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Night Bite Walleyes on the Menominee River

Night Bite Walleyes on the Menominee River

– Alright team, charge. ♪ Take me out on the water ♪ – [Larry] We eat fish, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ (gun shot) ♪ Where the breathing is easy ♪ And the living is good ♪ – All you can do is just laugh. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – [Voiceover] Larry Smith
Outdoors is brought to you in part by: Warrior Boats, The Badger
Sportsman, Big Snow Resort, Wilderness North Lodge,
Jiffy, Hard and Soft Fishing, Bartlein Barrels, Cold
Snap, Deep Freeze, Otter, KMIEC Law Firm,
Lynch and Mukwonago, and Wings Over Wisconsin. – And remember it’s a
great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – Holy moly. (guitar chords) – I can’t wait to
check this out. Look at that. Good eating right there. I’m going to have a nice fat
full belly before we go out night fishing tonight. I’m liking that. – [Voiceover] Only thing is
after you eat that you’re going to want to take a nap. – [Voiceover] Yeah I know it. This is what we do when we
come up to see Mr. Clearmont. We have fish and
then we go fishing. So, you know how it goes
we eat fish eat it works. (soft guitar chords) Hey this week on Larry
Smith Outdoors we are up on the Menomonie River. We are going to do some
night fishing with my good friend Brian Clearmont. Hey Brian what are we
all in for tonight? I mean tell me, I know
we’re going to be pulling crank baits in shallow water. But tell me the whole
program here because this is something that I’m
not used to doing. – This is kind of
a fun way to fish. You’re just using
a size 11 Rapula, a Rapula knot with some floor
carbon and a barrel swivel. What we’re going to do
is we’re going to zig zag back and forth, you’re
going to jerk ’em, and the wildlife just loves ’em. We catch a lot of fish…
– [Voiceover] You just working a break because that’s
what we’re doing? – We’re going to be working
where there’s a couple of rock humps and edges and
moving around and kind of – – and stuff. There’s fish all over in here. – Oh that’s awesome we got a
shot at catching some big fish? – We can get a big one tonight. We can even get a big
musky tank you never know. – Oh that’d be awesome. Hey you know what? We got lady luck,
we got lady luck in the boat today. Cindy, and she’s
gonna probably end up catching most of the fish. – Yeah we’re in trouble. – Right, we’ll it’s you and
I against her tonight right? – Us together versus her fish. – That’s right. Hey stay tuned let’s see
what happens tonight on Larry Smith Outdoors. And you know the
other thing Brian? I wanted you to show me
how you tie that knot. That looks like pretty
interesting knot there. – Well let’s catch a couple
fish and I’ll show you how to tie that knot. – That sounds good. Stay tuned and see what happens. (soft guitar chords) – [Voiceover] The Warrior
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been catching multi species fish for over 30 years. From out crafty grubs, to our seismic series of
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jerk minnow can you? – [Voiceover] To our garlic and
salt impregnated wacko worm. – That’s a Kalin’s wacko. – [Voiceover] Our premium
line of Kalin jigheads. Oh and our original
Kalin’s grubs still does a pretty
good job too. – Just look at that Kalin’s
in her mouth right there. (explosion) (soft guitar chords) I got one, I got one. Hey, hey, hey. I just let just a little
bit of more line out. And I’ll tell you Brian
just like you said, that thing almost ripped the
rod right out of my hand. I was kind of… (talking in background) Yeah I was awesome. I was kind of pumping the
rod and all of a sudden that fish just
absolutely throttled it. – [Brian] Oh yeah he’s
got it, you’re doing good. – [Larry] Nice (laughing). – [Brian] Number one, all right. – [Larry] Yeah. Gotta love it. Brian it’s been a
long time since I’ve flat line trolled. I’m such a jig fisherman but, I’ll tell you that is
absolutely something. That’s why I was saying
about that Rapula not… I honestly do not
know how to tie that. I usually just use a snap. I know it’s crucial to get
the action out of that bait so it wobbles back
and forth and that’s a great way to do it. And this is a typical
fish for this system. Male right? I’mma set my rod
down right here. That’s, I though for sure Cindy
you had just missed one. And I thought for sure that
she was going to be the first one to score. No that’s, I mean we’re
using the electric motor just trolling along in this
six to eight feet of water. And I’ll tell you buddy,
that was a lot of fun. Should we throw this one
back and get another going? Okay (lauging). – Good job Larry.
