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Pescando com os Golfinhos – Fishing with the Dolphins

Pescando com os Golfinhos – Fishing with the Dolphins

there what do you think? so close did you saw? I’m surrounded by dolphins. so close to me and fish that is good, nothing only Dolphins what a jump fish on first fish fish on is a Seabass here is a bigger fish is bigger than the bream well hooked micro Sandeel little Seabass which will be returned to the water there he goes what a great day the sun is up, no wind some fish, I saw dolphins what more can you ask for? fish on third specie Mackrel beautufil Mackrel one Chub how greedy he is fish on good fish I got you I catch this with 3D Fry I have to change the hooks and the lure because lots of fish are escaping and Macker know how to escape here she is so… so I am using a fry smaller but the hook is near the tail this way i avoid the short strikes and I avoid they escape in the fight so I finish my fishing day was a fun day I did not know this place, used Google Earth and I come here, this is in Spain, I am not in Portugal Vigo is that way and Vila Boa this way I am in the middle my car is there, I don´t know if you can see at full tide it was easy and now in the empty tide I’m screwed If this is sand I’ll push the kayak over there If it’s mud I’ll have to wait for the tide to rise again so I got 4 or 5 Mackrel I will show you two or three so the video don´t be too long I got one Bream it was an interesting catch I got a small Seabass I got one Chub my lure was bigger than the Chub so crazy now let´s see what I can do, If I can get there with some luck this is not mud If it’s mud I’ll have to stay here until the tide goes up let me show you why this village is so well known and what do the fishermen here fish clams it’s very lively very good size the bottom is full of clams and mud one foot is released I think there will be no problem, look at the speed that the tide is rising I just have to get there where that gull is 10 meters more at this speed who knows half an hour And now what do I do in this half hour? I’m going fishing let´s go fishing going up so fast incredible I do not have enough water to walk backwards I don´t fish, I don´t go out, what a life… I just needed a gull to shit in my head.

100 thoughts on “Pescando com os Golfinhos – Fishing with the Dolphins

  1. Ouço tanta gente a queixar-se da vida , e depois de assistir à este belo vídeo finalmente vemos que não é preciso muita coisa para nos sentirmos realizados.

  2. espetacular dia de pesca e ainda bem que nao existiu a "cereja no topo do bolo" ahahahah abraço e boas pescarias

  3. Não tinha a minima ideia qur dava para pescar a cavala com amostras. Muito bom vídeo e ainda por cima com a companhia que tives-te.

  4. Olá João! Uma pergunta: é preciso tirar licença especial para pescar em Vigo (galiza) ou a nossa licença nacional dá? Abraço. António Lobo

  5. Cool channel man just subbed im from Pinellas county area and love fishing and would appreciate if you check me out

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