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Net Making – Fishing Net – How To Make Your Own Fishing Net

Net Making – Fishing Net – How To Make Your Own Fishing Net

100 thoughts on “Net Making – Fishing Net – How To Make Your Own Fishing Net

  1. For 55 years it baffled me how this was done let's just say I'm no longer baffled thank you for the great demonstration

  2. I'm enjoying your videos. As a complete novice I would like to have some comments on the pros and cons of different types of twine material. I've been trying with various synthetic twine as it seemed more durable, but my knots don't stay tight. Any help appreciated.

  3. Finally someone on the internet showing how to use the needle for making net.. MAaan thank you!! I subscribed and im gonna learn whole brain out of it. I need to learn this because seals made some nasty holes on my fishnets and i need to repair them.. Maybe a little rapair destroyed net video next? I hope you dont mind if i download the video for my personal use. I promise I will not use it for any public teachings or any public display. I have been looking for video like this for over a year now. New fish net cost allot of money, and my fishnet is pretty new.. it just need some repair as the seals raided it and made an nasty riot

  4. Excellent tutorial, thank you so much for taking the time to film this process and thank you for sharing.

  5. Based on my many years fishing and net making experience,
    1) This simple knot is weak, look for for a better knot
    2) Shuttle made from plastic is not the best. I like aluminum shuttle as it is thinner and passes easy between lines
    3) Fishing line is better than rope as fish cannot see it as good as rope. Also it does not rot.

    I would not worry with doing it manually as time is money. Just buy net itself as the process is tedious.

  6. Thank you for this detailed presentation. Excellent. I agree, I too like working with ropes and twines. So, will be trying to make some netting now; sounds like a relaxing pass time.

  7. Hi! Really enjoy your videos! But I have one problem when making bigger nets. And that is when I run out of yarn on my netting needle but need to continue on my net. Could you possibly explain how I would go about to continue after I "reload" my netting needle?

  8. Thanks a trillion. As we in Libya lack means of amusement for children. I 'm making stuff from youtube to make my child have fun. And you wouldn't believe how happy he would be after I finish the net and let him play with it. I have a question though.; Can I use it as a jumping net؟

  9. I'm doing this with 1/8 inch bungee cord to make a stretching cargo net for the back of my car.

  10. I've tried to find how to make a hoop net and haven't found anything. Where folklore groups associated with universities have had classes on it. Like University of Indiana, where I figured they'd have videos at least or written instructions.

  11. I’ve lived on the SC coast for 45 years and have always considered this one of the great mysteries of life. Thanks for explaining it to me. Very good video.

  12. Thank you so much. I watched another fellow's video and I could tell that he was very good at making nets, but I just couldn't get my hands to match what his were able to do. This time, by watching your video a few times as I worked through each step, I now feel pretty good about making this net to catch a bunch invasive carp out of our pond.

  13. I hated it dagnabbit, just kidding,jk, haha!!!! I thought as much after making dreamsnatchers, i mean catchers, hehe!!!! Dang knots always get me all tied up inside….

  14. Thank you, this is for me the easiest and simple way to create a net, and you explained so carefully that make my first experience of making one so easy..

  15. Hola saludos desde Argentina.
    no entendí nada de lo que explicó en el vídeo sólo entiendo en español pero fue tan bien explicado visual mente que me sirvió y mucho.
    Muchas gracias 👏👏👏👏👋

  16. who ever invented this technique was a genius :D, thank you so much sir, not only for sharing your knowledge but for explaining it in the clearest and most honest and sincere way. thank you one more time :]

  17. my father and grandfather were commercial fisherman from long island new york and as a very small child my grandfather taught me how to repair the ripped areas of the net. your video made me remember the knotting process which i had long forgotten! thank you for such a great teaching video! i think i might start making some nets now as well!

  18. An excellent video. The instructions were clear and easy to understand, and looking at the views so far, it must be one of the most most popular net making instructional videos.on YouTube.

  19. Really enjoyed that ,my dad was a hunter and he taught me how to do this when I was 10 I'm 52 now and this was a great wee refresher course for me thank you for doing this x

  20. The knot is a sheet bend. (a bend cinched by a half-hitch).

    Do you have a good reason for the constant references to yourself? The repetition was tedious. Ex-primary teacher were you?

    ps: You screwed up the very first link when you failed to keep the reef knot at the mid point.

  21. Thank you very much it reminds me of when the disciples were fixing their nets in the Bible. Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures 1 Corinthians 15 verse 3

  22. I have made nets before using a Japanese square knot, but I have never known how it was that the squares of the net were made of uniform size. Now I do. Did you also make a video on repairing a torn net? I have several netting needles, some which I made, but I also wonder what is the relationship between a long needle and a short one? Is it just to hold more chord? Some netting needles also have a small hole near the tip. What is that for? I am thinking that it is just to be neat, and to have a place to tie the loose end to. Thanks.

  23. I use to watch the Yurok, the Karuk, and the Hoopa Indian gill net the Klamath and Trinity river in Northern California the steelhead and salmon that were caught were bigger than small children.

  24. im glad to see how it's done. my grandfather was blind but he made these and patched nets too.
    gill nets but he also made toy nets too.
    thank you for posting

  25. I am a crocheter and have learned to tat. The stitch you are doing is what is used in tatting only the knots are all on one thread so they can be pushed together to make tiny loops. Tatting thread is like sewing thread and uses a shuttle that is about 3 inches long. My grandmother's is metal and has a removable bobbin. BTW I was watching to learn how to make fishnet for hair nets.

  26. That netting needle’s proper name is a “Fid” or fisherman’s fid. My father was a commercial fisherman who fished the Grand Banks and George’s Banks back in the 1940’s & 50’s. I was a kid back then when he showed me how to make & repair a net. He was so adept at it that he would only use his fingers as a gauge for his left hand with the fid in his right. Great video. Brings back old memories.

  27. VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO. The Skills of the Homo sapiens to survival when the techno-industrial society cannot solve any problems they created.

  28. really enjoy your instructions. back in my day it was always by books . i makes crab pills pots with hand made netting. i have been doing this for 40 years. you are tone best!!!

  29. I love what you technically show, but you need to reduce half of your babbling and repetitive explanation like were are beyond kindergarten. You blabbed so much that the "length" segment of the net didnt start until well past 3/4 of your video. I cant waste this much time when this segment should have taken 10 minutes in total. Had blabbing been extreme importance OK, but just poor communication process. Thank you for showing us, but I can't watch you no more lol! I didnt learn much… as I got irritated and shut you off before you even completed. Good luck though. I'm out for good!

  30. Hey Jonny Debt. Your tutorials are very easy to follow. However, I prefer to use the double node you showed in another video. So far, I've made myself a fishing net curtain. Thank you so much for your help. Best regards, Ellen from Denmark

  31. Im just wondering what you use your netting for? ..There are many useful applications…Im just blown away by whoever discovetred how to do this originally😊

  32. A note to any British coarse fishermen watching this- the type of net made in this video is banned from UK coarse fisheries because the knots can harm the fish skin and flesh. Have a go at making the net(s) but don't use it at your local lake.

  33. Is there a way to figure out how much twine is needed for a net? Or do you just splice and keep going and if splice, which is the best knot for splicing fishnet lines to keep it from coming apart? Thanks and learning a lot from your videos.

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