– [Larry] Yeah thanks. (laughing) I got
another one you guys. I’m usually not this lucky
I gotta tell you that. Usually lady luck prevails. And I’ll tell you,
that thing absolutely, It’s kind of funny because
you go about 10 minutes and all of a sudden kind
of your body gets relaxed, and all of sudden you’re
twitching that, Rapula; and all of a sudden that
thing just throttles. Boy your hand like locks
up really fast because that rod otherwise is going
to come out of your hand. – [Voiceover] Don’t
miss Larry’s fish baby. – [Brian] Yeah that’s okay. There’ll be more, oh
there’s a nice one. (shouting) Gotta love it. You know, and again all we’re
doing is just flat lining and running these brakes. Boy I tell you Brain’s
operating the electric theron. It’s nice and peaceful out here. What a great way
to spend the night. I was fishing all
day today on the — and I got to tell you something. This is probably the
toughest year that I’ve seen in a long time, Brian. I caught three fish
today with my clients. It was absolutely very tough. We put a lot of miles on. So I’ll tell you what, it was a long day for me on
that river with them guys. We had fun fishing. But, boy I tell you this has
got me charged right back up. – And night time look at it. There’s a couple
other boats out here. We got no crowds
it’s nice and quiet. And we’re catching fish. – It’s been a long time since
I fished walleye’s at night and I’ll tel you this is a ball. Hey Cindy. – [Cindy] I’m trying. – [Larry] I know it. I am absolutely
stuffed from that great walleye that you cooked me. So let’s this one go
and on to another one. There you go, out of here. Here we go, got another one. I know it I don’t want to… I don’t it to always
to be about me. But I’m not usually this lucky. (laughing) That’s the coolest
part about this lake. It reminds me of
jigfish plastics. When you’re pulling… Oh here we go. – [Brian] Very nice fish. Another nice eater. – [Larry] Look at that one. That bite is so hard. I mean that just
absolutely throttled. Them fish absolutely
throttled that bait. Like I always say: you can sleep when you die. – [Brian] That’s right.
– You know what? Another nice fish. Good eater right there. And it’s again, it’s
amazing how a fish this size can absolutely throttle
that rod and almost rip it out of your hand. You know when you were
talking about that tonight when we were going to
come out here and do this you were like, oh these
fish will rip that rod out of your hand. I went yeah right. But it is, they really
hammered that bait. So it’s exciting. What an exciting…
– [Brian] A lot of guys say that the walleye’s
don’t fight really good, doesn’t that change your mind… – It does for sure. No they fight like crazy I’ll tell you that.
– [Brian] That’s a good eater there too.
– [Larry] Yeah we’ll let ’em go instead and
catch another one. But we will keep a
few to eat today huh? After eating them
walleye’s today. You ain’t kidding
these are delicious. – [Brian] Good job Larry.
