35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019



are we recording.. we are recording. what a fancy way of doing very dangerous work. ugh ppap i got a pen.. i got an apple.. apple
pen! can’t beatbox i don’t know if you can even hear it oh god wheelieeee sorry no lift
please where the fuck was he gonna sit man you’re so huge you wanna ask me lift on this
puny bike fuckk i have to sit on top of the tank hahaha stop trying to trigger people
phantom the road is so bad it sounds like i am singing wow look at this guy he’s on
the phone “Hey baby.. i am coming to get you. On my bullet… Number.. doesn’t matter. i am wearing your favorite shirt and flip
flops. i will see you..” fuck he’s still talking. i will see you in a while. ugh yeah turn in front of the truck that’s
coming at you barreling towards you. intersection merging.. 101 just keep going.. no yielding oh look
at these guys on the indian cruiser ahhhh so cool. what is that polka dots? I don’t know. Look at the way he’s accelerating. Like he wants to throw this guy off. No helmet cause they don’t have money. this vlog is full of random shit. oh fuck
he wants to race with me. Suhh Dude? you want my bike? Yeah you like it? No? Random Exhaust Noises Man I wish I had an
Acropovik on this definitely riding in the city is better but don’t have all this nonsense
happening. See like this guy is indicating now this car
just realized he’s indicating and more.. What the hell is happening Lets get speed
sorry uncle 70 thats about it lets go more.. 70.. 80 80 80 ahh again stopped okay lets turn
around i wanna show you something cool hand signals important truck coming super fast
better stop on the phone again! jesus just get headphones fuckers what no downpayment
or pre EMI yeah thats how you get fucked over when you get into those real estate deals
look at that.. Priyanka Chopra. Selling Flats. she’s in that.. what is it called.. shit.
ahhhhh man I don’t even watch it. Don’t remember it. Here again she is. Hey Sexy! What’s it called? Shit anyways I will put the name popular actress
from india makes it big in hollywood ninjaaaa yeah this is what I wanna show you guys it’s
like we have these gems.. little gems across shit you can’t even see it see that lake? Small lake. man this bike is too short can’t
even show you the lake Oh there see that lake and that temple it’s a very old uhh Shiva
Temple nice cool spot it’s got a garden attached to it unfortunately now a days these are the
only gardens parks you’ll find the hell happened here this road was okay last time Suhh oh
they are making the road, thats why and thats it am gonna end it here random observations
3 people on a bike.. no big deal.. zero fucks given don’t cross the road! thank you for
watching guys I really appreciate everything try and sound sexy in the next vlog sorry
no lift this guy was smart he saw the bike and was like “I am not gonna sit on that… No!” Thank you for watching guys I will see you
in the next motovlog ride safe have a good time if you don’t have a bike just enjoy yourself

24 thoughts on “MOTO TROLLING

  1. It feels best to ride around 50 to 55 km/hr doesn't it? 60 to 80 is when this thing goes mental 😂 and yeah I actually have issues trusting people asking for a lift. Maybe selfish buut whatever, I don't want to get mugged 😂

  2. DUDE…AT 1:03 in your vid, did you get punched in the man bag, because i have never heard a noise like that come out of a dude..LOL…LOVE YOUR VIDS BROTHER!!!

  3. Hahaha I like the variation in your videos. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny and sometimes totally mad. Keep it up. Ride safe.

  4. haha i wouldnt be able to breathe for all of my screaming on your roads…bikers on mobiles jeez lol
    great job phantom
    ride safe buddy

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