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– With the intro – Redcrest breah – What is it? – Well I hit you. – Redcrest Breathe? – [Camera Guy] We should do like– – Bound. Redcrest Bound. We’re Redcrest bound – Tell ’em, Tell ’em. – because we’re going
to La Crosse, Wisconsin – [Camera Guy] Can we like, title it – Keep going – [Camera Guy] road to Redcrest? – Okay, so – Tell ’em, what are we doing? Where are we at? Where are we going? – Hashtag road to Redcrest – Where we coming from? – We’re coming from home,
Idaho, Idahome (giggles) homey! – What did you eat this morning? – I had coffee – Tiff’s had like, four cups of coffee. – Sugar! – I had one, okay. No! – Okay! – Did you fart? – We’ll check in again later! – You stink! (laughing) Oh my God! – Let’s get on the road, people. – [Camera Guy] Oh, you just
crumb dusted all of us! (laughing) – That’s awful. – [Camera Guy] (laughs)
Alright, where we going Tiff? Redcrest? – Redcrest and La Crosse, Wisconsin, for the first Redcrest ever! – [Camera Guy] Perfect, let’s do this! Whew! – [Woman] (mumbles) – [Camera Guy] Aw, Dude! I just ran through all of it! (cheery music) – We are hitting the road, headin to La Crosse, for the first Bass pro tour Redcrest championship. Takin a look back at
kinda how this year went. Lots of ups and downs. Kicked off the year down
at Lake Toho in Florida. First major league fishing
bass pro tour event, it’s in the books. For us, we didn’t make the cut today. Ended up finishin 34th through 35th, somewhere in there. Well usually Florida and
me don’t mix real well. So, I was happy to put things together. I fish new water every day. Fish different techniques every day. And so I was really just
fishing the conditions. I just figured it out too late. And so cuttin a check
this time was important. You know, getting the year started off in the right direction because You don’t want to start down
there, toward the bottom of the pack and have to
fight your way back up. So stage two takes us to Lake Conroe. It’s in Texas. I’m a huge fan of Texas,
Non-fan of Lake Conroe. Lake Conroe, every time I’ve been there, has pretty much kicked my teeth in. Clearly, the pattern
that I thought I found doesn’t reload very well. You gotta be kiddin’ me. Finished nearly at the bottom. I mean, just catching a couple fish a day. It was brutal. Brutal. You know, the Conroe has
beaten me multiple times, so. Just like Florida, we’re not best friends. But I did beat Florida last time, So I’m gonna figure out Conroe and then revenge when we come back. Next stop is Raleigh, North Carolina, this is for stage three. Never been here before, to fish an event. So many things I would’ve
liked to have done different. (grunts) It’s frustrating, man. Very, very, frustrating. What really bums me out is that I know this can be a really
fun Lake, and it’s got a bunch of big ones in it. I caught like, four bass or whatever. Oh, we’re gonna have to make up some serious ground on Falls. The nice part was, is that day two was on Falls Lake, and I had found an incredible swim bate on Falls lake. (upbeat music) ‘Cause we movin’ on up! What! Choked it too that time! Whoohoo! (grunts) And, so, I went all the way from in the 30s after day one, all the way up into the top five on Falls lake and just wrecked ’em on a swim bate. And so that was awesome. Super fun event. That bite kinda went away. I didn’t adjust as much on the third day, but still had a really good event. Gained some more points
and then continued on. Lake Chickamauga, stage four,
we’re goin’ in the spring, It’s arguably the biggest fish factory in the Tennessee river right now. And, I just went fishin’. I had one area that I
got multiple bites in. When I went in there, to my surprise, thankfully, there were a
bunch of big ones in there. That was a big ‘un. (upbeat music) Yup, Giant. (water splashes) Come here, Come here! (Grunts) Oh, That’s what we needed! (sighs) I’ll take it, first top 10. Feels good! I just didn’t have enough water to fish. There were new fish
comin in there every day, but there just wasn’t
enough to pull out a win. It’s been a struggle so far. So, we kinda dug ourself a hole at Conroe, needed a top 10 to kinda
average our points out, we’re pretty far down on the points, to qualify for Redcrest,
which is our Championship. So, I needed a good event, needed a top 10 to even that out. This week was, just fun! That’s the best way I can explain it. We had crazy weather conditions And I really just locked
down into one area, And it was pretty special, I had I don’t know how many fish comin’ to me Every day I would show
up and I would start catching ’em in the morning, and I’d light up that score tracker, and I’d be blown away at how
many fish just kept coming every single day. So, stage five, Cullman, Alabama, ended up just barely squeakin in, and by barely squeakin’ in I mean like, we made it by a tie breaker. – [Judge] Two, One, Line’s Out. End of third period. – Oh, my gosh. I’m not celebrating yet. Wanna make sure we get the official word. – [Judge] As it stands
right now, Scott Suggs is in 20th place with
a 48 pounds, 10 ounces. Your in 19th with 48 pounds, 10 ounces. – As long as no two guys didn’t catch ’em. I guess two guys have to catch ’em. – [Judge] You are now in 20th place, with 48 pounds, 10
