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Pelican Cafe | Check, Please! South Florida

Pelican Cafe | Check, Please! South Florida

Business owner Pamela Egan wants to recruit
you to visit her favorite dining destination where Nantucket meets the Florida Keys. This family owned eatery offers acquaint atmosphere
full of smiling faces ready to please and delicious dishes that will keep inviting you
back. She says everything is homemade and prepared
with love and her pick in Lake Park is called Pelican Cafe. Hi, it’s Mark Frangione chef and the operator
here at Pelican Cafe. My wife Karen and myself established the restaurant
in 2008. The little house was built in the late 30’s. It was a historical home of Harry Simark Kelsey
who was a pioneer in the early days of Florida and we took his little home and we’re both
from Greenwich, Connecticut so we kinda gave it this Nantucket meets the Florida Keys kind
of feel. We’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
in an upscale faction. We have an epicurean style menu a lot of the
recipes are three generation recipes my grandmother to my mother to me. Like the eggplant rollatini. We also make homemade donuts: apple cider
cinnamon, blueberry, chocolate, and old-fashioned sour cream donuts come warm to your table
after you place your order for your breakfast complimentary. When they walk into the house you have a warm
feeling like you’re coming into my home. I think Karen and I have accomplished that
mission of making everybody feel as if they’re actually, you know home and we all love being
here. Pelican Cafe is where you can come in and
get an outstanding breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week and have that feel of where
Nantucket meets the Florida Keys. Pamela what makes this place stand out? Oh my goodness as far as… The first time I went there so homey you walk
in the owner Mark so pleasant comes right up to you and they just have so many items
on the menu that you can choose from. Right. High end Italian cuisine. All home made like you said and it’s just
comfortable. It’s very homey, beautiful to core. Nantucket meets the Key West with the beautiful
white and blues and the crisp colors. Highly recommend it. Okay. So what did you eat this last time you went
in. The last time I went in we had, I went with
my girlfriend, we decided on the encrusted grouper it was a house special that day. Oh my god it was absolutely amazing. [Michelle] Okay. Over creamy mashed potatoes. Julienne vegetables I mean absolutely amazing. Any cocktails anything to drink? We did order a nice red we got ordered a bottle
of wine it was wonderful we shared it between the two of us. [Michelle] Lovely. [Pamela] Very nice. I think you also had a hummus to start too,
right? [Pamela] We did we first got there the bartender
they came out with this fresh, warm, hot bread. It was amazing with homemade hummus I mean
it was to die for. [Michelle] I wonder if it’s white bean hummus
’cause it’s usually what they would serve. [Pamela] It was white bean, yeah. And there was the olive oil and you could
actually see the olive oils it was just amazing. [Michelle] That sounds delicious. [Pamela] It was really good, yes. [Michelle] That’s a good warm inviting thing
to get right? When you get there. [Pamela] Exactly. And it’s just very small, quaint it fills
up fast reservations definitely. Lovely, Michael. So I decided to mix it up and I went for breakfast. My wife and I went with another couple. I have a feeling you like to mix a lot of
things up. [Michael] Yeah absolutely I really like the
atmosphere. It is it’s blues and whites it’s bright has
nice wooden floor. They actually have artwork on the walls that
you can buy from the artists. It was really nice, so I had the Huevos Rancheros. I saw everybody having Bloody Marys and I
do like Bloody Marys, so I asked them what mix they used because I don’t like all mixes
and they said they make their own. [Michelle] Right. So I said great. It just was better so no it wasn’t the best
Bloody Mary I ever had, but everybody had it everybody was enjoying it they should definitely
give it a try. I mean it might not be mine, but it’s theirs. So how was the Huevos Rancheros tell me about
it because I know you’re vegetarian, correct. Yeah, so I asked for no chorrizo and I asked
for no cheese so I basically took the flavor out of the dish. So I basically had corn tortillas with spinach
and onions and so it was no big deal but that’s ’cause I made it that way. [Michelle] Right. [Michael] What’s interesting too is they give
everybody donuts they have homemade donuts. [Michelle] Right. [Michael] And the donuts were okay. They were a little heavy for me they were
more like Pesach donuts to me. Meaning Passover for those of you that don’t
know what Pesach is. [Michael] But they were still good right. They were just heavier than I expected. One’s a blueberry glazed, one’s a chocolate,
one’s an apple cinnamon, and there’s one just like a powder. Everybody else at their table loved their
meal, so… Can you describe what other people had. My wife had the vegetarian omelet I didn’t
try it, but she liked it. The couple that we were with I believe they
had maybe pancakes or something like that and it all looked really good, so the overall
experience I had was great, but I shouldn’t do so many substitutions. Gotcha’, Patricia? I fell in love with this restaurant. Before I even got there I called to make a
reservation and Carol answered the phone and she was so friendly and so warm I couldn’t
wait to meet her. She was at the door and she’s just a friendly,
warm, welcoming person. The staff, the waiters couldn’t be nicer and
I realized that really makes or breaks a restaurant and they were just so welcoming and attentive. I had the Eggplant Rollatini and this sauce
was incredible that too is a mark of an excellent restaurant. [Michelle] Homemadeness. [Patricia] Yes. It just melted in your mouth it was so wonderful. I let the waiter recommend the house special
that night which was Shrimp Scampi in a white wine and Parsi sauce with Pocket Ricotta. Was it delicious altogether. It sounds really good. Yeah, white wine the oil the parsi were perfect
synced. Well you can’t really go wrong with white
wine and parsi and garlic and then ricotta. Exactly. Right. And then for dessert we shared a seven layered
chocolate cake. This dessert was splendid. [Michelle] Nice. [Patricia] Just… [Michelle] Warm. Delicious chocolate. [Michelle] Yeah. And just enough for the three of us to share. Perfect. It’s lovely. [Patricia] Yeah it was great. I enjoyed it. How are the prices there Pamela? I think they are pretty reasonable. I mean nice sized portions and the wine bottle
we purchased a bottle of wine which was very reasonable. [Michelle] Nice. How was the service? I thought the service was very good. I like it when the staff knows what’s in the
meals. Everything was homemade, fresh, local produce. Right, New England yet Italian. Yes, it’s beautiful. Well Pam Pelican Cafe was your choice sum
it up for me. I love it you’ve got to try it like I said
New England meets Key West the food is phenomenal you can’t go wrong the owners will welcome
you in as well as Carol the Maître D and I say give it a try. Michael? I would definitely go back, but not make any
substitutions next time. Nice I like that especially’s the chef. [Michael] There you go. Patricia? I would love to go back ’cause there was so
many enticing items on the menu that I would love to go back there and try it again. For food made with love make your way to Pelican
Cafe located at 612 US Highway 1 in Lake Park. Open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast
and lunch. And Monday through Sunday for dinner. Reservations are accepted and the average
price for dinner without drinks is about 50 dollars.

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