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Real Estate Essentials Episode 247

Real Estate Essentials Episode 247

Utah’s real-estate is as diverse as its
climates from the summit’s of Park City all the way to the Red Rocks of st.
George Utah real estate is bursting with character you Tom love their real estate
but it’s always evolving and changing there’s somebody wants to sell it or
remodel it this is Utah real estate essentials
which is so fun looking around the state let’s head over
to park city and see what’s trending with the David Lawson team hi Jay so
today we’re in Victory ranch which is a private gated community I’ve just about
five minutes outside of Heber City yeah look at that nice river flowing right
through that’s just perfect yeah this is a beautiful home you know it’s about
3400 square feet and this home sits on over an acre it’s at one point three six
acres and you know with this home site it’s about one of a handful that’s on
the actual Provo River oh very nice and that of course we know Provo River for
all of its blue-ribbon trout fishing and all the nice things go along with that
beautiful River exactly yeah you know this home has a lot of custom upgrades
as well as you see we’re going inside the home you have the exposed trusts out
here the big picture windows to encompass you know the views of Deer
Valley ski resort I mean this house has really been orientated right for the
location and you know the home sites it’s perfect over here Jake yeah it
looks like some great views out there and take a look at the kitchen this is
magnificent yes you know ty in granite countertops high-end appliances here as
you can see as we go throughout the house there’s wood floors throughout I
mean they really did not skip a dime on this house yeah and really a nice
workmanship and and the appliances are really high-end as you can see yes and
he knows we’re going into the master bedroom right over here the deer valley
views are popping out through the window master bath is fantastic in here as well
the floor is radiant sheet so he know you wake up in the morning get your feet
all nice and toasty as you’re just warming up and getting ready for the day
yeah so nice master on the main floor which never goes out of style and and
you can see boy everywhere you look it’s just so well done yeah you know like I
said big walk-in closets here showers are fantastic and you know one
of the great things that people are looking for nowadays is one level in
this home is one level with 3,400 square feet or
bedrooms three bathrooms are ensuite I mean this house really has it all J yeah
that’s beautiful and we were looking out those windows you can see the winners
come in just a little bit that winds blowing and we’re ready for some snow
right oh yes this was a nice fall day over here in victory Ranch and the wind
was blowing leaves are flying this home is ready for a new owner yeah it’s
really the location let’s talk a little bit the location because there’s a lot
of nice things about the subdivision right yes so you know we’re in victory
Ranch over here there’s only about 350 home sites over the 6700 acres that are
encompassed you know here in victory ranch and I mean they have all of the
amenities you know including you know some of the pools the bar and the
restaurants the paddle tennis the fly-fishing you know the biking trails
hiking trails across country skiing snowmobiling I mean there’s really this
is its own community yeah which is so nice they fit just a few home sites and
a massive amount of area and so it’s it’s real nice for a property they have
an acre of land and then it’s just got lots of open space look at that
beautiful view that is just spectacular yeah you know the backyard is very
peaceful very tranquil and you can see the from a river right there only about
a thousand feet off your back porch yeah so you got your fly-fishing rod you just
step out there and go catch yourself some fish and I mean year-round the nice
thing about this it really is a year-round property you can use this all
pretty much every day there’s something fun to do here exactly yes this is
definitely you know a four-season community and they’re almost sold out
over here so if you have any interest you know feel free to give me a call at
four three five six four zero eight five three six or visit us online lots of
real estate team comm hey J so for this one we are heading out
to Salt Lake we’re at about 6200 south and 5,200 West’s perfect little entry
level home right which is so nice it is a perfect starter home it’s and it’s
really charming look at the interior beautiful remodel yeah they did a great
job all of the appliances have been updated
I think the fireplace is really charming they added a nice backsplash really
great laminate floors they’re super durable all of the windows have been it
updated in this house and that bay window is leads out to one of the most
gorgeous views in the valley I mean just check that out that’s amazing in at this
price point you cannot get even close to building a new house for that because a
land almost sell for that much money and so you want to talk about some
