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River trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #1

River trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #1

Ok! Hello guys, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see I’m in the middle of wilderness. And right below over there is the river. It’s invisible at the moment but it is there. And that’s where I am going. A few words about what I’m going to shoot. I’m going to shoot fishing as it happens. No scripting, no cuts, no, I don’t know, no knowing of what will happen. Basically my aim is to convey the realistic fishing experience. That’s something that I’ve been looking for during the winter but I was unable to find any such videos on YouTube, only tutorials and highlight reels, you know, people reeling in fish all the time, which is not what I was interested in. So I will try to do exactly that. Meaning, no planning, no scripting and no cutting. So, the river I’m approaching is a medium level river, not very good, not very bad. The weather is approaching mid twenties I suppose. That’s low seventies in Fahrenheit. Pretty much no wind. The river itself is running quite… quite low. And it’s quite clear for this river actually. What I’m using: it’s aspinning, medium action spinning, a spinner, small one. So, let’s go! My target in this river is brown trout. There are no other trout in these waters. There’s also a possibility of a grayling, and northern pike, of course, but trout is my target. My primary target, let’s put it this way. Oh, here’s one. Ok. That will be interesting Not the largest Maybe I will not require (the landing net). Nice start. As you can see… I would have to let it go anyway. It’s about maybe 35 centimetres. That would be 14 inches. I didn’t need the landing net. The legal size, or, rather, minimum size that you’re allowed to take home is 30 centimetres, and 3 fish per day is what you can take home (this actually varies, check your local regulations). But for the sake of this video I will be releasing everything. Granted, if I catch any more, because it may well be that this was my first and last bite. Small one. That was a nice one but I didn’t notice where exactly it took a rise. Definitely ignored my lure. Let’s leave it allone. Some interest. So fish don’t seem to be very active. Because I’m sure there were some in that small stretch. And I got a strike, and it was a pretty mild strike but still the fish didn’t attempt to strike again. Of course it means that it is not in the desperate mood, you know, to do that. Let’s see if I can provoke a rise. No. Quite often by shaking the overhanging tree branches you get some bugs, you know, fall into the water and sometimes fish rise to take them and you can spot them but not this time. Oh! Didn’t seem legal. But strange, it didn’t take the lure decisively. Snagged. It would probably make sense to try and change the lure into something different but basically I’m not in the mood. Sometimes these, I don’t know, irrational, unexplainable depths happen. And, for example, in there there’s definitely too deep for me to wade through. I have to be very careful. It followed the lure right to the very close, I don’t know, just a couple of meters from me and got off immediately. It means they are not very active. Oh! Ok, it got off by itself. Which is not something I mind. It was I think slightly smaller than the first one. There was one over there as well. Let’s see if it can take it second time. There’s a bottle stuck in the tree, that’s weird. Another one. All three are very similar. This one was slightly larger than the second one and probably very similar to the first one. This was small. Yay, change of scenery! Oh! That’s a grayling. Calm down, calm down. It will be fine. Legal size for grayling is the same as for the brown trout. 30 centimetres or 12 inches (may vary, you have to check local regulations!). That was risky. Overcooked it. A very small one attempted to take my spinner. A really small one. I don’t know, there was something (?). That’s unscripted for you. And uncut. Actually, this looks quite bad. I suppose, if I don’t untangle this in a reasonable amount of time, I will be calling it a day with this video. Ok… I doubt it’s very interesting for you to watch me untangling this beard, as we call it. So… Oh, I guess I’m making some progress! No. Ok! So I guess we’ll call it a day. That will be it for the time (being). Thanks for watching! And when you don’t script things, things happen, so… See you next time! This was Fishing Unscripted (Uncut Fishing 🙂 [ Please click “Like” if you enjoyed this. Thanks! 🙂 ]

9 thoughts on “River trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #1

  1. Man these videos are amazing!
    There are many more people who enjoy more scripted and cuted videos but me personally, i prefer this type, i can learn so much from you and i can see some things i never saw!
    Can i just ask you what is your favourite small stream lure for trout?
    Tight lines mate!

  2. That's a nice little river. When you started to shake the branches on the tree it brought back memories of when I was a young lad fishing a small stream. The wind blew some elderberries into the water and a trout ate one! I tried elderberries on the hook and caught nothing. lol!

  3. I just subbed you not sure if you still make vids anymore.I will be putting out a ton of new vids this year. Theese are the kind of vids i make too.Where are you geographicly

  4. Thank you for watching this video! However, even though it is relatively popular, much better segments were recorded since this was posted back in the July 2016. If you found this one at least marginally interesting, click the channel logo and browse more recent videos. There is also a series of shorter videos for those in a hurry 😊
    By the way, you can always speed up the playback in the video settings. And note that summaries of longer videos are given at the end of descriptions.
    Tight lines!

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