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Nash 2016 Carp Fishing DVD + Eurobanx 2 Alan Blair Full Movie

Nash 2016 Carp Fishing DVD + Eurobanx 2 Alan Blair Full Movie

29 thoughts on “Nash 2016 Carp Fishing DVD + Eurobanx 2 Alan Blair Full Movie

  1. Alan & Ollie incredible entertainment and angling lads take a bow felt like i was there! Makes me want to plan my own little adventure!

  2. 2:28 was there last week, food at the restaurant was crap but couldn't stop laughing at the thought of Alan turning up there with his fishing gear!

  3. hey guys, for watching it hundred times I can't find the name of the first song used in the introduction with Alan, please help! Tight lines!!

  4. Your products are brilliant and well made, but god your prices are extortion , I can’t afford anything from your company, rods, reels, nets, mats, clothing, then there’s all the luggage to I don’t understand how anyone can afford your products,I would love to but it’s well well well out of my reach, all I can afford is a bits and bobs of your end takle , just saying and I don’t think anyone from Nash would even read this post never mind answering it,there’s posts on here from over a year without likes or answers to the questions ,anyway just saying ,thanx for your videos they are top-notch lads with some monster carp, thanx 👍🏻

  5. Compact design is great, but mobile carp fishing is a nonsense. How far one can carry even minimalistic carp gear set: rods and nets, bivvy, bed, fish food (boilies and chum), human food and some cooking gear . Nash has to come up with a barrow that can be attached to a bike (like a trailer), be compact (foldable) to fit in the car trunk. This way scope or dwarf concept will be feasible.

  6. U guys ever thougth of making a range directed to fish for sturgeon and catfish?:-) because sturgeon and carp fishing is on the rise in denmark and we do not have alot nash gear sadly-.-

  7. I know it’s a bit late but I fish about 2 every week if people find out they normally laugh but this video shows fishing is an enjoyable sport👌🏻brilliant entertainment 😆😁👌

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