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Micro Intruder Fly – Baitfish Pattern for Steelhead | Fly Tying

Micro Intruder Fly – Baitfish Pattern for Steelhead | Fly Tying

hey how’s it going into Kevin I want to
show how to tie a really great intruder ish style baitfish pattern one of my
go-to flies with a Great Lakes so starting out a 15 millimeter Waddington
shank in the vise and I’m using the laggard 1074 denier ultra strong in a
light gray color for my sting I’m using a intruders size 4 from partridge and
then for the connection I’m using 14 pound fire line that’ll double over so
cut a piece of fire line that’s a little bit long I’d double it over get myself
to two loops and then with this octopus style treater hook you want to insert
those two loops right up through the upturn die and so what this gives you
then is a hook that’s gonna ride hook point up and by doubling over that fire
line it’s 14 pound I really give it a nice stiffness so it holds right into
place and doesn’t follow up go back down through the ayah and you run it back
underneath for the body I’m going to use the lag Orton it’s the French flat braid
its carded this isn’t this super small stuff is in the micro braid this is a
little bit larger and then I’ll run it back down towards the hook point and
back up to the eye again so this is an unweighted fly that I fish
on an intermediate head with a various length mono leader really no need for
the weight on the fly itself with the intermediate head and a tip if you need
to get to down but it allows this fly to really play in the current so for my
first layer of the wing I’m gonna use some chartreuse arctic fox I really want
a small clump so I’m just using it for just for the color so once I have a
little bit of that I want this to be nice and sparse I’m gonna try to make it
and right into the bend of the hook point there then for some flash I’m
gonna use this Mirage flash abou it’s in the the pearl color I think that’s a
thirty sixty seven it’s a really fine flash abou and I’m all going to look to
use two to three strands of this and to get this so it stays on I’m going to try
to make it until a v-shape put it underneath your thread and bring it back
around to the top one thread wrap to hold it in there and then you can easily
pull this back and it stays on the side so does it get too caught up in your
wing and I’ll leave that long right now and
I’ll trim it whenever I go into a finishing to fly so for my final top
wing I’m going to use some gray artic Fox and I’m a little bit heavier on this
than I did with the the chartreuse and I’m gonna look to pull out all the guard
first so are the guard hairs so whenever having a nice little clump like this I
don’t want to do is I’ll hold it out where those guard hairs are here and I
start to pull back I start to lose all those guard hairs so as I’m lining this
up here I’m gonna see that I want this wing to be a little bit longer than what
I did with the chartreuse and I can see it’s a little bit too full still so I
actually just go ahead and pull back out and make only the longer first fiber
stick so that’s looking about right I’m gonna put it just a little bit longer
than the chartreuse get myself a nice head then I can go in and trim my flash now
so I like to keep that flash for it along the same length as that top wing so I’ll trim that there you go a great
bait fish pattern for swinging for Great Lakes do head I really see a lot of
success fost in Lake Erie so if you liked this video please click like down
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2 thoughts on “Micro Intruder Fly – Baitfish Pattern for Steelhead | Fly Tying

  1. I don't understand the intruder part or link with this fly? Its a nice simpke baitfish pattern tied on shank, that's it though.
    The intruder is not simply any fly tied on a shank.

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