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Outdoor Nevada | Tahoe Trout Farm

Outdoor Nevada | Tahoe Trout Farm

♪♪♪ You come to Lake Tahoe,
and you want to do something that’s voted one of
the top 10 attractions. You want to get outside, something that’s fun
for the whole family. You come here to
the Tahoe Trout Farm. Open since 1946,
they’ve got plenty of fish and if you meet Jim,
the owner, they’ve got
plenty of stories.Located in
South Lake Tahoe,
the Tahoe Trout Farm
is just a few miles
off U.S. Route 50.Jim? Hey, it’s John.
-Morning. -How are you?
-Good. Yourself? -Outstanding.
Who’s this here? -This is my grandson, Jett. -Jett, what do you say,
buddy, how are you? -I’m good.
I’m doing great. -I see that. I’ve heard so much
about this trout farm. I mean, it’s voted
one of the top 10 things to do
in Lake Tahoe. I got a lot of
questions for you. You got five minutes to chat?
-Absolutely. Jim Vallier has been fishing
since he was a kid
and has done it
all over the world.
-What goes on here
at the trout farm? -We have two ponds. We have the large pond
filled with medium trout, and then the small pond
is our whopper pond. It has 15 to 25-inch
steelhead rainbows from Mount Lassen Hatchery. -Now, this place
has a lot of history. Tell me about it.
-It opened in 1946. It was called Upom’s Pond, and it’s been here
almost 70 years. I fished here when I was 10,
and I purchased it four years ago
to keep it open. -Now, why did do you that? Why did you get
so involved like that? -Well, I’d like
to keep it on the historical list
for Lake Tahoe, and we need
a place like this. We don’t have any place
like this in the basin. We get people from
as far away as Reno, Truckee and Sacramento
that come here specifically to fish with their kids.Tahoe Trout Farm
has been family owned
and operated for 65 years.So how does this work, Jim? Do I need a license
when I come here? -No, there’s no license
required for fishing here. -And how often
do you stock it? -The summer
is our busy season, and we stock it usually
once every two weeks. -I’m assuming most people
are catching fish when they come out here. What do they do with them? -A lot of them take them home
and prepare them. Our second option is we have
a couple great restaurants in town that will
prepare them for you. Our third choice
is you can donate them to the baby bears
at the wildlife center or the homeless
and the needy. -Speaking about baby bears, you have an electric
fence around here. -Oh, yeah, we put that in
two years ago. -Why? -Well, the bears
were getting in and picking my pocket. (laughter) There’s a lot
of bears around Tahoe, and it’s better
to donate to them than to have them come in
and help themselves. There’s only one species
of bear in Nevada,
the black bear.Between 200 and 300
individuals roam the state,
and a lot of them
live around Tahoe.
So there’s two things
I’m going to need if I’m going
to pull this off. I’m going to need
a really good guide, and I’m going to need
some equipment. -Well, we have both
for you here. We have my grandson Jett, and we’re going to use
secret weapons today, spinning gear
and power bait. -I like it. Do you think
the fish are hungry? -They’re always hungry. -Let’s go.
-Okay. It’s so peaceful here.It feels like I’m
walking into an episode
ofThe Andy Griffith Show. Am I ready to go?
-You’re ready to go. ♪♪♪ Got him! Are you ready, Jett? (laughter) Hey! All right, Jett,
we did it! Look how beautiful it is.A good start,
but I can do better.
Jim helps me bait my hook
one more time.
All right, fishy-fishy. All right, buddy… ♪♪♪ Gosh, that doesn’t
take long. Wow! ♪♪♪ Look at him.
I’m going to bring him in. Wow! He knows how to play. ♪♪♪ Did you get him, Jett? I’m going to bring him in. Yeah, Jett,
all right, buddy! Jett flies in
from out of state
every summer
to help his grandpa.
He even has
his own tip jar.
You know what, Jett,
I’ve had my fun. I’ve proven my point
as a fisherman. I’d like to see
what you can do. Do you want to
give it a shot? -Sure. -Let’s trade.
Good luck, pal. We’re all counting on you. Go get yourself a fish. ♪♪♪ Hey Jett, what’s the secret
to being a good fisherman? (Jett Prengel)
Taking time. If you never
took your time, it would be called
catching not fishing. -What do you think about
when you’re fishing, Jett? -I just think about
happy stuff.And what could be
happier than fishing
on a summer day
in South Lake Tahoe?
You did it, Jett. There you go. Looking good, pal. Look at that, Jett,
you got the monster, buddy! Look at what Jett caught. -That’s a beauty
right there. -How did it feel?
-It feels great. I just love catching fish.I’m having loads of fun,but now it’s time
to measure our catch.
So Jett, who do you think
caught the bigger fish, me or you? -Probably me because
you got two small ones and I got the big one. -Well, I wouldn’t
call them small, but why don’t
we find out for sure. What do you say?
-Yeah. After the official measure,I can say one of us
reeled in an 18-incher.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the official winner of today’s fishing contest
goes to the youngster, Jett. Congratulations, sir,
I’m happy for you. -Thanks. -So we caught our fish,
we had a good time, the only thing left
is the photo op. Can we get a nice
picture of this? But let’s not say cheese. On a count of three,
we’ll say “fish.” -Fish? I like that. -All right. 1-2-3 — fish!

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