appreciation it has to appreciate it can’t say this price and so when they’ve
gone and done these nice upgrades on the property this is this is a great
purchase it is it’s a wonderful purchase as you’ll see the bathroom has also been
updated but one of the other really great parts about this house is that
it’s located at the end of a cul-de-sac you know kind of a dead-end street you
have to kind of wind your way through the neighborhood to get there so it’s
nice and private but it is located really close to there’s a really nice
Hartman’s nearby you’re not far from Jordan Landing so you’ve got movie
theaters and restaurants and all of those really wonderful things there’s
great parks in the area it’s just a really great little spot great location
so as a really cute charming let’s talk about how many bedrooms and bathrooms
and the square footage what are we looking at so we’re looking at 13:37
for the square footage there are two bedrooms up and then one bedroom down
now the bedroom down is a would be a big you know good-sized bedroom that would
take up the whole basement but you could add a wall down there and create a
smaller bedroom and an additional family space yeah it’s all set up yeah and then
you’ve got a 3/4 bath down there as well and you do have an attached one-car
garage that has some extra space for storage in there so
um it’s a little bigger than a traditional ones car nice good-sized
yard one of the nice things about this we get
into payments on a house like this you can I mean depending on how much you put
down interest rates and a lot of things but I mean you’re looking at payment
less than $1,500 a month to have a single-family home instead of a
townhouse or condo at the end of a cul-de-sac with those amazing views one
can expect a lot of appreciation for a beautiful I know this is really really
nice there’s nothing better than installing a
cozy new fireplace in your home but the question is who’s going to design it and
who’s gonna install it head on down to our friends that you went a fireplace
and design where you can browse their huge selection they’ll help you design
the perfect fireplace and they’ll even install it for you
so when you think about a fireplace head on down to you enta fireplace and design okay merrily for this one I’m really
excited we’re actually headed out to Herriman and Herriman is one of those
areas of course we know this that has developed late in the whole valley but
now they’ve finished the freeway that goes all the way and it’s going all the
way out to the far north side and so all of a sudden this area that developed
late and had all these really inexpensive land values now is jumping
up like crazy because now the freeway accesses is amazing that people can get
there easily now yeah in that and listen accessibility on properties is really a
wonderful thing and it can create some really good appreciation so Herriman has
been kind of one of those areas have been a little bit underdeveloped and a
little under priced but now sudden with access that means that we’re gonna see
some really big jumps and property values and take a look this is a perfect
little property this is just what everybody wants
it’s about 3,200 square feet with three bedrooms two and a half baths the
basements undone but really nice clean lines as you can see just beautiful
right Oh they’ve done a great job yeah it ends beautiful yeah really nice
granite countertops a decorative you know backsplash and the white cabinets
which are so popular right now and one of the best things about this property
is when you step off the back you out onto that back deck there’s views
forever and they’re really there’s one neighbor on the left-hand side but on
the right-hand side you’re looking over the school out of the most beautiful
mountains off in the distance and you get some great views of Sun sunsets out
here yeah so this one upstairs you’ve got look at the size of the master
bedroom a huge yeah drew which is just what you want
and right up there that’s where those views are really dynamite right from the
master bedroom is you’re looking out those windows a little washed out right
here you can’t see it but those views are amazing yeah very nice property and
it’s right in that you know kind of inexpensive rain arrange and so this you
can still get into a really nice property out here it’s on 0.21 acres is
it was built in 2004 is not not old at all not at all yeah it
doesn’t have any neighbors on the south side at all and so when you’re I mean so
we’ve got some neighbors on the left-hand side and on kind of left back
but take a look out there you’re overlooking grass and yeah beautiful
views and I tell you that’s there’s something that there’s some about views
to really enjoy your property and as we’re taking a look take a look this is
the lower level which would be the basement which is unfinished right now
but it even off the basement it’s a walkout yeah and so that is that that’s
the school right there it’s right next to all the charter schools they’ve done
this beautiful landscaping noticing the landscaping great little garden area
back there yeah and it in the way the house sits it kind of goes down a little
bit so you got a nice terrorist yard and you look at how big the back of the
