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My Favorite way to COOK Trout

My Favorite way to COOK Trout

Hey Guys! We are going to show, I am going
to show you how to cook a trout. Um…This one I caught earlier today, uh out in the
snow, and it was the only one I caught uh next time there will be more. Uh.. But I want
to cook it up and eat it so what I am going to do is going to show you one of my favorite
ways to cook up trout. First thing you want to do is wash it off. Now uh.. most of the
time the slime will come off the fish. I can feel the slime still on there. Some times
you got work at it for a minute. Make sure the inside is all clean. And then you can
throw it on your tin foil. uhh just like this, which we will come over to the stove and show
you that. Okay so now that our fish is washed, what we are going to do uh is add uh some
seasonings, um, and alot of butter, so we will do that real fast. So when you put butter
on your fish just put it everywhere. Make sure you get some inside. Thats enough for
inside. Ok…I think I got enough butter on there. Now whats going to happen when all
that butter melts
and um along with the spices and the lemon juice we are going to add, it creates like
a sauce that the fish sits in, as it cooks. And then when its done cooking I will show
you like how the best way to eat it, but, you can uh use the juices to pour over your
fish, again and its uh reseasons it and you know. So you don’t have to re-salt ever part
of the fish before you eat it. So you don’t want a whole lot, just enough to make due.
Next thing I am going to add is some salt, just regular table salt. Don’t worry about
adding to much, I mean you can add a whole lot, but don’t worry about adding a little
too much. Then what I , then whats, what I want to throw on next is some creole seasonings,
just adds a little big of spice and… just a little bit. And then my favorite is Mrs.
Dash, almost any Mrs. Dash, I get one that you would think would go good with trout,
like this one is the Garlic and Herb. And its the seasoning blend and its salt free.
So just open up the End. Whoa… Thats alot. Ok… Now pour some inside real fast. Whoa…
Forgot to get some salt inside, so I am just going to do that. Now don’t worry about getting
the outside to much just because its all going to melt and get down anyways. Ok so from here,
Lets see, I have added everything. You can add anything else too, like basil or other
seasonings or pepper, or whatever suits your taste. What you are going to do next is to
roll this up, uh, making sure that the juice is around the fish. And you get the ends and
fold them down, or you can roll them up. Make sure you seal it. And then I preheated the
oven at 400* F Just going to throw ’em in here. Now the time does vary depending on
the size of the fish. um. So if, so almost every time I cook fish like this or in tin
foil. I have to check it. I usually check it 15 to 20 minutes in. um… So I will probably
set the time for 20 minutes. Perfect! So in 20 minutes I’ll come back in here and check.
And will catch up with you and will taste our trout to see what it looks like. Ok guys
thanks for watching and stay tuned. So the timer just went off. And lets check on the
fish. So its been 20 minutes om 400* F. Yum! That looks good! Can’t quite tell yet. Oh
yeah, that’s perfect. Okay… so when I check, I am looking, I just pull off some of the
skin there, and just… look just kinda comes right off, the, the rib bones there. And its
done and you can just dip it in that sauce, and dig in! Okay so… Pulled off some, you
can dip it in that sauce. Yum! That’s Good! Yum! Most of the time I will eat trout just
like this. But if I want to get fancy and put it on a plate, you can take this entire
thing and put it on a plate, or uh… get the meat to come off in big sections, half
at a time or whatever. Put it on a plate and you just, scoop some of that juice up with
a spoon and just kind of drizzle it over the meat on your plate. Oh man this is good stuff!
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enjoy your next meal! Yum… So Good!!!

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