– [Larry] Alright there we go. Come on you guys. B.C., B.C. you got one going. I’m getting my line
I’ll grab me out. Come on B.C. Your turn, where am I buddy? What do you got, a jumper huh? Nice job, all right. Brian you’ve been fishing
this river for how long? – I’ve been fishing this
river pretty hard for the last 20 years. We go through different
spells where fishing’s better, of course and this year’s funny. – Right it has been
kind of an odd year. But you catch these
fish all year don’t you? – Yeah. Spring time is sort of big ones. And then you get into May
where it goes to five. And just about all summer long
we can catch them in here. – Okay do it’s not
just in the spring, like most people think
these walleye’s come in. So that’s decent. – There’s fish in
here all year long. Just gotta figure out where
they are and how to catch ’em. – Right and you’ll jig ’em, you’ll flat line troll ’em. And it’s just, there’s a
lot of different techniques that you can use when
you fish too right? – It always changes too. You gotta kind of roll with it. And for nothing just catch ’em. I like jerking the
Rapula’s, it’s a lot of fun. – Yeah this night
fishing is awesome. – You can see the crowd. – Yeah there’s no pressure. – Nobody bothering us tonight. (screaming)
(laughing) – Where’d that fish go? (soft guitar chords) (piano music) (upbeat music) – Patrick what are
you doing out here? – Mark I’m going
fishing this weekend, but with this massive
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good enough is way over rated. This ice season, see for
yourself how the best just keep getting better. (soft drum beat) – [Voiceover] Get
’em Danny get ’em. – [Larry] A walleye
queen here we go. Oh that’s oh nice. Nice job all right Cindy. Whoo, gotta love that. – She got the biggest one. – Yeah that’s definitely
the biggest one. That’s a nice fish. That’s a nice fish. Awesome girl. That’s what it’s all about. And I think what really
gets these fish to bite too you guys is my stories. Definitely the stories right? Maybe the Sasquatch
story, right? – And then the sundrop. – Then the sundrop right? It’s always about
the story why is it? The more stories the
more fish the more food the more fish right? You gotta all these
together right? – [Brian] Tell the stories
Larry you catch some more fish. – [Larry] Yeah all
right Cindy good job. (shouting)
– [Brian] Get another one, good job.
– [Larry] Nice job. – B.C. what have
you got going on? I’m getting my line
out of the way. – I’m trying to catch up to you. – You know it’s funny. Every time we come
through there, one of us gets,
one of gets a fish. I also like that he
laid out a bunch of candy for me too. Boy I cannot believe that
there’s nobody out here. We’re wailing these fish. And you were right
the later it get the better it gets. Oh that’s a nice fish. (laughing) – [Brian] Take it out,
take it out, take it out. (laughing) – That is awesome Cindy. That’s a nice fish. That’s a spawned female right?
– [Brian] A spawned female. When we’re doing the trolling
you guys are flat lining it’s with a regular –. What I’m doing, give you guys one side… One’s working one side one’s
working the other side. The guy out the back
the way I’m running it; I gotta run a little
bit deeper because I’m kind of –. And to keep from getting
tangled with you guys, what I did was I put, about 18 inches of
lead core on there. – [Larry] Oh that’s
a great idea. – [Brian] With a floor carbon. And that way that brings
me down a little bit deeper and that keeps me
out of your line. – [Larry] Right so you don’t
have to let as much line out especially when we’re
swinging back and forth right. – So I can get it down
a little bit deeper. You can just see this Rapula
with teeth marks on it from getting slammed. – [Larry] That is absolutely… – [Brian] And then another
thing with the Rapula’s, what I kind of like
to do one red hook. If you you look at all
my Rapula’s, they all got at least one red hook. – [Larry] Why do
you do it that way? – [Brian] That red
for some reason, and I’ve seen it before. I like to put it in the front
most of the time this one because it’s got a red
bill that’s on the back. But we see it a lot of
times that them fish, they’ll zero in
on that red hook. – You know Brian before I
was just kind of hanging on to the rod and you told
me to start twitching it. Why do you think that makes
such a big difference? – I lot of guys who troll,
they just sit and they hold the rod. A lot of these fish
we’re catching Larry, when they’re jerking the rod
and they’re pulling on it, you’re making that Rapula
it’s running like this. You pull on it, make it go fast. A lot of those fish
are sitting down there, and when, if it goes by
their face and it speeds up like that, you get a
reaction strike out of one. – That’s when they’re
going to slam it. And that happened because
before when we first started, I was just hanging on to the
rod and I wasn’t pumping it and I wasn’t twitching it. I really wasn’t doing
anything different. Then all of a sudden you told
to start working that rod real heavy, pumping
it back and forth. Stalling it letting out a
little bit of line every once and awhile, and boom I caught
three in a row like that. – Like I said that
pumping that rod, that reaction strike, that can double
triple your catch. – Right. – Here we go.
(shouting) – [Cindy] We got two. – [Larry] I didn’t get one what! Come on. It is amazing because he
just did change the angle instead of going right
straight up the current, we’re tacking it
at like a 45 now, coming through there. And that absolutely
changed everything. – Right away.