ounces, 28 scorable bass. – Ugh! Is that the official one? I don’t know if I can take
another score jacker update. Probably at that point was
the most intense moment of the entire year. Just barely squeaking in
there by a tie breaker. And the tie breaker was
because I had caught one more fish than Scott Suggs. We had the exact same
weight, and I caught ’em right at the end of the final day. So we cut a check there, ‘nother good event for points. Moving up in the standings, and then heading off to the next one. Yeah! ♪Think I’m gonna ♪ ♪ Rise up ♪ ♪ Riding high ♪ ♪Ain’t nothin gonna hold me back ♪ ♪ Now I’m on the move ♪ ♪ Got nothin to loose ♪ ♪ Like a freight train off the tracks ♪ ♪ Come on up the mountain ♪ ♪ Such a sad scene ♪ – The thing that I did not anticipate was being a different format
that changed a lot of things. Right, I went there
approaching it as if I would any other tournament, and
up to that point in the year I was pretty much able to
just fish how I normally would and it had worked out fairly well. But this was the first
event that, like, I noticed the numbers versus the size thing. Just bummed. Just bummed out. There’s always like, so many things you wish you would’ve done, but you make the decisions you
do in the heat of the moment, ‘Cause you think that’s
the right decision. And after a tough event, at Table Rock Movin’ on, the next
event was at another one of my favorite bodies of
water, Grand Lake, Oklahoma. But, guess what? Mother Nature had different plans for us. Grand Lake is off the schedule, so we end up back at Table Rock. Little Redemption round for this guy. That one got some meat to it! (mumbles) (grunts) Now we’re talkin! (rhythmic music) And I knew going into
that one, that I was goin to have to approach it just different. And I caught a bunch of
’em on the lil zoom z swim. And the zoom trick worm on a drop shot. And had a blast and nearly won the thing. – [Judge] Five pounds, 13 ounces. – Whoa! Common! Do you keep fishin new stuff? Do you go try to run where you know there’s been some fish? Hard choices! Not going down without a fight. (motor engine) Need some, need a couple kickers. There’s enough fish right there. (intense violin music) (splashing) (grunting) I will not win doin that. So, that was our best event of the year. Finished up second place. It’s just, one of those events where I had a lot of fun. It was good to go back there
and learn from the first time. And come in with an approach
that ended up, you know, making a huge difference. Lil’ pit stop here, we are making our way to Redcrest
over in La Crosse, Wisconsin. But we’ve got one stage left. Stage eight, Lake Winnebago. We’re about 22nd in the points right now. So, we need to have a good event here. (Drum Beat Music) Best way to sum that up, over
estimated the small mouth, under estimated the large mouth. Going up north I figured I’m
gonna small small mouth fish, It’s what I’m gonna do. It’s just 45 minutes away from Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Right? It should be chock full of small mouth. Well it is, not this week. Not that week. That week large mouth dominated. – [Judge] Track your update. Brandon Palaniuk, you are in 27th place. You are seven pounds, nine ounces, out of the cut line in 20th place, having finished 27th, you are the top 30 anglers. You are going to Brass Pro
Tour major league fishing Championship at Readcrest – (laughs) He’s so official. [Judge] Congratulations! [Camera Guy] So official,
you can’t even be mad. (sighs) Bad decisions – Good news is, after eight
stages, we made it to Redcrest We had enough points, so. Make it over there, see what happens. Redcrest starts 8/21/19. (cheery music) (grunts) That’s more like it – [Camera Guy] Oh yeah. That’s a fiver. That’s five and a half! That’s big, it’s fat. – Sweet! That’s a five pounder. I said one five. – Huge! – I said two fives, actually.

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  2. That's a ride or die BP, that's one you don't want to get off the hook brother. Best of luck tomorrow, I'll be listening for the shout out 🙂 Luke Garcia from Nebraska! Lol go getem buddy!!

  3. What an incredible video walking through everything that got ya to REDCREST. The drive is a huge distance that would mess up mere mortals, but you are the man! By the way… the editing on this video is a work of art!!!! #AlwaysBeRecording

  4. Hope you tear em up! Your videos are top notch by the way, I'd rather watch your channel than actual events on television.

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  6. Always looking for that notification from your page. Love the series! Best one out there! I like how Kyle is involved with the series and not just a ghost behind the camera. Keep it up Kyle love the direction with the editing. Great team and keep them coming even if it is catching bass with gummy worms! And good luck!

  7. What a freaking day brotha! You had me nervous at the begging. You where in the 17th next time I looked at my phone you where in 2nd😂. Glad you got to the top so we could get to see you on tv! Hopefully the bite stays on tomorrow like today! Good luck

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