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One Boat Network from Humminbird and Minn Kota

One Boat Network from Humminbird and Minn Kota

The One-Boat Network from Humminbird and Minn
Kota. In a day of fishing, how much time do you
spend, well… fishing? Finding a fishing spot, getting to that spot,
holding yourself on the spot and then moving around to find the spot on the spot can be
time-consuming and frustrating. Humminbird and Minn Kota have teamed up to
give anglers a way to get more out of their precious time on the water with the One-Boat
Network. The One-Boat Network is made up of Minn Kota
and Humminbird products that communicate with each other and share data to help you find,
stay on and catch more fish. When One-Boat Network products talk to each
other they can navigate your boat automatically, they can work together to anchor or reposition
you effortlessly. Your Humminbird fish finder can tell your
Minn Kota trolling motor right where to go. It will even tell your Minn Kota Talon when
to anchor. Humminbird’s AutoChart Live allows you to
make your own map of depth, bottom hardness or vegetation and our network makes it simple
to use your trolling motor to automatically fish an edge or contour with a couple simple
button presses. Fish a productive spot or route, the One-Boat
Network makes going back to a spot or retracing a great drift, easy. All in all, you’ll spend less time navigating
and positioning and more time casting, scanning and focusing on fish, that gives you more
casts and better odds on each one. Seamless, effortless, revolutionary. The One-Boat Network from Minn Kota and Humminbird
bring the best technologies in fishing together to put you and keep you on the fish.

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