– [Larry] And I’ll tell you. You know it… Brian I’ll tell you. You know this river
that is incredible. Nice fish. Whoa, did you see how
fast that fish was? Hollly molly. – [Brian] It’s a nice one
look he t-boned that bait. Look at that bait. – [Larry] (laughing)
Look at that sideways in his mouth.
– [Brian] T-bone. – [Larry] Look at that. And that’s actually that’s
about how we were coming across the current
like that too Brian. – Exactly. Because we were coming
straight like this and I said that we needed
to cut at an angle. So we came up like this
and cut like this… – [Larry] Start
pitching like at a 45. Holy man. – You can see two sets of –. And that fish was
just unbelievable. Just tore it up. (soft music) – [Larry] Gosh, Brain
this is something. Whoo, we are on fire tonight. Oh yeah. – [Brian] All right! – [Larry] That’s a nice fish. Another big… Oh the cookies. – [Brian] Oh no. – [Cindy] Not the cookies.
– [Brian] Look at how this fish got this bait. Look at this. Look at how this
fish got this bait. (laughing) T-boned all three
sets of — in her. – [Larry] Holy man. 24 that’s a nice walleye.
– [Brian] That’s a nice walleye.
– [Larry] Yeah that is. Hold him up real good. Nice fish right there. Yeah, big, nice female all spawned out. (guitar chords) Nice fish Brian. Oh that’s a dandy. Look at the size of
that walleye (laughing). That is absolutely, that is absolutely… That’s a 27, 28 incher. That is absolutely a
beautiful fish right there. This is what it’s
all about, you know? Fish in the Menomonie River. Right here Brian Clearmont. Absolutely awesome. (talking low)
(laughing) Yeah get charged. – [Brian] Lets’ get another one. – I want one of them rings. – Here we are in the kitchen
I am shotgun Steve Shaffer we have a special edition. We are making hot cocoa and
I have Mrs. Shotgun Shaffer here to help me out
today guys and ladies. What are we making today wife? – We’re making Croc
pot hot chocolate so you can get it going
in the morning and then have it ready for
when you come on home. Two cups
– [Steve] What is that? – Chocolate chip. One and half cups
heavy whipping cream. – [Steve] Nice. – [Voiceover] One can
sweetened condensed milk. – [Steve] Careful with that now. Oh you’re a natural
at making it. You ever make this before
for your kids or is it just for today?
– [Voiceover] Yeah. Six cups milk. And then a little vanilla. – [Steve] Now can we improvise
on this recipe for the adults like put a little
calur or something in there or is it just strictly for kids? – Nope you can do
whatever you want. I like the dark, dark chocolate chocolate chips but you can
pick whatever kind you want. Milk chocolate
anything you want. Do that, put a cover on it. Leave it for a couple hours and it is ready
when you come home. – We got keep coming back here
once in a while stirring it or is it just good like… – You just leave it
and go out and enjoy… – So you can go watch a
movie and not do a damn thing the rest of the day
and it’s ready to go? – That’s it. – All right let’s see
what happens and what? Come back in a couple
hours and see what we got? All right let’s check it out
it’s been four hours now. Oh my gosh. Looks pretty doggone good. All right hold on guys, hold on. What do we got going on here? Everybody happy
with hot chocolate? All right let’s have
some hot chocolate. – Oh look at this
big marshmallow. – Oh hey time, oh hey it’s
my segment and I didn’t even get a marshmallow guys? Where is my marshmallow? Oh there is my marshmallow nice. I think I’d rather have whipped
cream wouldn’t you guys? (screaming) Well let’s try that, let’s
try that hot chocolate guys. Oh for the shotgun
kitchen, hot chocolate. Everybody else want marshmallow? – [Voiceover] With ice fishing
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events exceptional fun for everyone. For details, please
call or visit BigSnowResorts.com today. (epic music) – [Larry] Cindy, nice fish? – I don’t think it’s
going to be a big one. – [Larry] Come on. It is unbelievable. Every pass we’re getting fish. – [Brian] We’re on fire tonight. Oh that’s a nice fish. That’s a little fish. – [Larry] I thought you
said it was a little one! – [Brian] That’s a little fish. Yeah that’s a little one. Well I wanna see your big one. – [Larry] No joke girl. – [Brian] We want to
see the big one baby. – [Larry] Wow.
