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Pesca aos Lucios com Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout (4K Ultra HD)

Pesca aos Lucios com Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout (4K Ultra HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video, I am in Sabor river is a hard winter day has you can see the clouds promise rain and I’ve already caught some is a far away place from home but there is a specie that this winter I will try to fish more the Pike I am fishing with 4D Rattle Trout for pike this Golden Albino is one of my favourite colors I am fishing with … savage gear da bush and… 4Play V2 look at this place, is perfect to have a pike here but no is impossible to fish I think today I will skunk fish on this was hard one entire morning… with this weather but I got a fish I don´t skunk look at this beautiful beautiful don´t you think? was for this that I come here there he goes mission Accomplished just for you guys know, I got two hits and this was the third fish and this was the first catch and after I wake at 5am I wake at 4am not 5am and after I was suffering so much with this wind, rain and waves I think I deserved it well… lets see, lets see so my fishing day is over one fish is true I miss two fish, I got two hits one of them come near to my kayak just to say hi look at this is torn from the attacks I love this lure, use it when you go pike fishing for me is one of the first lures to use, love how they work love the color and above all it is very effective now I go home, there is less wind and waves now all day with lots of waves seems I am at sea, is very hard to fish rains lots of wind but this is fishing and at home I cant catch fish I was getting discouraged after getting up at 4 in the morning to get a fish in fact I got up at 4 in the morning and still had not catch a fish and it was almost time to come so I was very happy with that one, I cant catch fish at home so windy, I just hope you can listen I am with a dead cat but I don’t know … see you in next video

100 thoughts on “Pesca aos Lucios com Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout (4K Ultra HD)

  1. Olá bom amigo! Parabéns por nos presentear com mais um vídeo e este um tanto radical pois o tempo está cruel.

  2. Mais um grande video amigo João
    Pena o peixe andar fugido mas vale sempre a pena tentar as boas capturas….
    Boas pescas e bons vídeos…um abraço

  3. Para quando um aquário de espécimes dos nossos rios e lagos . Já agora o lago aqui em Caldas da rainha e privado pois era um antigo arieiro onde tiveram que interromper a extração por motivo de aparecer uma nascente os achigas vieram parar ai talvez através dos patos que ali fazem a nidificação agora vou tentar a autorização para fazer um bom vídeo lá

  4. Nice pike! Ouch! The teeth gotcha huh? Yeah, they're toothy buggers for sure. It can be tough on the water in a kayak with it's windy. I know that. lol Been there done that many times. Glad you were able to get one to hook up after getting up so early and driving so far. 🙂

  5. Geniales pikes amigo…el lugar es perfecto para pescarlos….buen video…y buenos ejemplares…tienes nuestro LIKE!👍👍

  6. Olá João. Bonito peixe! Apanhar esses meninos com tempo frio não é fácil, principalmente com amostra. Por vezes as amostras maiores resultam melhor. Comprei na semana passada uma 4play de 19cm… e não é a maior que uso. Tight lines.


  8. Is this in Kansas? Tough day but you caught a beautiful fish! Colors, or as we say in Canada, colours were amazing. Great show João!

  9. Vi que vem em janeiro para o lado de Aveiro fazer uns vídeos. Sou de cá depois gostaria de aprender mais sobre o spinning.
    Bom trabalho pelo canal

  10. John, that was a very beautiful pike. Apparently he liked you, too, because he bit your finger, lol. All I can say about getting out of bed early and being tired after a long day is this expression: put in the work and you get results. In this case your work resulted in a beautiful fish. Happy holidays, Don

  11. Wooow amigo eso si que es muy grande, buena captura y una vista espectacular Saludos y bendiciones.🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

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