright how about a 223 Was that dead center? That was dead center right
so it’s definitely possible to make a bulletproof frying pan like shown in PUBG and all you’d have to do is make it out of a AR500 steel unfortunately it would be a bit
tricky to do that which is why we actually just took a regular frying pan
and welded the AR500 plate on to it the problem is you can’t really weld to the
cast iron in fact if you look at this the entire weld bead stayed with the
plate and just ripped right off the pan you can see that just barely even
penetrated into the metal so I’m not a material scientist but cast iron it its
composition is a lot different than steel which is what makes it difficult
to weld it to steel so originally we were actually planning on putting a few
bolts in to actually bolt it to it which I guess we probably should have done
though those could have also caused stress concentrations and maybe even
caused the cast iron to shatter behind the plate I’m not too sure but anyway
let’s see how strong this AR500 is we’re gonna unload a few more guns on it
and confirm that it is fully bulletproof now look at the damage to our shroud
there’s literally pieces of metal shrapnel embedded in the wood look at
that that’s a piece of a bullet right there alright so that was awesome but for the
last shot of the day we’re gonna get a shotgun and see if we can completely
destroy the original pan I’ve never shot a shotgun before so this should be fun damn well there you have it it is
possible to make a bulletproof frying pan using AR500 steel let us know what
you thought about the project in the comments below to me it kind of felt
more like a Mythbusters style episode and I think that’s kind of cool if you
guys want to help support the channel and ensure we can keep doing cool
projects and videos like this try PUBG mobile today by downloading it
using my link in the description below plus for your chance to win a mini
frying pan and some other Hacksmith
swag the contest details are also in the
description below good luck and thanks for watching don’t forget to add my
gamertag but I’m gonna win

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  1. What other projects would you like us to build!? Don't forget to enter the contest to win a mini pan and some Hacksmith swag! Giveaway closes 30 days after this video releases. Details are in the description below the video!

  2. As a United States Marines daughter, frequent hunter, and marksman, every time I see his shooting position I die a little inside!! PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  3. You call that a REAL frying pan? In TF2, we have not only a normal frying pan, but also a GOLDEN frying pan! Some of us probably even renamed our Golden Frying Pans "Golden Experience Requiem!"

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