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Missy Robbins Shows Seth How to Whip Up Meatballs

Missy Robbins Shows Seth How to Whip Up Meatballs

-We’re here
with Missy Robbins, everyone. She’s a James Beard
award-winning chef and owner of Lilia in Brooklyn. And her cookbook “Breakfast,
Lunch, Dinner…Life: Recipes and Adventures
from My Home Kitchen” is on stands now. Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you for having me.
– I am so excited. I ate at Lilia last week.
It was an incredible meal. And what are
we gonna be doing today? -We’re gonna first have
a little cocktail while we cook. -Thank you.
Thank you, Missy. -‘Cause it always makes cooking
a little more fun. -Yes.
-This is called the Bee’s Knees. It’s got lemon, honey, gin —
three of my favorite things. -Okay, great.
-So cheers to you. -Cheers.
-Thanks for having me. -This is such a good night
of drinking for me. [ Laughter ] -It’s strong.
-All right. Beer before liquor.
[ Laughter ] -We’re gonna make meatballs.
-Okay, great. -Like, to me, the epitome
of home cooking, comfort food. -Uh-huh.
-The best. So we have veal and pork here. -That looks beautiful.
-Ground. -Great.
-A little fatty. And we’re gonna just start
throwing stuff in here. -Okay.
-You could use your hands. You can use a spoon.
-I’ll use my hands. -All right,
let’s start with the onions. -Okay.
-Those are onions, garlic. -I’m gonna use the spoon.
-Really? [ Laughter ] -Well, I was excited and —
-Throw it all in. -All of it?
-Yeah, don’t be shy. -That’s a lot
of onion and garlic. -That’s a lot
of onions and garlic. It makes a very, very, very
moist meatball. -Okay.
-Bread soaked in milk. -Bread soaked in milk?
-The key. -Oh, that’s fantastic. -I bet your grandmother
didn’t make them like this. -Eggs.
-Eggs. -Four eggs.
-Four eggs. -Okay. Should I use
my hands for the eggs? -Yeah, go, go.
I’d like to see that. -Okay.
Ohh! [ Laughter ]
All right, ready? Olive oil.
-Olive oil. -All right.
-All right, great. -We got some
Parmigiano-Reggiano. -Is that stuff going in?
-Yep. -All of it?
-No. -What’s that?
-That’s garlic powder. -So how much?
-All of it. -Okay.
-All the garlic powder. Can’t have enough garlic powder.
-Okay. -Fennel seed.
-Okay. Oh, great. Over here. -And chili flake.
-All right, great. -That’s it.
-All right, perfect. -And now, now we’re gonna mix.
-Okay, great. -Are you ready to mix?
-Yeah. Hands? -Is that shirt nice?
-No. -‘Cause I don’t know if you’re
gonna be able to wear it again. [ Laughter ]
Get in there. You can do hands,
you can do spoons. I was told
you love to do your hands — Wow.
-I do like to do hands. Oh, my God!
This is — I feel like I don’t want to tell you because
you’re the James Beard — I think you should’ve brought
a bigger bowl. [ Laughter ] -I thought it would be more fun
to challenge you a little. -Yeah, that’s true.
Okay. Oh, now we’re in it!
-You want me to finish up? -No!
I feel great about this! -You got to get it all mixed.
Everything. -All right, take over.
Take over. -Really, really,
really mixed in. -Oh, there it is! -You’re not done, though,
with your work. You’re not done here.
-I’m not done with my work? -You are not done. -Well, I mostly just wanted
to get back in here. Okay.
[ Laughter ] -That’s it. I knew that
would keep you going. -Okay.
-All right, ready? These are very, very,
very wet meatballs. -Uh-huh.
-And they’re really tender. -That’s my wife’s
pet name for me. -Tender?
Or wet and tender? -Wet meatball.
[ Laughter ] -I don’t know. Wow. This is getting
interesting, Seth. It’s getting really interesting. -You don’t know why.
[ Laughter ] -Ready? All right, ready?
You’re good at this. -Thank you.
-Look at your formation. -Thank you, yeah.
-Look at that. All right, ready? -They don’t call me
Wet Meatball for nothing. -Wet Meatball.
[ Laughter ] Can’t wait
to write you little notes. -All right, yeah.
I hope your wife doesn’t mind. [ Laughter ]
All right, ready? -Yeah.
-Here we go. -All right. What now?
-We’re gonna go in the oven. -Okay. -First,
we’re gonna wash our hands. -Okay, great.
-Here you go. I came prepared. -Oh, thank you.
Okay, great. -I came prepared.
-All right. And we are gonna
put these on eBay. [ Laughter ] -That’s great. Who do you think
they’ll go for more? Yours or mine?
-My mom, probably. -I think yours.
All right. We’re gonna go in here.
-Okay. -Ready?
-Yep. How hot? -400 degrees.
-Okay, great. And how long? -About 10 minutes.
-Okay, great. -Just to get them brown.
This is the magic of television. -Okay.
-We have them already done. They’re gonna go in here.
-All right. -They’re gonna go there. And, then,
what’s gonna happen here is they’re gonna go in sauce.
-Oh, my God. Mm-hmm. -So we have some
already cooking here. And they can simmer
in the sauce for, you know,
a good solid 45 minutes. -Okay. So, 10 here,
and then simmer here for 45? -Yeah, you can go
a half an hour, But if you’re, like, hanging out
and you’re not ready, just put it really low.
-Okay. -And then, this is a sauce
made with 30 cloves of garlic. -30?
-30 cloves of garlic. It’s in the book.
It’s called 30 clove. -Okay, great.
That’s an easy — Wait. Can I scoop
one of these in and try it? -Go for it.
You should scoop four of them. -And you have
a new restaurant coming, too? -I do have
a new restaurant coming, also in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. -And it’s called Misi,
after you. -It is called Misi.
Is that weird? -No, I mean, I like that you — -It’s spelled differently.
-Okay, there you go. -M-I-S-I.
So it sounds Italian. -All right. Uh…
-What do you need? -A fork?
-Oh, here. Here we go — fork.
-Okay, great. Perfect. -Would you like
some cheese on that? -I was about to give you
a very bad Yelp review if you didn’t have a fork.
[ Laughter ] -Really? Well, we make you
mix with your hands, you can eat with your hands.
-Oh! -Is that good?
-Yeah, it’s fantastic. -Awesome. -Thank you
so much for being here. -Thank you for having me. -Give it up
for Missy Robbins, everybody.

30 thoughts on “Missy Robbins Shows Seth How to Whip Up Meatballs

  1. I love these cooking segments. Seth is always really into it! I hope they'll do a vegan one some time 🙂

  2. If you would have stopped at the point where you started throwing cheese into the bowl I would be sure thats a reciepe for german "Bulletten". But I think I should try it.

  3. Someday Seth's gonna have an awkward moment when he serves a guest food with a wedding band in it.

  4. Seth is but too funny !😂 Seth, would you become the President of the United States of America in 2020 ?😊

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