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Ricky Gervais on War, Racism and Stephen Hawking

Ricky Gervais on War, Racism and Stephen Hawking

There’s a little thing going on in a country called Iraq, which is not my favorite war. My favorite war is Oh, they’re so many They’re good for different reasons Falklands! That’s… Probably the Falklands, cos we won that one and it was great, it was against Argentina. Yeah, weird. We’re going to war with Argentina. Alright, OK, fair enough, yeah. But… the reason it’s my favorite war is that it was a range war and what that means is that the Argentine guns could fire 9 kilometers the British guns could fire 17 kilometers so we just parked our ships 10 kilometers away and theirs were falling into the sea and we were shelling the shit out of them. It’s the war equivalent of holding a midget at arm’s length and he’s flailing and you’re just kicking him in the bollocks like that. Vietnam – best soundtrack. Second World War best ending. That had to be the end, that was a great finale, you couldn’t follow that, could you? People are worried about atomic energy ooh, it’s bad the effects are still being felt today but it ended a war and that’s good and it was discovered by Einstein and he’s a genius in his 1903 paper he said
that light can be described as discrete bundles of energies the when irradiate on an unstable me.. What maniac thinks like that? Really. I’m not a doctor, but I think that’s what turns Stephen Hawking mad – too much thinking. Do you know what I mean? [robotic voice] The universe is expanding ‘Course it is, Stephen, yeah, ‘course it is, yeah. Jeez, take a day off Go for a walk. Well, not a walk, but, I mean, just… No… Open a window watch a bit of TV, Robot Wars is on, you love that, don’t ya? Greatest mind on the planet. People say ooh, we shouldn’t have a go at Stephen Hawking, ooh, he’s a genius. He is not a genius he’s pretentious. Born in Oxford and talks with that fake American
accent. He is actually a hero of mine not my greatest hero, my greatest hero is Nelson Mandela. What a man, isn’t he? Incredible man. [Applause] Incarcerated for twenty five years he was released in 1990, he’s been out for about eighteen years now. And he hasn’t reoffended. I think he’s going straight which shows you prison does work. I learnt a lot last year about one of your great American heroes Rosa Parks. It was the 200 years celebration of the abolition of slavery in Britain last
year. We were a bit ahead of you on that, but well done, well done. But the abolition of slavery wasn’t the end of
racism, racism was still inherent in society as late as the 50’s and 60’s in England and America. And it was this one incident that sparked off the civil rights movement A young black woman called Rosa Parks refused
to give up her seat to a white person on the bus, it was the law but she’d had enough. And she was arrested for that but then that law was changed. But she didn’t stop there she started sitting in those seats meant for disabled people. She talked to the driver when the bus was in motion. Did she have the correct change ready? Did she, bollocks. Oh, some people. Cheers!

100 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais on War, Racism and Stephen Hawking

  1. "But she didnt stop there. She started sitting in those seats meant for disabeled people." – I'm crying! This is so funny!

  2. Slavery was abolished in England earlier than in America, but was technically only outlawed very recently. If it hadn't been outlawed in America, I don't believe it would ever have fallen out of favour.

  3. Yes, western murderers fucked up argentina too. The axis of evil is washington, tel-avid and London. But Gods coming .

  4. i like Ricky Gervais, because he knows the proper way to laugh at 'unlaughable" subjects. He's not taking the easy way by just spitting racist and sexist jokes and calling it sarcasm, he actually has a brain. unlike some of his fans unfortunately as I can see some of them using the words "leftists" and "snowflakes" . the favorite words of fashists.

  5. I'm from Argentina, and this is not comedy, nor black humor! The Falklands belong to us and killed millions of innocent young people, it's no reason to laugh

  6. He forgot to mention how Argentina took the military by surprise. We then sent reinforcements and clean sweeped the lot of them

  7. It seems that this man was not told about the sinking of so many English ships with less sophisticated planes than the Sea … he must have turned on the TV when the English troops returned home … we will return English!

  8. English: do not forget that the difference in casualties between the two sides was differentiated by the deaths of the sinking of General Belgrano, who was no longer in the exclusion zone, therefore he was not in combat. their losses were superior to ours.

  9. gente, ademas de opinar tambien hay una opcion denunciar, vieron donde dice "guardar" al costado hay 3 puntitos, si hacen click lo pueden denunciar a este falso humorista

  10. Nelson mandela kiled people in bomings ..he was locked up for murder and terorism and got to be the fucking president ..

  11. Never liked Ricky Gervais because he’s so full of himself. Not that funny either. (No I didn’t watch the video).

  12. I know its fun and jokes, but its sad to see some dude in mid life crisis making joke of men who made sure his microphone is functioning and gave word technology.

  13. The voice of reason taking the pee out of what this spineless, politically correct diverse media lead world has become, the guy is a genius.

  14. He is Whittier than most…would have been better getting the true facts though…..he does base his view on truth followed by the punchline….Einstein’s science and way of thinking had nothing to do with nuclear nor electrical field theory…..that particular understanding was pioneered by the electrical engineers of the time……ie..Nicola Tesla….who’s research included…knowledge of WiFi (radio control)…AC motor…resonance frequency of magnetism leading to MRI MACHINES In health care…..etc….putting Einstein and Steven hawking in the same category though….😂

  15. All six generals said the droppings of the bombs were barbaric and unnecessary. Russia had won the war days earlier. You didn't get real history in school. And now, there is a huge debate over the Holocaust. Rockafellers set up the indoctrination programs K-12 and even most of the universities, too. Knowledge is power. Staying stupid hurts us all,

  16. I love him!
    He truly puts out there, right on the squeaky, clean, NAÏVE, IGNORANT fuck's foreheads… exactly what they're actually thinking because, some OTHER tossfuck "once told me…",
    JUST SO they can truly see & hear how pathetically stupid & juvenile they're really being! ❤❤❤

  17. British lost two destroyers , 2 frigates and 1 container ship. Hardly a midget at arms length scenario.

  18. Thumb down for spreading the lie that the bombing of Japan ended the war. Japan was about to surrender and the US knew that, but nuked them twice anyway. The US was, in a way, worse than Germany.

    And also spreading the false story about Rosa Parks. She did it as a planned protest as part of the civil rights movement in it's early days. She didn't just randomly decide "enough is enough!" and did it on a whim.

  19. Rosa Parks – Did she have the correct change ready? Did she bollocks. I think Rosa, God bless her would have laughed.

  20. We beat the 🇦🇷 and the 9 other countries that offered technology support and the ones that were buying missile systems and trying to ship them to Argentina to attack our Royal Navy,we beat more than one country

  21. The only reason Britain beat anyone at abolishing slavery, is because of the anger they had when Spain wouldn't deal exclusively with them. Yes, they care so much about slavery… by freeing the ones they owned in South Africa…. 9,9…. that they still let it go in the country they nearly destroyed today! And it's neighbors! yay Britain! Go eat a dick..

  22. I laughed when it first came out…The smug idiots laughing about violent events kind of gets on my nerve now, looking at the world we are living in.

  23. Bringing certain Subjects back into the consciousness of knowledgeable thinkers can help remind ……. much is still to be done.

  24. At first I wondered why he got applause just for saying a name; then later he used the phrase, "One of your great American heroes," and it all clicked.

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