house is that’s where yeah it’s a massive space in a really great great
for location they’ve really enjoyed this property now we’re gonna kind of fly
over take a look at this we’re all the new schools and colleges look at how
clean this is just absolutely beautiful and Harriman’s up above that where we
get that inversion the valley it’s up above that so this is a great little
property right here okay for this more headed out to Sandy
here right Vicki yes this house is in the bluffs at Hidden Valley and gosh
it’s just a beautiful neighborhood I’ve had the opportunity to talk to and meet
many of the neighbors and they just have only very wonderful positive things to
say everybody just loves it it’s really a great location it’s close to schools
it’s close to parks plenty of restaurants shopping the amenities
nearby are just amazing and the neighborhood is just beautiful it’s
beautifully maintained yeah sandy is such a desirable area in the valley and
taking a look at this house there’s a ton of upgrades that have done those
property yeah the kitchen is absolutely gorgeous it’s just loaded with cabinets
with the seated the pretty seated glass and some of those open cabinets the
island is nice and big the appliances are all new new stainless steel they’ve
upgraded two guests the fridge does stay with the home and it’s one of the
Samsung smart fridges which is really kind of fun and has been updated the
flooring has been updated this flooring isn’t a wood floor this is actual a tile
that’s high so it has wood look but it’s actually tiled yeah so it’s super great
for maintenance really easy you don’t have to worry about scratching it’s it’s
durable as you can get yeah it’s good looking around all the different i’m
they’ve really gone through the whole property and completely remodeled at all
yeah and it I mean it already had wonderful features anyway like the
vaulted ceilings but they have just a ton of work all of the carpet upstairs
is brand new it’s been updated with fresh paint um all of the windows have
been updated within the last seven years or so the roof is a 50-year roof and
that was completed about 10 years ago as well so these people you know the
sellers have been there for a quite a while and they’ve got a great
maintenance history on this property yeah you can tell they they really care
for this property you can tell when you when you’re looking at the this video
that they really this property and put a lot of time
money and effort in it remodeled classy classy work yeah I mean that bathroom is
beautiful but it’s just got a lot of natural light as well and then as you
head into the basement there are two bedrooms in the basement and another
full bath but they’ve also updated the furnace they’ve had included brand new
two water heaters there’s a new water softener and one of the cool things that
they did is they added you know the big tubs that you have to put the salt in
that you have to haul down stairs I can be very good yeah they actually had
their HVAC system set up so that you can earn the water softener system set up so
that you actually just pour the salt into the tub from the garage so you
don’t have to haul it downstairs so they just thought of everything there’s a new
electric air filtration system there’s a humidifier you know whole house
humidifier that they added and then just man check out that yard is just
beautiful that’s a great property incredible whoo great location sandy is
always going to do well is such a great part of Salt Lake Merilee super excited about the Lehi
area there is a lot going on down this area and take a look at this beautiful
property wow that gorgeous great little corner lot really and what we’re talking
about Easley high which is easily high as very
very desirable you’re right there by Highland and Alpine easily high and here
you’ve got this beautiful big big home and right in the in kind of the tech
boom is we’re going inside notice the big vaulted ceilings yeah that area
getting so big and I have seen the values going up when Lori I’m doing
loans out there it’s really incredible so what we’re looking at in this area
there was just a report that came out that said they’re expecting about half a
million people move into this valley in the next few years and so that literally
would be like taking everybody from Salt Lake and moving them down into Utah
County that’s the kind of growth we’re talking about so properties like this
you can still get good values on this one’s only $125 a square foot you can
this is it’s amazing because where you you’ll notice they’re redoing the
freeway widening it out there’s massive construction going on and all the
buildings are building up in the air and when you see that that means there’s a
new downtown coming when the bland is so valuable they’re not building wide
buildings they’re building the sky scape scrapers
that’s what Lehigh is becoming and with all these reports of all these new jobs
and tech industry and everything coming in we’re expecting huge things for this
area yeah property values you’re just gonna
continue to go up for sure it’d be like looking at San Francisco at the early
