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MONTANA FLY FISHING – TROUT & CARP – Bighorn Canyon 2017

MONTANA FLY FISHING  – TROUT & CARP – Bighorn Canyon 2017

what’s going on guys I’m rush welcome to my channel on today’s show we’re fly-fishing they do then they go right now I come to a little secret spot thanks to a Rambo Annie Oakley if you don’t know what is that I’m sorry I can’t tell you what’s going on guys thanks so much for joining me today before we get started I just want to do a quick shout out to all my subscribers thank you so much for getting me through that 300 mark without each and every one of you none of this would be possible so thank you very much today’s episode we take a trip of TLO tail here and travel into an inlet channel right off the main lake it’s a transition area where the clean fresh water flows into the lake and right where it flows in there’s a massive logjam and on the other side of the log jam there’s some really dark dirty murky water and so I just took a tour motor push my way all the way through it and found a nice spot where I could fish that clean water or there’s just some massive fish stacked there I mean it’s like when you look down into it it’s it’s trying to look into a one of those Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop aquariums I mean there’s just massive fish all down there there’s small amount cutthroats brown trout rainbows carp I mean there’s there’s everything down there and it’s it’s crystal clear and L deep so the fly that I ended up using to catch this rainbow was a little black leech but I tried using a bunch of stuff before that I mean I got tangled the first 45 minutes of this day was just a disaster but like I said it was a little black leech and I tried some nymphs before that and some dry flies really nothing was working but I probably attribute that to angler air because the presentation just was not right they’re not good and that’s the thing about fishing was that if the presentation is not good you’re not going to catch the fish so I ended up looking out here and smashing this guy right here there was also some pretty sharp rocks right down off the edge of the boat there so I kind of had to be careful and keep them up and above the log jam and the sharp rocks this is a pretty nice rainbow though it ended up being my personal best rainbow and for this week actually I broke it the week after this and you guys will see that video pretty cool and this one was probably 20 to 24 inches and it was probably three to three and a half pounds it was really really beat up though that’s because they’re just coming back from mating and they’re exhausted tired and they’d just been worn out but this is a beautiful fish though I was I was quite quite stoked about this fish this one blew my mind simply for the fact that I didn’t think that I was actually going to catch a fish so yep put him back in the water and we’re going to move on to some carp here all right guys what we’re doing today is just using the tiller motor and the fly rod with a cicada bug and we’re just going around looking for rising carp we got one right here you guys and I’m sure the majority of you of carp in your life at one point but I doubt you’ve probably targeted them like this before all we’re doing is taking that trolling motor and we’re working these points coves and bays where these big carp are just sitting and we’re we’re picking out the rising and feeding carp and what this looks like is just like this little fish here comes across the screen I mean he’s just cruising he’s just looking for food or anything on the surface there and you end up tossing a little rye fly in front of his face and boom I mean they are opportunistic feeders just like cat if they see food they will eat especially if they’re you know not worrying about spawning or mating and this is kind of some of the easiest fishing that one can do but yet it’s kind of a specific type of fishing with you know about internal motor and patience I’ve missed a bunch of these fish like a bunch of carp I’ve missed way more card this year than I’ve actually caught and it’s it’s kind of disgusting deal but once you get one on I mean they they fight they fight they pull onion these are all probably eight to 12 pound carp that we’re catching just all day for the most part I mean once once 10 11 o’clock hits it’s carp fishing for five or six hours and I mean it’s it’s a non-stop constant which is pretty fun in all we’re using today is that Cabela’s nine foot five weight rod with a tapered leader all the way down to five X so I mean it’s a pretty simple setup nothing special and like that like I said before these carp love to fight any of you guys have caught carp know that they fight and a lot of people catch them on you know eight weight rods nine weight rods you know big steelhead and rods and it’s like no got their little rods my buddy Tyler I’m sure some of you guys I’ve heard of them before catches these on a three weight which just makes everything the more fun so you can really get interesting with these carp and of course by yourself landing them is kind of a pain yes but you get good enough at it you eventually learn how how to do it you know oh yeah these Carper pretty nice-looking fish like I said they’re anywhere from like seven to 12 pounds probably you know and generally when we get them on board all we do is take a flat there that is for you guys right there on the fly mouth and put them back in the water but in this one picked it up showed you guys the camera another one that’s a nice carp you know quality finish but with that being said I’m going to leave you guys with a few more clips here and then the outro be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe thank you guys so much for subscribing really appreciate it and you guys have a great day [Music] [Music] you [Music] thinking that we almost had it all the losing baby I can’t help feeling we could [Applause] you need to be [Music] [Music]

19 thoughts on “MONTANA FLY FISHING – TROUT & CARP – Bighorn Canyon 2017

  1. Nice boat Rush, looks like you have it setup pretty well. I enjoy seeing these fly fishing vids. Makes me want to try learning how to do it sometime.

  2. That looks like some beautiful country your fishing in.  Congrats on your catches.  Maybe someday I will go beyond my comfort zone and try some fly fishing.  Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice carp and bow – Diverse sounding river… would love to get me a cutthroat one day. Definitely on the list!

  4. awesome video bro! i think it would be awesome to get on those carp! and those bows man awesome stuff. we went up the clearwater river this weekend and got on some bows and even a few cuttbows. i will throw that video up in a few days

  5. Awesome trout and Carp on the fly rod Rush!! DUDE! I just finished editing our video in the Canyon and it is scheduled to go live bright and early Monday morning! It turned out soooo good man! Can't wait for you to see it 😀

  6. Thanks for subscribing to my channel your support is appreciated and I hope you enjoy my future videos. I just subbed back an really enjoyed your channel. It is nice to see different stuff like fly fishing. Overall enjoyed the channel keep making great vids!

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