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Quantum of the Seas Passengers From The UK Denied Entry to China After 12 Hour Flights To Beijing

Quantum of the Seas Passengers From The UK Denied Entry to China After 12 Hour Flights To Beijing

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce I’ve got a story today about Royal Caribbean what is happening with
Royal Caribbean in China and a few other issues going on lots happening here by
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now today’s story I want to talk to you about Royal Caribbean news let us come
out but there’s also been some developments in the last 24 48 hours
that I wanted to make you aware of this is the 10th of October 2019 and there’s
a lot of things happening in China right now and as we speak to cruise ships for
Royal Caribbean are trolling China sees the quantum of the Seas and the spectrum
of the Seas both are quantum class ships they’re absolutely gorgeous you can see
some of the footage here just wonderful ships and I’ve always been puzzled why
would Royal Caribbean put in 2 almost 1 billion dollar cruise ships into the
area of China where so many others have had problems booking problems and
Commission problems and other issues but Royal Caribbean has gone ahead and done
so but this past week something has happened a number of British passengers
arrived in Beijing looking to spend three days in China and then board the
quantum of the Seas and they were denied entry after flying 12 hours to get here
there’s a shock to me people are spending 5,000 pounds
and up to take these glorious trips spend a bunch of money in China then go
on a cruise ship and for reasons I can’t find out and these travelers have no
idea they were refused entry on the spot and they had 24 hours to get out of town
they had to get out of China within 24 hours or risk being arrested I don’t
understand what this issue is all about I know there’s a visa program in place
to allows you a few days to come in and go but to be refused there after you
have made all your commitments reservations and payments in advance to
now find a ticket on the spot at top dollar to get out some of these
passengers found a way to to take a ticket to Japan and catch the quantum of
the Seas in Japan but they lost four days of their 12 day cruise others were
forced to buy a ticket back to London at an exorbitant price one-way fare with no
compensation and no explanation it just defies logic I know there are problems
in Hong Kong I know there’s problems with brexit I
know there are problems with cook travel but it there’s got to be something going
on between UK and China relations that are simmering because for whatever
reason innocent brits are just being kicked around by some of these officials
in China not to say all were denied but hundreds of parently we’re having
serious problems clearing Beijing now the other news is
Royal Caribbean announced today that the Oasis class ships the ones you see here
the harmony of the Seas is the symphony of the Seas they’re building the fifth
version right now and the fifth one is going to be called wonder of the Seas
today Royal Caribbean announced that the wonder of the Seas will be placed in
China I can’t understand it I 1.4 billion dollar ship being customized for
the Chinese market with all the turmoil going on over there the trade embargo
and everything else I really wonder what are they thinking but it hits their
money and their shareholders this will put four billion dollars practically
four billion dollars of cruise ships in Chinese waters virtually what three-year
old ships a newer really surprising to me that Morelle
care beam is doing this they must know something I don’t know because there’s
all kinds of problems and if people cannot get through the airports into
secure through through immigration to get to the ship I think a lot of
cancellations are coming Royal Caribbean swayed they’re gonna have to be careful
I hope you enjoyed this video hope you found it informative if you did give me
a thumbs ups thanks for joining me today we’ll talk to you later everybody bye
for now

32 thoughts on “Quantum of the Seas Passengers From The UK Denied Entry to China After 12 Hour Flights To Beijing

  1. Why three quantum class ships in China Bruce? Two words……. "casino revenue". Three, four and five-day itineraries Designed to maximise revenue

  2. Remember a few years ago Norwegian said that the joy was going to be placed in China 2! Do you see where the joy is sailing now they'll probably change their mind

  3. It's getting so bad I'm afraid to order Chinese food now!…Seriously though, I hope these passengers get some kind of relief.

  4. It was not stated but I think the issue was they did not have Chinese Visas. Not sure about the UK but if you are coming from the USA, you better have a Visa issued by China.

  5. That’s every country’s prerrogative, I know in the U.S. this happens more often than not with turists from all over…

  6. there is a special Chinese visa but China is playing extreme hardball with the western countries. China probably afraid the Brits in this case with talk about the Hong Kong situation.

  7. As much as I would love to visit China, traveling to an oppressive Communist Country is not in my bucket list, spend my money someplace else.

  8. Why are they putting massive new ships in China……cause Asia is the second largest market so needs bigger better ships to push through more people. As for the boarder stuff. That has nothing to do with Royal and they have no control over that.

  9. No way would I go to China .Especially now. I know people say “ it will be exciting or take a chance “. I am a firefighter I get my excitement at work . ☺️

  10. I think Royal Caribbean has put ships into China for potential cruisers from China, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries. I suspect that on any given cruise, the number of passengers from the EU, the US, Canada, and Latin America is somewhat low.

    To put a ship into China means menus that are much less Western and far more Asian, installing a lot of Chinese signage, and hiring crew that speak Cinese dialects, Korean, Japanese, and other Asian languages.

    It'a not the same as a ship that sails out of Florida in the winter and Southampton, Rotterdam, and Copenhagen in the summer.

  11. Did they have the proper visas for entry into China? Maybe they didn’t because all the other passengers obviously had theirs

  12. Hi Bruce. Been China twice on cruises. Asia is fantastic to go on cruise. Costs $60 Australia for multi travel China visa. Will be waiting for the new Oasis class and will go again

  13. In all honesty, I think they will eventually pull Wonder of the Seas out of Asia. They already have a handful of ships in Asia, plus I don't think there will be enough Chinese consumers to fill Wonder up.

  14. Soooo after spending thousands on a cruise trip….you wanted to be cheap and take a chance on $500 bucks. …..travels fault.

  15. China no way will I be going there, a nation of oppression , political prisoners, and much worse .
    I think any ship based in China , will mainly have Chinese passengers , and they will not be able to fill a 6000 plus passenger ship. I think the cruise ship market is becoming over saturated with too many new cruise ships being built. They are trying to find new ways to fill the ships by basing the ships in new places, but I think China is not going to work for Wonder of the Seas. Plus too few ports for the larger size cruise ships to berth.

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