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Match the Hatch – How to Know What Fish Eat Just Now?

Match the Hatch – How to Know What Fish Eat Just Now?

Hi it’s Anni from Kajanaclub.com – fly fishing community How to know what fly to pick for catching fish and
what fish eat right now and how to match the hatch? On this fishing trip you
see a handy trick how to pick the right fly and make sure what’s until the end
of the video to learn fly fishing tricks by downloading my free fly anglers Cheat Sheet. It’s a free gift from me. When you are dry fly fishing it’s easier to see what fish
are eating and you can just imitate what bugs you see flying around. But if you
don’t see any rings or it doesn’t seem like fish are eating from the surface
that day then you might want to try a different fly fishing technique and go
underwater when you imitate the food source your fish is eating under the
surface it’s not so obvious anymore how to match the hatch so on this episode you
see a very handy trick how to know what fish eat on that specific day and when you
know what exactly is crawling under the water it’s easier to imitate the food
source and pick the exact right fly. So go ahead and see on this episode how we used this trick to decide what size fly and what color fly pattern
to use for fly fishing go ahead Good morning from the forest. New river. Mikitänjoki river. Not Mikitänjoki, ups. Hiisi. Hiisikoski. Hiiden? Hiidenkoski River or Hiidenkoski Rapid. And will do a bit of fishing. It
just started raining. It has been warm. Yesterday was really nice and warm
and sunny now it’s raining a bit so that might be actually good and I have a new
thing to test And what is it? A net to check-out what kind of bugs
there are swimming around in the river so let’s see how it works but first a
little bit of fishing and then we’ll check out the bugs. First fish of the trip. Now I’m not going
to jinx it and not to take film. Ok, fishing is little bit quiet so
I think next we can check out the bug net. But look at this place and these
flowers. okay so let’s see how this works the idea is to put this to cover a net
with this one and then check out what kind of bugs there are crawling and
swimming in the water Yeah, it did work. There’s also quite a lot of
rocks here which probably isn’t the idea but
see a green larvae and that’s really good way to determine
what color and maybe what size of a fly you should pick Was it third? Yes. I guessed on the third cast he will catch one. The small graylings are eating from
the surface. And now you get out there. I hope you liked this video of how to
match the hatch. If so please click the like button and share it with your
friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Thanks for watching 🙂 How do you decide what fly to pick? Do you try to match the hatch when choosing the right fly?

  2. I feel like I go fly fishing with you every week without actually going fishing:-) Love how you combine great video shots and music

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