– [Brian] Look at that. – [Larry] That is
absolutely awesome. – Here we go. – Gotta love it. – Tickle his belly
so his fin sticks up. – Oh that’s how you do
it you tickle the belly? – It’s not working. There we go. – Unbelievable. – I’m not kissing it though. – You’re not kissing… – [Cindy] I’m not kissing him. – [Larry] She is
definitely quite the… Look at here we go. Out of here (shouting). Nice job Cindy. My turn I love it
when it’s my turn. I do. I don’t want to sound
greedy but I do. I love it when it’s my turn. – What did you say
sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the…
– [Larry] Yeah sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes… Right (laughing). I think we’re all windshields. We’re all winners. Well that’s not that…
– [Brian] Not real big but it’s still a nice fish. – [Larry] Yeah you start
saying that 22 inchers aren’t that big, right? – [Brian] Oh that’s a nice fish. (splashing)
(laughing) – [Brian] Good job Larry. – Look at there just solid. You know, one thing
that’s great when you have an addiction
that’s healthy addiction like fishing, you just
can’t get enough of it. Yeah gotta love it. – [Brian] This is something
I came up with and it’s at… We got it at the water front
sports shop 501 1st Street in Menomonie here. And it works. I’ve been doing pretty
good on it tonight. – [Larry] Pull that out of
there let’s see what it is. What basically what you
have there is a chunk of lead core right? – [Brian] Yeah and a
piece of floor carbon. We actually named
this The Mark II. And it was just something
to get that Rapula down another foot, 18 inches. – [Larry] Makes a
huge difference. – [Brian] A little bit
higher water this year and it helps get that bait
down there a little bit more. It catches fish ’cause
we’ve proven it tonight. This is the Rapula
knot or a loop knot. And this gives action
to that Rapula. – [Larry] Okay and how
are you tying that? – [Brian] What we do is
we just start like you’re tying your shoe. – [Larry] Right. – [Brian] So you got a
loop in there like that. So you got the loop and
you want to hold it in your fingers like that. And you run your peg
in through there. – [Larry] Right and
I’m going to give you a little more light. – [Brian] And you get it
all together like that, you kind of hold it together. Now it’s just like a
regular fisherman’s knot. You wanna hit both holes. – [Larry] Okay. – [Brian] Come back up
through, make sure you get both holes. – [Larry] Right. – [Brian] And then you
wanna make sure you grab that keg end. And then of course move
everything up good. A little bit of spit, and make
sure you pull on that end. And then pull it tight. – [Larry] And show
us what that’s doing. – [Brian] See you
got a loop in there. – [Larry] So that bait is
working it’s not tight, that bait is working
back and forth. – [Brian] And I cut that
band off of there but see this will run through here
and make the Rapula really… I say it give is another
20-25 percent better action with that loop knot. Oh that’s a big one. Oh man. There’s one. – Cindy you gotta
flip yours too. – I don’t think so.
– [Brian] I’m getting out of the way if she’s
flipping that in. – [Larry] Oh look at that
that’s a nice walleye. Oh my god look at that. – [Brian] Look at that,
they’re going to be out laying at the bottom of the boat. – [Larry] Look at that. You know Brain, we absolutely
had a fantastic night and if people want
to get a hold of you and they want to come out
here and enjoy day fishing and this great night
fishing how can they get a hold of you? – You can give me a call at 7157357346. And I got a Facebook page
that my honey over there takes care of that. BAC Guide Service. BAC is Brian Alan
Clearmont but it’s also Brain and Cindy because if
it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to do this.
– [Larry] That’s awesome. You know what Brian, thank you. Cindy thank you. And remember, you know what? What do you say, what a
great night to be alive. Look what your junk
food habit does. – What junk food? – [Voiceover] Look at that. I was wondering where that went. Did you eat it? – Yeah it’s still good why? (laughing)
I can’t let it go to waste what’s wrong with you? – [Voiceover] (laughing) Gross. – You can’t waste it. I don’t know what’s
wrong with you. – [Voiceover] Some things
just need to be wasted.

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  1. Love my night time walleye fishing, I fish a very clear heavy pressured lake and night time is way to go.I still like to go in day to but the monsters lurk at night

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