80s that’s what we’re looking at but because why they’re all coming in and
all these tech and white well wires all the technology going to Utah County why
because of the the type of employees that you get down there they’re foreign
speaking employees they don’t make a lot of money and the quality of life in Utah
there isn’t a lot of traffic and you can still good good deals on land for
business that the government has done a bunch of
tax incentives to get these businesses in here to create all these jobs they’ve
done to the government’s done a beautiful job of bringing in these huge
companies to create jobs for years and years to come
don’t help so what we’re looking at where this house is 40 to 90 square feet
with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths and it’s got home theater down in the basement it’s
got plenty of storage I was it actually feels a lot bigger than 40 4,300 square
feet it’s a big home and the backyard is really nice they’ve got a pickleball
court take a look at this is what they call if you look if you go above the
garage they call this the Frog which is a finished room above the garage they
call this like a bonus type room yeah which is really a sea of a ranch-style
house with the master on the main floor and then you go up above the garage and
you’ve got all this @ bonus yeah that’s great yeah so lots lots of room and
flexibility so depending on what you want to do got a game room up there
they’ve got a little place to do hobbies up there and take a look at the backyard
very nice pickleball your own pickleball court which is so popular it’s a nice
little use of space out here the the house also you’ll notice it has two car
garage on the door but it’s actually three car wide so you can fit three cars
in there depending on how you arrange them but this at the innovation mature
trees great location and only $125 a square foot this one’s gonna sell really
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elevate home warranty okay merrily for this one we are headed out to Mill Creek
and you want to talk about take a look at that aerial view as we’re going over
the top of this property we are right there right in Mill Creek and the
backyard of this property there’s nobody behind you and so if you step off you’re
going right into the parlays Nature Park that is so awesome like it I know this
is a really thought off area too the very design you get into Mill Creek
but then you’re also right literally the back of the property is the entrance
into the park and now you get into what we call you
know get into a location Location Location
because Mill Creek is really popular and to have nobody behind you in the Nature
Park that goes down so got these beautiful beautiful views off the back
your property I mean this very very unique in this area we see a lot of
redevelopments a lot the this particular house they’ve done a bunch of additions
to it and made it really really nice but this one this is where we get into these
properties the value the land is so valuable that somebody might even come
in and consider just getting rid of the house and starting over again for sure I
mean it like you said it’s a huge area where people want to be yeah and so when
when we talk about that when the land is so valuable that the house almost is but
look at I mean the house is really nice but this is an area well you see they’ll
come in and they’ll tear down houses to start and do something amazing and this
is one of those Lots that back right up over the canyon that goes down into that
Nature Park and so the question is we always get into that thing do we but
look at I mean it’s really nice I mean it’s a beautiful property
I know yeah I love this living room area great with the wood ha yeah let’s talk
about the house so it’s almost 3000 square feet with four bedrooms and two
full baths it would originally was built in 1955 but they did a big remodel in
1992 as we look at the lower level they added on not just above ground but they
added on a big storage space so the house has tons of storage and it’s got
great accessibility you know all the freeways run right near there it’s a
nice quiet neighborhood but I can’t say enough about as we go into the back here
look at this oh my god so we are now the way I look at this house it’s Park like
right by the park because if you notice right off the back of the property no
sir nobody behind you there’s the flagpole
for the park and we’re gonna fly over and take a look at a little more here in
a minute but they’ve got this beautiful grounds I mean it’s they’ve really cared
and loved for this property and the location has developed around it it’s
super attractive outside I love it yeah they’ve they’ve truly enjoyed the
property but now it’s time to go somewhere else and so this is gonna be
somebody’s Haven this one’s been showing really really
popular but there you go looking over the top and this is a really popular
Park you see people walking with their dogs and really enjoying their life and
there you can see the parcel land a good one Mill Creek and we talked about
location you never go wrong with the location and this is dynamite location let’s head down to the Red Rocks of st.
