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Pesca de Robalos em Topwater, Savage Gear 3d minnow popper (4K ULTRA HD)

Pesca de Robalos em Topwater, Savage Gear 3d minnow popper (4K ULTRA HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video please like and subscribe to see all my fishing adventures today I am in Vigo, Spain and my goal will be what I can cath, I will try Squid, Seabass mackerel, I will try everything, let´s see how it goes the water has a lot of seaweeds I will try to fish with … … the new Minnow Popper from Savage Gear these is a small popper I will cast near the rocks, we have now low tide look so beautiful impressive let´s go the casts are really impressive fish on first fish beautiful hit in the second or third cast and got a fish casts well, catch fish… beautiful fish beautiful fish let´s see him let´s release him this fish, look the fish is in the vertical, I am not holding the fish in the horizontal with the grip this way I don´t hurt him when I put him in horizontal I use my hand in the belly so I don´t hurt his mouth let´s see if we fish more so far three or four casts in the new Minnow Popper and we got the first fish fish on one more another fish this is smaller but in topwater is always so fun look he is well hooked beautiful fish let´s release we can´t complain but is hard because there are lot´s of seaweeds but we are having fun and we are catching some fish and let´s see if we can get more so small, 4 grams we need to change out fishing, there are lot´s of wind, Windguru failed and there is lot´s of seaweeds in topwater and is hard to use this lure so now I will try to use my Mini Sandeel the tide will start raising in half an hour and will be more easy to work, now is hard to work the lure because of work with 4 grams in topwater is hard in windy days, so let´s see if we can fish one with this lure so far is not bad, two fish fish the fish you saw is here let´s see if we get more there he goes good hit and another bass to make my day he is released so I don´t have much work mini sandeel never fails don´t stay quiet here he is not a monster but in a hard day is welcome and release one more this and release what I am doing is cast near all those rocks here are seven meters deep I am casting near shore and work that area sometimes Bass go near those rocks to eat their prey look at this guy what he wants? so, guys, my fishing morning is over, I caught 4 bass and one escaped one needlefish and another fish with natural bait with mussel because here there are mussel farms and I want to try with that bait every time I fish here I saw fish on the bottom and I always want to know the species

33 thoughts on “Pesca de Robalos em Topwater, Savage Gear 3d minnow popper (4K ULTRA HD)

  1. Don´t understand Portuguese? Don´t worry, all my videos got English subtitles (bottom right corner of your youtube window)

  2. Boa noite João, essa isca artificial Savage gear Popper minnow tem uma cor chamativa para os peixes ,eu táva vendo o preço dessa isca aqui no Brasil, ela é cara. SUCESSO rumo aos 10 mil.

  3. Show companheiro esse sonar mostra que tem peixe ???.
    Ou usa só pra profundidade???
    Parabéns pelo vídeo abraço e sucesso sempre tamo junto 👍🎣.

  4. Show de pescaria meu amigo, será uma honra ter vc inscrito no meu canal, grande abraço e TMJ! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  5. Exelente amigo João mais uma boa pescaria cheia de ação…
    Nem os peixes espanhóis resistem às tuas amostras parabéns e continuação de boas pescas e já estamos todos a espera do proximo video um abraço

  6. Por lapso, nunca tinha subscrito o teu canal, embora já tivesse devorado imensos videos. Mas agora está feito. Abraço

  7. Boas… Tenho reparado que os seus mini casting jigs têm apenas um anzol a trás, gostava de saber se existe assim para compra ou se é uma adaptação sua… É que eu encomendei uns mas eles vieram com esse anzol simples na frente e com anzol triplo a trás… Parabéns pela evolução constante do canal

  8. John, very nice and those sea bass are really beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Spain. Let me guess, you speak Spanish also? One more thing – you will never hear me say 'today I'm fishing for squid' hahaha! All the best to you and your family. Don

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