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RaidZap Produkt Video – Fliegenbinden – Vorstellung

RaidZap Produkt Video – Fliegenbinden – Vorstellung

Welcome here at Rudi Heger Fly Fishing today we want to show you a brand new super product and it is the RaidZap UV Resins. It is the newest generation of UV Resins. It hardens completely with almost any UV light. Stays clear, smells less and it is all in all a very impressive product. The standard UV Resin comes in 4 variants which is Flex where the UV resin stays flexible. Then it also comes in Thin, Medium and Thick. Thin is super for small nymphs and buzzers. Medium is perfect for nymphs and small streamers. And the Hard is perfect for bigger streamers for building heads and bodies. The Flex can also be used to build streamer heads and bodies or where a bit of flexibility is required. Furthermore and brand new we have the new UV colors. Here I have the Fl. Red it also comes in Fl. Orange Fl. Pink, Fl. Green and of course the Fl. Red like mentioned. What you can do with these products we will show you in a moment. With every bottle you will receive Silicone needle protector a brush to apply the resin and with a needle tube for the fine and precise work. Again this comes with every bottle. And now we will show you what you can do with these UV resins. The possibilities are almost endless. You can for example make small trigger points on nymphs which will shine bright under UV light. You can also make the whole thorax on nymphs with the UV Resin and thereby giving them a little bit of extra shine. You can do this on every nymphs thorax or a small bead to give it your personal touch. The possibilities are endless. What we find really cool is the fact that you make you own shrimp eyes in the color you like. Just take some monofilament put the UV resin on and harden it step by step and within long you have perfect shrimp eyes. Here you can see the effect under UV light. How this look in a fly you can see here with a Ice Dub Shrimp which we also have a fly tying video for. These shrimp eyes are all made with RaidZap. You can also give your streamers with dumbell eyes a bit of UV shine so it will be more visible. Here we have an intruder our trout intruder which we also have pimped with some RaidZap. And this gives the fly a lot of extra shine in UV light. And now to another highlight for every spin fishermen. Normally jig heads look very boring and many soft baits also do not have any UV effect in them. But UV will give you a big advantage in deep or murky waters where there is almost no light as the fish will see you bait better and hopefully result in a bite. You can use the RaidZap UV resin to apply it onto the head itself and here you will see the effect under UV light. It of course doesn’t have to be the whole head like here you can also just make some eyes and thereby giving your bait that extra shine. As shown the possibilities are endless. We are really loving this product and you shoudn’t pass it by.

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