George and see what the aims team is up to we have a very cool very electronic
friendly home for you guys this week J yeah look at this backs to open space
which it is always super desirable oh absolutely
so backs up those big open views and this property is almost on half an acre
and wait till you see the upgrades and all the electronics and theater
equipment in this home Wow well electronics are really desirable in
homes that’s why they’re building new construction now is to add in a lot of
electronics so I’m excited to see this Oh completely Wow look at that fan that
is really cool I’ve never seen that before it is I mean this home is custom
J this home has over $130,000 worth of electronics and is fully integrated
smart home with control for oh yeah how’s it all the control for is really
nice because it controls all the different types of systems in the house
right oh yeah fully automated fully integrated and you can see yeah right
super premium exotic granite here as well yeah they definitely somebody’s put
a lot of money into the house somebody’s really love this property oh absolutely
I mean for the price we’re asking right now you could not replace this home Jay
yeah very very nice looking around things looks like some really fine
finishes absolutely means it’s upgraded and on top of that that’s one of the
really cool features and upgrades and electronics come into the home not to
mention again the big garage and a big big lot that this home sits on yeah and
somebody definitely likes their electronics and and who doesn’t
electronics make the world go around these days
that’s exactly right you can see the master here it’s all freshly painted all
fresh carpet the conference ceiling with the rope lighting and great views on the
back and very private yeah of course master on the main which is so desirable
down that area right oh it’s a must and this one has it yeah very nice looking
at the master bath is very clean very nice lines yep and you can see the
backyard here you see private you see the big pergola great master suite and a
fully fully upgraded yeah very nice and so let’s talk about
square footage and bedrooms what are we looking about all in this property so
this property is a six bed three bath and it’s a little over four thousand
square feet with the majority of that being on the main level and the basement
the great thing about it is it’s a walkout it’s not a dark basement it’s a
full walkout with a full additional kitchen as well yeah and that’s that’s
so nice when you can design you think about this they design this law to have
nobody behind you and then you got the walkout of the basement and a master on
the main floor and a lot of electronics and really well upgrade I could see why
this is gonna be an easy sell for you guys
absolutely so this is the basement here even though it’s super bright super open
lots of natural light this actually is the walkout basement oh that’s a maid
and so it’s the best of both worlds you got the master on the main floor but you
go down to the lower level instead of having to go upstairs you go down the
stairs and there’s a place for guests or whatever you want to add more basement
and a really fun bunk room here for kids or grandkids when more family comes to
town it’s set up for it it’s perfect well that’s really ingenious I’ve never
seen a bunk room like that very good and just this theater alone and just
electronics in here is a hundred thousand dollars and that still does
include everything else in the home this is the real deal yeah somebody gosh
somebody’s really enjoyed this property you can tell they’ve had a lot of fun
with it too and been very creative very creative that’s the best way to describe
it definitely okay so let’s talk a little bit about the backyard because as
we get out there and it’s got some really cool stuff it looks like it does
it does so you see this big balcony big covered porch here and then it has again
almost half an acre and underneath this section that you see right here is
actually a really big kind of covered carport parking area you can see it
right there and it’s big enough for boats or small RVs and it goes back
about 40 feet so it there’s plenty of room for storage and toys and all kinds
of space in there very cool very unique property so if somebody want to reach
out to you how would they contact you they can call us at four thirty five six
seven four six zero one one or email us at aims team SG Remax calm call north american title at 8:01 five
six six three zero six six or go to WWE utah protect to learn how to order
owners title insurance for your new home

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